Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1925

Chapter 1925: Bi You Xian Jian

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"Well! That's right! This slap is well played, this kind of deliberately humiliating parents must not be tolerated!" The middle-aged people's righteous words made everyone stunned, including Bai Zhenying.

"Since the misunderstanding has been solved, seniors still sit in the void ship!" Zhao Yuande looked at the middle-aged man lightly.

"Yes! It's more important to sit in the empty ship, I'm leaving!" The middle-aged man nodded, but his eyes swept across Bai Zhenying's face and said coldly, "If you humiliate people for no reason at all, don't If you say someone else, I cant help but teach you!"

"Yes! Senior!" Bai Zhenying just felt aggrieved to cry.

Isn't it cheap? Is curse useful? Are you relieved?

In the end, he was slapped by the opponent, and he was warned by the ship in the void!

Looking at the other party's grievances, Lord Turtle began to laugh like a duck.

Everyone smiled and frowned, and Bai Zhenying smiled and could not be deaf.

Bai Zhenying didn't know if he was confused or angry, but he didn't feel that the middle-aged man's attitude seemed a bit abnormal.

However, as the so-called authorities are obsessed with bystanders, the people watching around are indeed seeing the stumbling block of things. The middle-aged man is obviously coming with great force and returning!

This young man and the middle-aged man seemed to have some communication, and some people saw the minute movements of Zhao Yuande, but they did not see the flashing token!

Especially the young man who had previously spoken out of the Nether Ship, and saw that the immortal emperor and the powerful had all returned with a feather, and they were lucky. If they dare to say a few words at the time, I am afraid that if they die, no one will control them. ! No one dares to control!

The middle-aged man had returned to his room at this time, and his face only appeared horrified at this time!

He saw at a glance that the token was the deacon token of the Void Chamber of Commerce. It is needless to say that such a young deacon must be the super genius absorbed by the Void Chamber of Commerce in these worlds.

This kind of person must be very valued by the Chamber of Commerce. The other party slapped Bai Zhenying on the Void Ship. Even if he slammed the other party, he would not dare to do anything!

Although he was a strong player in the early days of the Immortal Emperor, and his age was not very big, but he was only a low-level manager in the Void Chamber of Commerce, and he was able to be assigned to this Void Ship to sit and take a lot. Relationship, otherwise how could this difference be your own.

"Let's go!" Zhao Yuande glanced at Bai Zhenying, his mouth wide, and this person had touched his limit, but he wanted to give the Chamber of Commerce a face and would not kill him here.

However, after arriving at the Central Fairyland, he will shoot without hesitation!

"Gqua! Let's go!" Lord Turtle slowly landed on Zhao Yuande's shoulder, laughing with pride.


The sound of Bai Zhenying's teeth grinding made everyone laugh.

Since Zhao Yuande had already decided to kill Bai Zhenying, there would be no worries. He went straight to Xiaoyue and gave the sword to her.

"This sword is not simple, study it carefully!" Zhao Yuande pointedly pointed at Xiaoyuedao.

"Thank you son!"

When Xiaoyue smeared this sword, her body suddenly shivered. A strange feeling filled her heart, as if something in her heart seemed to jump out.

Bai Zhenying, who was not far away, naturally saw this scene, and suddenly a strange color appeared in his eyes.

He stared at Xiaoyue violently, and after a long time there was a beam of excitement in his eyes.

He did not expect that being humiliated by him would allow him to find the remnants of the Shangguan family.

"Xiaoyue, come with me, I have something to ask you!" Zhao Yuandela left Xiaoyue.

Xiaoyue wakes up from that strange feeling.

"Thank you, son!" Zhao Yuande came to the distinguished cabin before letting go. Xiaoyue's face was slightly ruddy and she was held by a man. This is the first time she has done so!

But now even if the other party makes excessive demands, she will not refuse.

"Do you still have family members?" Zhao Yuande asked solemnly.

"I...have a younger sister and parents! They all work on the ship of the void." Xiaoyue was stunned by Zhao Yuande's question, but she still answered truthfully.

"Oh! Take me to see them." Zhao Yuande said.

"What's your son doing?" Xiaoyue was a little nervous. She couldn't figure it out. What did the other party want to see her parents do?

"You better not know now."

Zhao Yuande doesnt know if the other partys parents want Xiaoyue to know his life, so he doesnt want to say it in advance.

"Okay!" Xiaoyue could feel that the other party was not malicious, nor did it seem to have any conspiracy.

She took Zhao Yuande through the cabin, and soon reached the lowest level of the cabin.

It's extremely crowded here, and there are so many people.

They found Xiaoyue's parents in a small tavern, where they belonged to a handyman, and finally entered a room that was not large.

In the room there is a girl who is 11 or 12 years old quietly practicing.

"Xiaoyue, what does this son have to do with us?" Xiaoyue's father is a middle-aged man who looks a little silent. Although it seems to be cultivated in the early days of the fairyland, Zhao Yuande detected his cultivation behavior. The early fairy.

Her mother looks very simple and her appearance is ordinary, but apparently her disguise is also seen in Zhao Yuande's eyes.

The girl turned her eyes curiously at this time, and the whole family was puzzled.

Did Xiaoyue meet her favorite person and bring it back to meet her family?

"Xiaoyue, take out that sword!" Zhao Yuande looked at Xiaoyue and nodded gently to her.

"it is good!"

Xiaoyue was puzzled and took out the sword.

When Zhao Yuande could clearly see the sword appear, there was a shock in the couple's eyes.

"The two should know this biyou fairy sword!" Zhao Yuande's words seemed to be a thunder, and the couple who were directly shocked looked pale.

" do you know Bi You Xian Jian!" Xiaoyue's mother looked at Zhao Yuande with a dignified face. She saw that Zhao Yuande's cultivation practice was only the late stage of the fairyland, but it gave her a strong oppression.

She could feel that the other party did not seem malicious.

"It seems that you know!" Zhao Yuande nodded, "I bought this sword from Bai Zhenying, the elder of the White Emperor Palace!"

Zhao Yuande did not answer the other party's words, but said the origin of the sword.

"Baidi Palace! They still found it here!" Xiaoyue's father looked very dignified.

"Dad! Mother! What the **** is going on? Why do I feel there is an inexplicable connection between this sword and me, what the **** are you hiding from us?" Xiao Yue looked at her parents' face with anxiety. .