Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1911

Chapter 1911: I Am A Customer

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Although he hated Lord Turtle very much at this time, this Imperial Beast Tower is not an ordinary place. Not to mention that he was a little fairy in the middle period, even if he came to a fairy emperor, he would not dare to be arrogant!

"Boy, you are the ghost you are doing!" The thin old man stared at Zhao Yuande with anger on his face, "Don't think we are all fools, although this little turtle is a bit magical, but it won't have this Dare, you must have manipulated it behind you!"

"Ignorant old thing, what kind of identity is Lord Turtle, and who can manipulate Lord Turtle, you don't get out, Lord Turtle is going to blaze!" Lord Turtle is very angry, he feels that the other party has seriously humiliated himself!

"Take care of things! Give me care of things!" The red-haired old man finally couldn't help it and growled angrily!

His voice was loud, and the vacant surroundings were buzzing, making many fairy beasts around him a bit irritable.

The little maidservant's cultivation is low, but it is only the realm of the Divine Emperor.

"Who is calling?" A middle-aged big man flew by in front of everyone, "Eh, Xiaoru, why are you here? What happened here?"

The middle-aged man saw the little maid's face pale and suddenly frowned slightly.

"Three uncles!" The little maid saw the middle-aged man, as if she saw a savior.

"You're in charge?" The red-haired old man looked at the middle-aged man, his brow furrowed, and said angrily, "Your Beast Tower is too ridiculous, can you still do business well, you send someone to raise the price Forget it, even bringing such a turtle to disgust us, what does it mean?"

"What the **** happened?" The middle-aged man looked at the little maid, his face uncomfortable.

"Uncle San is like this..." The little maid told the cause and effect and handed Zhao Yuande's 80 million storage ring to the middle-aged man.

"So it turns out, Xiaoru has worked hard for you! You go down and have a rest! The third uncle will handle the matter here." The middle-aged big man touched the head of the little maid with some spoil.

"Slow! She can't go!" At that moment, the thin old man blocked the little maid's way, "This matter can't be separated from her!"

"Old stuff, believe it or not, Master Turtle will beat you up now!" Master Turtle really looks down on them. These two old things are okay to bite, suspicion, and almost live to the dog's belly!

"See it! You see it! This is how angry the turtle is. Today, the Beast Tower must give us a statement!" The thin old man's mouth was not angry, but he looked at the surrounding people. More people are coming.

"Yes! We must give us an explanation today, otherwise this matter will never end!" The old man with red hair also saw so many onlookers and couldn't help thinking.

"His mother! Lord Turtle can't help it! You two are going to die!" Lord Turtle opened his voice and shouted!

Zhao Yuande suddenly knew it was bad and hurriedly grabbed the little maid behind him, protecting her with all her strength.

The two old men bearing the brunt felt the thunder bang in their ears, as if a sledgehammer was banging on their heads, and seven holes bleed blood under the pain.

The middle-aged man is also similar to the two old men, but he is farther away, and his mind is still sober at this time.

Many onlookers further away are also uncomfortable. Each head is dizzy, and some who have lower cultivation levels are stunned.

"Click! Click!"

All the crystal boxes around them shattered in an instant, and all the fairy beasts were exposed.

However, none of these fairy beasts fled the opportunity, one by one trembling on the ground, his eyes full of fear.

Especially the unicorn Xuanwu, collapsed to the ground at this time, a powerful coercion from the soul came from the body of the turtle, and it couldn't even breathe!

In fact, Lord Turtle has been very restrained, using less than half of the strength, otherwise I am afraid that the entire Yushou Tower will completely collapse in this roar!

Lord Turtle finished roaring in his throat, and saw the two old men with seven meats and eight primes, and their mouths were full of blood.

"What happened!" But how could such a large movement conceal the strong man of the Imperial Beast Tower, an old voice came from a distance, and an old man with a red face appeared in the field.

Seeing the situation here, he couldn't help but take a breath.

"Shizu! You are so alarming to the elderly!" The middle-aged man shook his head and hurriedly bowed to salute.

"What's going on? Who is doing destruction here?" The old man with a red face glanced at the Quartet, but he didn't find a target at all, and his face suddenly showed doubt.

"Grandpa Liu!" At this time, the little maid hidden behind Zhao Yuande saw the red-faced old man appearing, and suddenly seemed to have found the backbone of the main heart, a small face full of tears.

"Xiao Ru! My little obedient, why are you here? Who bullied you? You weren't hurt!" The old man with red face saw the little maid, especially the tears on her face. Showing the killing opportunity, he whispered to the little maid.

"Small Ru is fine! It is the two bad guys who have wronged others, woo!" The little maid said agrily and cried again.

The old man looked in the direction of the little maid's finger and suddenly saw the two embarrassed guys.

"Primary three, what happened?" The old man looked at the middle-aged man again.

"Master, I... I've just arrived!" the middle-aged man whispered.

"Let me go!" Zhao Yuande saw the little maid crying and crying. The middle-aged man didn't understand the situation, so he only appeared on his own.

"You? Who are you?" The old man looked at Zhao Yuande's sharp eyes and swept across Zhao Yuande's body.

He originally thought that Zhao Yuande was just an ordinary cultivator, but the sweeping suddenly surprised the old man.

The other party seemed to be a vast ocean. Under his sweep, he could not see the depth of the other party.

There are two possibilities for this situation, one is that the other party has reached beyond the realm of immortal emperor, and the other is that the other party has a powerful treasure covering his breath.

And this treasure will not be simple, it can make the cultivation of the peak of my fairy king unclear, at least it must be above the seventh grade!

But he is estimated to be the second kind, but so young, able to own Qipin Xianbao, the strength behind him must also be very huge.

But what Zhao Yuande said next made him more and more angry.

"I'm a customer! This little girl..." Zhao Yuande didn't add any oil or vinegar, but just said what happened here.