Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1929

Chapter 1929: Make Up

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As time passed, Zhao Yuande's soul became stronger and stronger, and there was even a tendency to break through the middle of Dao Xiandi.

But at this time, he woke up suddenly because bad news came from Zhao Liu outside.

His figure appeared in the outside world in a flash, and he immediately knew what had happened.

The entire Void Ship is shaking violently!

He couldn't help wondering, didn't he have the formation protection in the room, could not feel the vibration of the Void Ship? Why do you feel vibrations now?

He pushed out the door, and suddenly felt a world of rotation, a burst of exclamation came not far!

It turned out that the formation in the room reached a limit, and then I felt the vibration.

He hurried back into the room and saw through the window a hurricane in the sea of chaos. A huge piece of stars in the hurricane collided with each other and continuously hit the void ship.

The silver light flashed above the Void Ship, dissolving the tremendous power of repeated impacts, but the silver light gradually dimmed at a speed visible to the naked eye.

"Not good! I am afraid that this collision will not be long before it will crush the Void Ship. At that time, I am afraid that the whole ship can survive only a few!" Zhao Yuande changed his face, thinking of Xiaoru and the four of them. Although there are two mid-level powerhouses of immortal kings, if the Void Warship breaks apart, they will not survive the Hurricane Void.

However, when he was anxious, he suddenly saw a figure rushing out of the Void Ship. This person held an exquisite jade pagoda. The exquisite jade pagoda exuded an endless brilliance and instantly enveloped the entire Void Ship.

Although Zhao Yuande is in the ship, he can still feel the powerful breath from the exquisite jade tower, which is probably a nine-grade fairy treasure!

Zhao Yuande let out a breath, Jiu Pinxian Bao still needs the strong man to urge it. Although he also has Jiu Pin Xianbao, he can't exert the power of one-tenth. It seems that his cultivation practice is too low.

Observing the situation outside, he gradually revealed a light color on his face, because the vibration in the room had gradually stalled, indicating that things had progressed towards the good.

But at the next moment his face suddenly changed, because he saw the chaotic clouds in the void sea, and a giant came out of the clouds and made a roaring roar.

However, this behemoth did not attack the Void Ship, but opened his mouth and faced the Void Ship with a pair of eyes staring at the Void Ship.

But this guy is really too big, the Void Ship looks like an ant standing in front of an elephant in front of it, and the big mouth of the black hole seems to be connected to the earth.

The immortal emperor's face changed greatly, but soon he found out that the behemoth seemed to have no intention of attacking the Nether Warship, so he gradually dropped his heart and guarded the ship.

"This is a chaotic beast!" Zhao Yuande looked at this behemoth inconceivably, although he still felt the kind of the other person's body from the large ship... some familiar breath!

Why is it familiar?

He thought of the previous life, the mystery of chaos, the barriers of chaos, and the big mouth that brought him back to life!

The owner of the big mouth is the Chaos Beast!

At this moment, he was moved, thinking of the chaotic barriers of how he entered in the previous life, and found the secret realm of chaos.

Suddenly he had a bold idea. If he could enter the chaotic beast's mouth, could he once again enter the chaotic realm?

As soon as this kind of thought appeared, it was like a demon's head that could not be restrained. It kept growing in his heart and gave him an irresistible fatal attraction!

Go! Go explore! You must not miss this great opportunity!

There was a voice constantly echoing in his heart, which he heard was both familiar and unfamiliar.

"Boy! Go! This is a good opportunity, I feel the guy's breath!" The voice of Tian Tian suddenly rang.

"That guy? Who is it?" Zhao Yuande puzzled.

"It's the guy who sent me into your body! Zhou!" The voice of Swallow Sky fell into Zhao Yuande's ear like a thunderbolt in a sunny day, and woke him up at once.

"Yes! That's the voice, I know... it's him calling me!" Zhao Yuande's complexion became dignified.

He had already got rid of the universe himself, but he didn't expect that he felt the call of the other party here again today!

What exactly does he want to do? Do you want to let yourself enter the mouth of Chaos Beast?

"Don't hesitate, time is fleeting!" swallowed anxiously. "This is a great opportunity, don't miss it!"

"Good! Listen to you!" Zhao Yuande nodded and turned into Kunpeng really walking through the void. The next moment had appeared outside the void ship.

He suddenly felt a horrible force tearing himself, almost tearing himself apart, his clothes were all ripped, thanks to a fairy armor, otherwise he would be really naked.

"Go back! This is not the place where you can stay!" The immortal emperor saw Zhao Yuande for a moment, but he seemed to recognize him immediately, then said anxiously.

"Seniors don't need to worry!" Zhao Yuande secretly whispered to the other party, and then rushed towards the big mouth without hesitation.

He is even more certain now that this Void Beast seems to be waiting for himself!

"You..." Immortal Emperor Strong is now urging Xianbao in his hand to resist the invasion of the Hurricane of the Void. There is simply no extra power to control Zhao Yuande, watching Zhao Yuande rushing towards the big hole of the black hole!

The closer Zhao Yuande came to the big mouth, the more familiar this situation was.

"Come in! This is the compensation I give you!" There was an ethereal voice in the mouth of the Void Beast, and the speaker seemed to be far in front of the horizon.

"Compensation?" Zhao Yuande puzzled, "What compensation?"

"It's me who brought you reincarnated, the things you deserved in the top ten were not obtained, and I will give you back this life!" The voice seemed to gradually move away, getting lower and lower.

"Okay!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

He no longer hesitated into the mouth of the Void Beast.

The next moment he found himself in a misty chaotic mist, surrounded by white, he looked far away, and found a little golden light flashing in the distant sky.

"Some familiar breath!" Zhao Yuande felt carefully, and suddenly found a little familiar.