Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1916

Chapter 1916: I Was Very Unhappy To See Her So Complete

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"Take this turtle for me, I want to bring it to stew soup!" The woman heard the Lord Turtle dare to say that she is an ugly woman, suddenly his face suddenly changed, turned very ugly.

"Everyone be careful, this turtle's voice is so big that it stuns the immortal king and all of them are scattered attack!" The old man named Zhu quickly reminded.

"Relax, we..." The middle-aged fairy king nodded, but he hadn't said the following words, and his face suddenly changed!

"You group of trash, Master Turtle and you both feel dirty hands, and the children come out to me and trample this group of trash to me!" Master Turtle pointed at Zhao Yuande's beast bag.

A large group of large and small turtles flew out of the beast bag, there are dozens of them, and some have a strong breath, but the lowest are also first-class fairy beasts.

As soon as these tortoises appeared, they crushed thousands of square meters of buildings, and rumbling towards the woman and her men.

What everyone does not understand is that these turtles are all turtles except for their different sizes. Where did the other party find so many turtle fairy beasts?

"Although the opponent has three fairy monarchs, there are six or seven of them in the group of tortoises, which is equivalent to the fairy monarch realm. There is a particularly powerful turtle that is transformed by the one-horned basalt. .

This is a crush of power, but for a few breathing hours, everyone except the woman was crushed!

The three mid-aged strong men were pressed underneath by the unicorn Xuanwu, and the expression of infinite fear appeared in their eyes.

"You... don't mess up, my grandpa is a strong man at the top of the fairy king, you touch me, my grandpa..." the woman exclaimed.

She was so frightened by the turtles that her legs and feet were soft, and she almost sat down on the ground.

Everyone watching in the sky was shocked!

What are these? A group of powerful tortoises, what kind of wonderful power has this cultivated?

This lineup is too strong!

"Hey! Beat me this ugly woman first, and then capture it. Master Turtle has to ask her what she thinks!" Master Turtle sees the shocked eyes of everyone around him, and he is so excited. Then, he pointedly pointed at the woman and commanded.

The turtles were very obedient, and soon pressed the woman to the ground. I stepped on you with one foot!

"Ah! Ah! I don't dare anymore, forgive me! Grandpa Turtle forgive me!" The woman only started to cry with a few feet, desperately begging for mercy.

Seeing this situation clearly on the side, it naturally occurred to me how the woman had begged for mercy in front of her, and suddenly there was a moment of sadness in her heart.

Soon the woman was sent to Zhao Yuande in front of them, her face was bruised, her mouth was kicked and crooked, and she knelt in front of Zhao Yuande and Ming Zhen all shivering.

"Let's talk! What is in your head? Is your heart black or red?" Lord Turtle looked down at each other and asked angrily.

"I... I'm also bewitched, and I don't want to be like this. I beg you to forgive me!" The woman knelt on the ground and gave her head, her head was knocked.

In particular, she has a hot body and very few clothes on her head. When she kneels and kowtows, there is no time to reveal a large piece of white flowers on her chest.

However, in Zhao Yuande's eyes, these were only disgusts. He knew that the other party was intentional!

"Fart! You ugly woman, don't think Master Turtle is a fool, Master Turtle hates people to lie to me!" Master Turtle is furious, pointing at a little turtle, "Kick her hard for me Her face, and all of her teeth were kicked off. Master Turtle was very unhappy to see her so complete!"


Although the tortoise is called small, it also has the size of a grinding disc. It yells in excitement and rushes up to four hoofs to step on the other party's face!

"Ah! Rao... life... I..." The woman's mouth was stomped on by a big hoof before she opened her mouth.

"Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo a series of tragic voices came out, and all the people around were listening in their hearts.

Of course, many people looked at the woman's face with a deserved expression.

Naturally, they all heard the truth, knowing how vicious this woman is.

She got this kind of ending, but made them feel very popular.

"Senior, how do you deal with her?" Zhao Yuande looked at Mingzhen.

"Let's kill her!" Although Ming Zhen had unlimited hatred before, she couldn't help but sigh slightly when she saw the woman's miserable appearance, shaking her head. "Even if she was punished too much, she couldn't save anything. !"

"Senior is really kind!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

"Who's destroying here, will I keep my eternal alliance in my eyes?" A loud voice came from a distance, and an old man with a somber face in purple robe appeared in the void.

However, as soon as the old man finished speaking, he discovered the situation at the scene, and suddenly he couldn't believe his eyes.

The three middle-aged strong men were pressed to the ground by a big turtle.

A large group of disciples of the Vanguard League were lying on the ground in a row, unknowingly.

A woman...that was her granddaughter, who was being stomped on the face by a turtle.

He could clearly see the teeth being stepped on, and even the screaming screams were leaking!

"Yeah...ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..." Seeing that the old lady in the purple robe came, the woman's eyes suddenly showed a happy look, desperately struggling to break free.

But the tortoise's big hoof unkindly kicked her to the ground, ravaging hard!

The old man in the purple robe, who was suddenly furious, calmed down suddenly. Each of these turtles is a fairy beast. There are even four-grade and five-grade beasts. The ordinary forces simply cannot get so many powerful turtles. Is it their own What offended the granddaughter again?

"Cough! Can you stop your hand first!" The old man in Zipao coughed softly and turned his attention to Zhao Yuande and Mingzhen.

But when he saw Mingzhen, there was a slight difference in his obvious eyes.

He remembered this person as the person whom the granddaughter hated most. He had offended many of the Void City's strongmen in order to help his granddaughter's revenge, but those strongmen were not very strong, and he didn't care.

Of course, he secretly sent someone to investigate all the intelligence of this person, and found that he was just an earth bun that soared up in the lower realm, and had no strong power in the immortal world for backing, so he dare to let his granddaughter let go.

But I didn't expect to see this scene today. Didn't I investigate it clearly?