Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1923

Chapter 1923: Not Sold

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"The son is very humble!" Xiaoyue pouted, and after getting acquainted with Zhao Yuande, she knew that Zhao Yuande was a good person to get along with, so she was not restrained in speaking and not nervous, and occasionally opened a small conversation with Zhao Yuande A joke is a joy.

"Oh!" Zhao Yuande smiled, feeling that he was in a good mood with this little month.

"Your son, come and see this stall!" Xiaoyue suddenly saw something in a stall and couldn't help but pull Zhao Yuande in his heart and walked over.

"Oh! The stuff in this stall is very interesting!"

Zhao Yuande came to the booth and saw that there were only three things in the booth. One was a piece of broken long sword with a sheath, a black wooden shovel that seemed to be just a spatula, and a jade card with a broken corner.

The price of these things is very expensive, the long sword is worth 10 million, the black wood shovel is worth 15 million, and the jade brand is 30 million.

Zhao Yuande looked up curiously to the owner of the stall. This is an old man with white hair, a long beard, and a hollow look in his eyes.

However, Zhao Yuande felt that there was a strong breath hidden in the other party, and cultivation was at least the late stage of the fairy monarch.

"What did you like?" Zhao Yuande looked at Xiaoyue.

"I think this sword is magical, it seems... seems to have a summoning power to me!" Xiaoyue said with some uncertainty.

"The power of summoning?" Zhao Yuande frowned slightly.

He swept the appraisal technique, and suddenly his eyes flicked slightly.

"Bi Youjian, Wupin Immortal Sword (damaged), the heritage of Shangguan family left in the world, which contains the heritage of swordsmanship of Shangguan family..."

"Biyou Shovel, Yibao, something inherited by the Shangguan family..."

"Bi Youshen card, the heritage of the Shangguan family, the status symbol of the sovereign..."

What a coincidence?

Zhao Yuande frowned. He had just discovered that Xiaoyue was the legacy of the Shangguan family. Here, the inheritance of the Shangguan family appeared. Do you really have a relationship with the Shangguan family?

He glanced at the old man with white hair. .

"Bai Zhenying, the late elder king, the elder of the White Emperor Palace..."

When Zhao Yuande saw this introduction, he suddenly understood.

Either this Bai Zhenying got Bi Youjian in exchange for some money, or he was entrusted by Baidi Palace and wanted to use the Bi Youjian to attract the remnants of Shangguan family.

The previous one was okay, but the next month was dangerous.

Although this is a void ship of the Void Chamber of Commerce, fighting is prohibited, but it is not easy for a powerful person like Bai Zhenying to seize Xiaoyue.

Even if he makes a request to be accompanied by Xiaoyue, the Void Ship will agree!

How can a little fairy powerhouse escape the palm of a late fairy king powerhouse!

Zhao Yuande observed that although Bai Zhenying's eyes looked dim, he swept around the crowd around him, paying attention to the eyes of these people seeing these things.

He held Xiaoyue and left, lowering his voice in her ear and saying, "Let's leave first!"

"Why do you want to go?" Xiaoyue looked at Zhao Yuande puzzled, but she went to the forehead and did not resist, leaving Zhao Yuandela to herself.

"That man is the elder of the Baidi Palace!" Zhao Yuande said this, focusing on Xiaoyue's face. He wanted to see how the other party reacted.

"Elder Baidi Palace? What's wrong? Is there any problem?" Xiaoyue looked at Zhao Yuande puzzled.

"Oh! Nothing, I just think this person has a strange look. Those things he sells seem to be the inheritance of a certain family." Zhao Yuande saw that the other party did not seem to be falsifying, and he couldn't help but think that the other party would not know himself Life experience!

"Inheritance? Then let's buy it quickly! Maybe we can get some kind of inheritance." Xiaoyue said excitedly, "I want that sword! I feel that the sword seems to have a destiny with me, son, you will not Is it too expensive!"

"Okay! If you want it, then I will buy it and give it to you! But you don't want to go over, I will buy it myself!" Zhao Yuande moved these three things by himself. I don't know if the elder of the Baidi Palace would be What kind of response?

"Good! I'm waiting for you here!" Xiaoyue saw that Zhao Yuande didn't seem to be joking, but was very serious, and suddenly felt that there was something wrong, and nodded and didn't refuse.

Before Zhao Yuande returned to the booth, these three things were sealed by the strong. The ordinary people could not see anything special, and the price tag was so ridiculous. After seeing it, many people shook their heads and left!

Zhao Yuande took the sword in his hand, and the pretending person looked up and down and said, "Can this sword be cheaper, if it is cheaper, I will have it!"

Hearing Zhao Yuande's words, Bai Zhenying, the elder of the White Emperor's Palace, set his sights on Zhao Yuande, and his eyes contained the meaning of scrutiny. It seemed that he wanted to see the details of Zhao Yuande.

His soul is not as strong as Zhao Yuande, and he can't help but frown because he can't see Zhao Yuande's details.

However, he could feel that Zhao Yuande's blood was surging like the ocean, and his body must be very powerful!

The person he wants to find is the Shangguan family. The people in this family are naturally lacking in flesh and blood. They are powerful in the spirit of the gods.

And there was a trace of dust and dust in their breath. The person in front of him obviously did not!

This shows that the other party is not the person he is looking for.

"It's really unpleasant, I want this sword!" Zhao Yuande didn't bother with the other party, he directly threw out a storage ring, "I'm optimistic about ten million points!"

After finishing grabbing the sword, he will leave.

"Wait!" Bai Zhenying frowned, but it was used for fishing. How could the other party simply buy it?

Moreover, this sword is a seventh-grade fairy sword. Although it has damaged its value by more than 10 million, if the other party really bought it, he will explain to the palace.

"What? Is the price wrong?" Zhao Yuande frowned.

"I won't sell this sword!" Bai Zhenying shook her head.

"Humph! You dare to play tricks!" Zhao Yuande's face sank suddenly. "Do you think this son is bullying? After the son bought you, he said you wouldn't sell it. Do you want to wrong me? No way!" "

"This sword...not worth so much, I don't want to pit you!" Bai Zhenying suddenly felt a headache, but he couldn't say it clearly, so he could only say so.

"It doesn't matter! My son has immortal jade. This style is simple, and I take it back for collection!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand, indifferently.

"This..." Bai Zhenying's face changed again and again, but on the Void Ship, he gave him a hundred guts not to dare to do it here, but here there was an immortal emperor strong man, he dared to shoot the other party and slash him directly , Will never consider the face of Baidi Palace.