Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1920

Chapter 1920: You Are A Pet

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"Oh! Haha! Very happy!" Since the old man in black appeared, Master Turtle didn't dare to say anything. This guy was a bit bullied and hard. Now that the other party was gone, he finally raised his eyebrows.

"Okay! Everyone is gone. What prestige do we have, let's go too!" Zhao Yuande grabbed Master Turtle back on his shoulders and turned his head to Mingzhen Dao, "Senior, let's go too!"

"Good!" Nodded, and followed behind Zhao Yuande.

The two figures disappeared, and many onlookers dispersed slowly.

But Zhao Yuande's name was passed from here at this moment, which shocked the entire Baihezhou.

Powerful strength, powerful beast pets, powerful backstage!

This puts a mysterious veil on Zhao Yuande, and many people are guessing his true identity.

Some people say that he is the young master of a fairy palace in the central fairy field, and some people say that he is a genius carefully cultivated by a mysterious force.

Many people also went to the Sun's house to inquire about Zhao Yuande's true identity, and of course they could not get any answers.

However, they met Zhou Fei and several of them, their talents terrified a large group of people.

They also finally knew how the Zhu family lost to the Sun family. These geniuses are almost comparable to the young masters of the Baidi Palace.

Of course, these things have nothing to do with Zhao Yuande, he is now looking for a restaurant and sit opposite Ming Zhen.

"I don't know what the seniors have plans?" Zhao Yuande looked at Mingzhen.

"Yuande, don't call me a senior. I'm a little embarrassed if you call it like this! If you don't dislike, just call me Big Brother!" Mingzhen smiled bitterly, and he is now too close to the other. Far away, and also called the senior by the other party, he always felt a little awkward.

As the so-called learner without success is the teacher, the same is true in the fairy world. If you are overhauled at a younger age than others, you are also embarrassed to consider yourself an elder.

Of course, this does not include the relationship between relatives and teachers.

"Hehe!" Zhao Yuande nodded and smiled, "Actually, I am also very awkward, I will call you Brother Shen!"

There was no Zhao Yuande today without Mingzhen. Mingzhen was one of the most respected and grateful people in his life. Calling Big Brother made him feel more cordial.

"I plan to leave the Void City and go to another place to see the scenery of the fairy world! I also just distracted myself and reduced the pain of these years!" Ming Zhen said.

"Does Shen have any purpose?" Zhao Yuande asked.

"No!" Ming Zhen shook his head, "I'm not going to know where I plan to go, so I'm not sure about the destination, so it is my purpose to do whatever I want."

"Well! Then, I have a suggestion here. Seniors should not go to the power range of Baidi Palace and Tianyizong. When the seniors are tired, they can go to Sun's house first, or go to Bajing Palace. Some words can be said." Zhao Yuande handed a token of Bajing Palace to the other party.

"Okay! Brother is not hypocritical, just accept it!" Mingzhen realized that there was a behemoth like Bajing Palace behind him. No wonder even the strongest of the Immortal Emperor would retreat.


The two chatted for a long time before they separated, and finally they agreed to meet at the Sun family in the future.

Ming Zhen is a free and easy person. Although he suffered three years in the fairyland, Zhao Yuande's appearance made Yun Kai sunrise, and his character gradually turned back!

Leaving chicly, without taking away any worries, embarked on the path of pursuing the fairy road again.

Zhao Yuande looked at the other person's back and his heart was sighing. He didn't expect to meet Brother Shen here. He didn't know when they would meet again next time, but he felt a sublimation in his mind!

It was like a wish that had not been fulfilled for a long time was finally fulfilled, and my heart lightened up!

"Let's go! Lord Turtle, let's wait on the Void Ship!" Zhao Yuande was happy.

Striding out of the restaurant, flying out of the void city, came to the void sea only a few hundred miles away from the void city.

Sure enough, a huge empty ship was moored here, which was thousands of feet long and thousands of feet wide.

At this time, many practitioners were undergoing inspections in twos and threes, boarding the Void Ship, and Zhao Yuande was waiting with these people.

Because tomorrow is the day when the Void Ship starts, most of the guests have not come yet, otherwise this is not the one!

It is said that this large empty ship can carry tens of thousands of people, and each time the number of people is enough to start, the scene of tens of thousands of people boarding the ship at the same time makes people feel headache.

"Take out your boarding token, and this pet will be charged for another!" The person in charge of the inspection glanced at Zhao Yuande, pointing at the shoulder of the Lord Turtle Master and said with a bit of anger.

It is a lazy young man who is responsible for checking the boarding token. There is always an arrogance in his eyes, a disdain that makes people feel uncomfortable.

This young man seems to have some status on this big empty ship, with two powerful guards standing behind him.

The cultivation of these two guards is in the late stage of the fairyland, and if they are placed in the sect, they are also elder-level characters.

And this young man's cultivation practice has reached the early stage of fairyland, which is also a peerless genius.

He saw that Zhao Yuande's cultivation practice was the late stage of Immortal Realm, and he immediately showed contempt. According to his character, he naturally wanted to bully.

He didn't lack immortal jade, he just wanted to see Zhao Yuande look ugly.

"You are a pet, and your whole family is a pet!" Lord Turtle heard that the other party said that he was a pet.

"You... you're looking for death!" The identity of the young man did not expect that he just wanted to have some fun, but he was so humiliated.

His whole family is a pet! If this is to let the other guys know, you have to laugh and burst your stomach!

"Throw me at this messy guy..." The young man shut up immediately before he finished speaking.

Because he saw the color of the token in the opponent's hand, it was purple!

The cabin of the Void Ship is divided into four classes: ordinary, high-class, luxurious, and distinguished. Each class of token is a different color, which is divided into white, green, red, and purple.

Ordinary cabins are prepared for some chambers of commerce, or cultivated for cultivation below the fairyland. The price is the cheapest, but it also costs millions of fine jade.

Among ordinary cabins, the environment is harsh, the number of people is the most crowded, and the most chaotic. Generally, people with a little status will not enter the ordinary cabin.

The advanced cabin is some young people with a little status or a strong fairyland. Although it is still not spacious, it also has its own separate room, but the room is very small and just able to live alone.