Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 192

Chapter 192: Incompetence

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"Yao Qianshan, do you think it should be..." Zhao Yuande smiled and looked at Yao Qianshan. I see how your boy would deny it.

Yao Qianshan looked at Zhu Wanqing like a monster. He couldnt believe that the rumored character was weird. The grumpy Zhu Wanqing was like a good rabbit today. Is the other party really his ancestor?

If this is true, then you really can't be neglected, and there is a bitter smile on your face, is it: "This Dao brother, look..."

"Yao Qianshan, your **** took advantage of Dao Ye, Dao Ye fights with you today!" Zhu Wanqing heard that the other party even called Zhao Yuande as Dao brother, and he was almost blown away by gas. He reached out and touched the green bamboo behind him. .

"Don't! Brother Zhu, don't be impulsive. I just made a mistake. It was really a mistake!" Yao Qianshan quickly changed his mouth when he knew that he was wrong. ?"

"Humph!" Zhu Wanqing glared at him fiercely.

"Jingguang Daochang, you see that my four men are fighting against the demon clan. Now I can't give you the heart of the earth!" Yao Qianshan can only smile bitterly. This bet is really wrong!

"It's okay, Zhu Qing, let's cut that demon clan, let me see your real skills!" Zhao Yuandela took Zhu Wanqing and strode toward the battlefield.

"Good to come!" Zhu Wanqing's eyes lit up, knowing that the other party is looking at his own foundation, this is to treat the disease right!

In fact, what Zhao Yuande had more skill in what he looked forward to!

Yao Qianshan is full of expectations. It is said that this bamboo Wanqing was born in Xiangrui, a piece of verdant light fell from the sky. After falling, it turned out to be a verdant bamboo.

Legend has it that this bamboo is very magical, which contains a congenital wood gas, which is condensed by the bamboo Wanqing and has a sword gas, which is indestructible and unbreakable.

Most of the prestige of Zhu Wanqing is relying on this mysterious bamboo.

He wanted to see what kind of difference he had between him and this famous young genius.

In fact, what Zhao Yuande wants to do most is to do this Yao Qianshan. There must be many treasures on this guy. However, there were too many people on the scene, and he couldn't guarantee that he could get rid of them all, otherwise he would be finished by running away.

The Yao family will make him worse than life!

Although the formation of the four Yao family deceased is mysterious, the geocentric fire can also restrain the undead three princes, but their talents are not ordinary. These external forces can not even the fighting power, even if they use all means. Has been gradually losing ground.

"It's up to you!" Zhao Yuande's three men came to the battlefield and looked at the battle of the five men. They also found that the situation was not good. If they continue this way, the four men will definitely lose.

"Sword Soul!" Zhu Wanqing burst into a scream, and his hand was already on the green bamboo behind.

A sound of "Zheng!" sounded, and an emerald green light erupted from the green bamboo, turned into a faint dark green sword, and shot towards the undead three princes in the sky.

The third prince was strong, clearly restrained by the heart of the earth, but suppressed the other four people with the vast spiritual power of the sea. Except these four people in his heart, they were all small cultivation of blood sea gods. Or, he still has something to catch in his hands from time to time.

But the little sword just rushed out of the green bamboo just now gave him a terrifying feeling of trembling of the soul. He felt that this little sword might even hurt his own soul.

The third prince retreated back and forth, flickering in the firelight, trying to avoid the attack of the small sword.

But the speed of Xiaojian has exceeded his speed, and he quickly caught up with him, and one sword pierced the back of the third prince.

"Good!" Yao Qianshan saw this scene and jumped suddenly. This guy's sword was too fast, and he had been wearing a few penetrating holes after changing himself.

"Hey! Unfortunately, the speed is enough, but the power is too small. If you are a strong man in Lingtai's pregnant realm, you may be defeated by this sting, but unfortunately the other party is a strong man in a yin and yang unity. Although your sword is fast, but no one's soul is fast. When you pierce the other party, the other party's soul has already made appropriate defenses. This sword has not constituted a great threat." Zhao Yuande smiled and analyzed the weakness of this sword.

The thing was exactly the same as what he said. Although the third prince was stabbed in the back, he couldn't hurt the soul of the other party. His body just stayed a little and didn't bring much impact to his fighting power.

"Master Zu, I'm not as useless as you said!" Zhu Wanqing grinned and didn't seem to accept Zhao Yuande's opinion very much. "I'm nothing more than a blood and sea god, and it would be good to hurt him, and his Xiuwei is a leader among the yin and yang, I..."

"This is an excuse, an excuse for incompetence!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand to signal that he should stop saying, "Let you see what is called absolute power!"

Zhao Yuandes palm slipped quietly out of the cuff, and a white jade-like palm appeared in front of everyone. He pointed to the third prince flying like a sword towards the sky. An invisible force seemed to directly cross the time and act directly. In the heart of the third prince.

The third prince was also unlucky. He was hit by Zhu Wanqing, but was only slightly injured by the flesh, so he did not take the little Taoist Zhao Yuande into his eyes. Although he agreed with the theory of the other party, if the little Taoist could be injured To himself, he would not believe even if he died.

But at this time, a great crisis came, he could not feel where the crisis was, but the next moment he felt his eyebrows were penetrated by an invisible force, and his soul was instantly struck by this force. Smash.

The third prince who lost his soul fell to the ground like a piece of wood, and the whole person lost all his breath.

After a short burst of humanity, the human body turned into a small tree over six feet tall. At this time, the small tree had no vitality, the entire trunk lost its luster and moisture, and the leaves quickly dried up. An undead tree.

"This...this..." Zhu Wanqing's face was pale, his body was shaking, and his mouth was trembling for a long time without saying a word.

Zhao Yuande's finger hit him so much!

Since childhood, he has been instilled in the belief of the invincibility of the same rank. Of course, only the belief and unbelief. His master took him to visit the elites secretly cultivated by countless talented teenagers and countless large families, and he also confirmed his invincible strength at the same rank. .

But from the moment just now, he felt that he was truly defeated and lost to the green bamboo sword that he was the best and the most proud of!

The other party's cultivation base is similar to his own, and the fighting power is much stronger than his own. A top-level yin and yang united powerhouse was killed by his finger. This seems to him like reading a heavenly book, incredible!

Yao Qianshan was even more embarrassed at this time. His face was pale and his body was weak. He could not imagine how powerful the other party was.