Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1926

Chapter 1926: Join Sun Family

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"I don't know how the son knows us?" Xiaoyue's mother knew at this point that Zhao Yuande should not be malicious, but was still helping them, asking with some respect.

"I'll talk about my affairs later, you just need to know that I'm here to help you!" Zhao Yuande didn't answer, but looked at Xiaoyue and her sister, both of whom were confused at this time.

"Hey! Now that you have encountered this sword, then... let me talk about it!" Xiaoyue's mother sighed lightly, her face showing helplessness.

"Our Shangguan family is..." Xiaoyue's mother told about the same legend as Zhao Yuande heard, but the difference was that Shangguan family escaped a group of people at that time.

This group of people was hunted down by the White Emperor Palace. Many years later, only their husband and wife were left. They hid in the east of Tibet, and ended up in an incognito on this empty ship as a handyman.

Although they lived a bitter life, they were safe, and no one dared to start on the Void Ship, even the people of the White Emperor Palace did not dare!

So they are safe. They have lived here for decades, and finally have Xiaoyue.

They found that Xiaoyue's physique returned to the ancestor, and turned out to be a pure Biyou fairy body. They were afraid that this physique would be discovered by others, so they sealed it with a family secret.

The matter was as Zhao Yuande guessed, Xiaoyue didn't know anything, and her parents didn't even mention her physique.

"We are from the Shangguan family?" Although Xiaoyue had never been out of the Void Ship, he had heard of the legend of the Shangguan family, but he did not expect that he should be a descendant of the Shangguan family.

She immediately understood why Zhao Yuande would not let her approach that Bai Zhenying, because the other party also saw her physique.

"Good! We survived in order to one day be able to take revenge, and one day be able to destroy the Baidi Palace!" Xiaoyue's mother gritted her teeth.

"Mother!" Xiaoyue's sister felt the grief in her mother's heart, and she couldn't help but shed tears in her eyes, and fell directly into her mother's arms.

"Well! I have a suggestion for you here." Zhao Yuande thought about it for a moment, "You want to take revenge or you have to surrender to a force, otherwise you cannot revenge with your strength!"

"Please also ask your son to give pointers!" Xiaoyue's mother is not stupid, naturally Zhao Yuande pointed out.

"You can go to the Sun's family first. Now the Sun's family and the Baidi Palace are in the same water and fire. If there is a force in Baihezhou that can defeat the Baidi Palace, only the Sun's family!" Zhao Yuande said.

"Sun family?" Xiaoyue's mother nodded. "But will the Sun family take us? If so, it really tears the skin with the White Emperor Palace."

"You can rest assured that I will let Zhumo Xiandi come to pick you up, and I will guarantee that your Shangguan family's things will not be coveted by the Sun family." Zhao Yuande said from himself.

"You... let Zhumo Xiandi..." Xiaoyue's mother looked at Zhao Yuande inconceivably.

The other party's words are too... too incredible!

The Emperor Zhumo is famous in Baihezhou, no one knows, no one knows, how can a young man in a fairyland in your area...

"The Void Ship should have a little more than half a day to set sail. Come with me! I will send you out!" Zhao Yuande didn't explain, but just looked at them.

"This..." Xiaoyue's mother hesitated.

"Mother! I believe in the son!" Xiaoyue was looking at Zhao Yuande at this time, with the light of trust in her eyes.

"Just listen to Xiaoyue!" Xiaoyue's father nodded at this time, "Take care of things, let's go!"

"No need to clean up, you enter my body world!" Zhao Yuande flicked his sleeves, and everyone fell into Zhao Yuande's body world involuntarily.

His figure quickly appeared on the deck of the Void Ship, and secretly contacted Zhumo Xiandi.

However, after dozens of breaths, a ripple in the void undulated, and many people on the deck were shocked to watch a powerful figure coming out of the void.

"Xiaoyou, you have hurriedly recruited me over here, what the **** happened?" Zhu Mo Xian Emperor looked at Zhao Yuande with a wry smile.

This guy actually let his real body appear in person, which made him wonder.

"Brother Demon!" At this moment, the void oscillated again, and the middle-aged man of the void ship appeared.

However, the middle-aged man soon saw Zhao Yuande, his face suddenly became very exciting, just now he was not able to reveal the identity of the other person in the face of everyone, and now he can pretend not to know it again.

"Okay! There's nothing to do with you here, go! Remember not to let anyone peep here!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand and commanded lightly.

"Yes!" The middle-aged man nodded hurriedly, then smiled apologetically at Zhumo Xiandi, and disappeared without a word.

"You... more and more mysterious! Even the people of the Void Ship..." The Emperor Zhumo was speechless, but he was not surprised!

"Senior said the right thing!" Zhao Yuande smiled. "Senior knows Shangguan family?"

"Shangguan family? The Shangguan family destroyed by the White Emperor Palace? Naturally know, what do you say about this?" Zhumo Xiandi puzzled.

"I found several people in the Shangguan family, and one of them was the Biyou fairy body! If they were sent to the Sun family, how would they serve the Sun family?" Zhao Yuande laughed.

"Biyou Immortal Body!" Zhu Moxian Emperor's face looked happy, "This is natural, anyway, our Sun family and Baidi Palace are already enemies, we can't do anything with this help!"

"Since that is the case, then see you!" Zhao Yuande smiled, then waved his sleeves, and Xiaoyue appeared in front of Zhumo Xiandi.

Zhu Moxian Emperor fell on Xiaoyue's body at the first glance, and a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

"This is the famous Sun Demon Emperor of the Sun Family!" Zhao Yuande introduced to the four, "These four are descendants of the Shangguan family, this is the Shangguan Mingyue, they..."

Zhao Yuande scratched his head helplessly: "Let's introduce yourself!"

"Shangguan glory!"

"Shangguan Frost Moon!"

"Shangguan Shuang'er!"

"Okay! If you are attached to our Sun family, we can help you get revenge. But the ugly saying is that revenge is not a day or two. It will only be done when our Sun family's power exceeds the White Emperor Palace!" Zhu Mo The fairy emperor solemnly said.

"Seniors rest assured that we have waited for hundreds of years. We have patience. As long as we can get revenge, we are willing to wait!" Xiaoyue's mother, Shangguan Shuangyue, nodded.

"Good! As long as we can get revenge, we are willing to pay everything for the Sun family!" Xiaoyue's father said gloriously.

"Well! Very good! Since we all made the Heavenly Dao Oath! As long as the Heavenly Dao Oath has been issued, you are the people of my Sun's family!" Although Zhu Mo Xiandi felt the sincerity of the other party, he did not dare to carelessly As one of the masters of the Sun family, he should be more cautious.