Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1921

Chapter 1921: No Trouble

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The luxury cabins are some fairyland, young masters of a family, and even fairy kings are eligible to buy. The environment here is elegant, with all kinds of entertainment and beautiful maids!

The last distinguished cabin is the Immortal Emperor, or talents with high status are eligible to enter, such as the Young Palace Master of the Eight Great Immortal Palaces...

This purple token is permanent, as long as you hold this token, you can set foot on the Void Ship.

And Zhao Yuande took out this purple token at this moment, and almost surprised the young man with his chin!

This is actually the token of Zhumo Xiandi. Zhao Yuande's current identity is enough to use this purple token, so he didn't bother to buy it again, but gave his token directly to Zhao Yuande.

As soon as Zhao Yuande took out the token, the young man's face suddenly became very beautiful.

"Cough!" The young man looked at Zhao Yuande, who seemed to be smiling. He wished he could slap him hard. Was he **** idle?

It's really low-key to see people, now it's okay! Provoked such a presence!

You said that you are a young master of the Eight Great Immortal Palaces.

There is a special VIP channel over there, you run me to join in the excitement!

The young man's heart is constantly sullied, but his face is indeed full of smiles at this time.

"This distinguished guest, I'm really sorry just now, because my dog's eyes are low, so don't you know me like a little person!"

The young man stared at Zhao Yuande, and was really afraid that he would not be reluctant. If that was the case, he would be in bad luck!

Its strange that my own son doesnt fight against him!

Although his Lao Tzu is a super elder on the Void Ship, a figure in the realm of the fairy monarch, but he can't provoke guests who hold purple tokens, even if his Lao Tzu sees this token, he must be polite and cautious. !

"Oh! Anyway, anyway!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand, he was in a good mood, and he was more generous.

"Pets, remember not to say that dogs look low in the future, it's a kind of disrespect for dogs!" Lord Turtle is very vengeful, and he will easily let this guy go.

"Yes! Yes!" The young man wanted to cry without tears, and it was enough to be humiliated. Now that he was humiliated by a pet and dared not to confess, he suffocated!

"Well! This attitude is not bad. It is counted as your acquaintance, otherwise Lord Turtle has some means to educate you!" Lord Turtle proudly held his head proudly.

"Let's go!" Zhao Yuande shook his head and strode toward the Void Ship.

The young man gritted his teeth, swallowing the bitter fruit hard, and he almost had the urge to cry at this time.

Because he found that the people behind Zhao Yuande looked at him with strange eyes. There was a kind of smile that he couldn't dare to laugh, but he couldn't help it. The expression was wonderful and rich.

"Don't do it!" The young man fled with a wave of his hand.

He just wanted to experience life today, but did not expect to experience such a bad life. He wanted to find a place to relax.

He didn't do it. Naturally, someone else on the Void Ship took over his work, and things had to continue, but the legend of Zhao Yuande spread quietly among these people present.

Although they didn't know Zhao Yuande's name, they remembered Zhao Yuande's appearance deeply, especially the long tail with a long tail on his shoulder, claiming to be a little turtle!

Zhao Yuande embarked on the Void Ship, and after showing the token, a beautiful maid immediately took him to the uppermost level of the cabin with respect.

This level of decoration is extremely luxurious, so that people can enjoy a visual enjoyment as soon as they enter.

"Dear guests, we have a total of 32 rooms in the premium cabin. Now we have half of the rooms. Have you booked a room before? I can arrange it for you!" the beautiful maid asked carefully.

"Oh! There is nothing to book in advance. Please help me arrange one!" Zhao Yuande nodded and smiled on his face. He is in a good mood now, so the smile is also brilliant.

The beautiful maid glanced at Zhao Yuande from time to time, the young master was so young, and the person was still so kind, if he could...

Of course, Zhao Yuande wouldnt give her this opportunity. After being taken into a room, she randomly threw her a storage ring and sent her away!

The beautiful maid walked out of Zhao Yuande's room in disappointment, but when she saw the number of fairy jade in the storage ring, she suddenly blossomed!

Zhao Yuande has always been very generous to this kind of person. He also came up from this level all the way, and also received the help of many people.

Now that I have encountered a certain amount of fate, I can help them have a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in his heart.

The distinguished cabin is indeed different, the room is very huge, and there seems to be some kind of formation of the spirit of the fairy spirit. The spirit of the fairy spirit is several times stronger than the outer realm. There are many more fairy fruits, fairy tea, fairy wine, and some The ancient collection of books can be read through.

"It's a waste to not practice in such a quiet place! But no matter how good it is, it's not as good as in my time fairy palace. That's 200 times faster. In the past few months, I can use the Yuanshen The resurrection technique cycles more times!" Zhao Yuande sat cross-legged on the ground and wanted to practice.

"Master! It's always boring to practice. When we walked past the cabin just now, I saw that it seemed very lively. Let's go out and have a look too!" Lord Turtle is really bored, and it doesn't need to practice Now, there is no turtle-shaped fairy to surrender, it is in a bored period.

"Okay!" Zhao Yuande thinks about it too. Now that he is in a good mood, he might as well take this opportunity to go out and walk, "However, please don't trouble me, otherwise I will just come back immediately!"

"Master, rest assured! I promise I won't cause you trouble!" Master Turtle vowed to pat the chest.

However, Zhao Yuande couldn't believe this guy. It talked a little unreliably, and this guy was very impulsive and had a different thinking than normal people.

"Leave!" Zhao Yuande got up and walked out of the room.

In front of him was a long corridor, very quiet, at the end of the corridor two beautiful maids were standing quietly, waiting for the call of the masters of these rooms!

"Where are you going, my son, do you need our company?" One of the beautiful maids saw Zhao Yuande coming out, and immediately bowed respectfully, showing a large piece of white flowers on his chest, which made his blood flow.

"No need!" Zhao Yuande ruthlessly rejected the maid, until walking past the maid, Zhao Yuande felt a little dry.

"Master, you don't have to hold on, you can't call out a few ladies to fight a battle, why is it so hard to hold back!" Master Turtle covered his mouth with a chuckle.