Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 193

Chapter 193: What's Going On

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Originally, he thought his cousin Yao Qianfeng was the most terrifying genius in the world. The speed of practice is rare. He is only three years older than himself and he is already the second most powerful player in the field.

But when he saw this, he realized how ignorant he was!

The other party is of similar age, even a little younger than yourself, and can even kill the demon clan of the peak of Yin and Yang together. Is this world too crazy or too ignorant!

No wonder his father has been rushing to the outside and he has arranged this trial of the **** market for himself, so he understands his father's pains!

Zhao Yuande smiled slightly, a radiance on his face, "Did you see? This is the real power!"

In fact, Zhao Yuande also has some helplessness in his heart. It is actually luck to kill the third prince. The other party does not defend well at all. This is a sneak attack.

If the opponent is playing against himself, although this may hurt the opponent, spike killing is basically impossible.

However, if you encounter a strong domain realm, the power of this trick is not enough. There is an invisible realm around the body of the strong domain realm at any time, even if you eat and sleep.

If you want to break through the opponent's realm, the power should be at least five times greater. With the Heavenly Apocalypse that he has now, it is impossible to achieve with his current state, unless he achieves the spirit stage of Lingtai pregnancy!

"Master Zu is so strong! It's so powerful! With the fighting power of Zu Zu, you can sweep the whole Shenxu!" Zhu Wanqing, who finally sobered from the shock, rushed excitedly to slap Zhao Yuande continuously!

"Cough! Jingguang Daochang, I lost, and I was convinced to take it orally!" Yao Qianshan dare to say anything else, and hurriedly waved to the four dead men. "You hand over the earth and fire in your hands!"

A deceased person is a deceased person, who obeyed Yao Qianshan completely, and there is no hesitation at all.

Soon four orange-red flames were delivered to Zhao Yuande's hands. These four flames were relatively ordinary real fires, each of which was worth tens of millions of fine jade, but Yao Qianshan did not feel distressed. Life can be more than just a little jade, as long as life is good, you can get it.

He gently sent them into the space of the copper furnace, waiting for their fate to be swallowed by Qinglian fire.

"Okay, now that I'm done here, then I'm leaving! We are destined to see you again!" Zhao Yuande's body suddenly turned into an electric light and rushed toward the west.

"Hey! Master Zu waits for me!" The bald-headed bamboo Wanqing showed the fastest speed, chasing toward Zhao Yuande's back, but the more he chased the farther, the more depressed he chased him, but only a dozen breathing time , You can no longer see each other's shadow.

"His grandmother! I must practice my physical speed when I go home, and the great opportunity made me miss it!" Zhu Wanqing bowed his head and squatted anxiously on the ground to draw a circle.

"Haha! I finally got rid of that Zhu Wanqing! With this guy, how can I still look for Kaitian Jiuquan, so go to retreat and learn about the spirit of wood!"

"Now the three secret realms are probably all broken, and the spiritual lands in the ruins of the gods have been fully opened. My first step has been completed. Now it is the second step, looking for the Kaitian stele and getting Kaitian nine punches!

It's a pity that the Kaitian stele is a possessed thing, otherwise I will try to get rid of it after my hard work. This is a big killer! "

Zhao Yuande discerned the direction and ran towards the place in his memory. The Kaitian monument in the previous life was touched by people, and it was recovered by the original owner not long after.

Soon a huge building appeared in the distance, and the figure of the cultivator gradually increased at this time.

He knows which huge buildings are outside the real **** ruins, and what he has just experienced is just a wilderness outside the **** ruins. There are still tender branches of undead trees in the wilderness. What kind of treasure is there in the **** ruins? One can imagine.

He traveled with purpose, so the road never stopped, and many people only saw a silhouette passing by.

After traversing, I don't know how many areas, and bypassed several dangerous areas. Zhao Yuande appeared on a barren mountain.

Zhao Yuande breathed a sigh of relief when he looked at the huge lake above and below Bibo Wanli.

Because here is far away, the average person will not arrive so quickly, unless he has the purpose as he will appear here.

He rushed down the hillside and plunged into the big lake.

The lake is crystal clear, and there are thousands of blue waves. The area here is as large as tens of thousands of square meters. Zhao Yuande started the long underwater journey with some headaches.

The aura is abundant in the lake, and many fish and beasts are cruising in groups in the lake. Meeting Zhao Yuande is a **** slaughter.

There is an infinite amount of space in his copper furnace space. As long as the underwater beasts killed or alive were killed by him, he was thrown into the space.

To this end, he also specially created a depression in the space, introduced a large amount of lake water to form a small lake, he plans to raise underwater monsters here in the future, want to eat can be slaughtered at any time.

Of course, he did not forget to open up an area in it. He plans to build a huge medicine garden here and plant some rare elixir in case of unexpected needs.

As for the problem of thin aura inside, it's easy to solve. It's a big deal to arrange a large array of auras and place some top-grade spirit jade, which is enough for daily needs.

However, these problems will be left to the future, because it is unrealistic for him to reclaim the land and plant medicinal materials. It is better to find some experienced medicine farmers, or hire some cultivators who can cultivate elixir at a high price...these are even further away!

After three or four hours of searching, Zhao Yuande's soul was a little tired, and no traces of the Kaitian stele have yet been found.

"How did the Kaitian Stele of the previous life appear?" Zhao Yuande was lost in contemplation. He hadn't seen the Kaitian Stele in the previous life. He was still fighting in the Monster Canyon at that time, but he felt the shock of the world slightly, and then just watched When a big hand breaks the void, he directly holds the Kaitian stele in his hand and walks away!


While he was thinking, a series of huge blisters suddenly appeared below him.

Below him was a huge underwater rock. He came back and forth several times and found nothing.

This underwater rock is tens of acres in size and has a peculiar appearance, like a giant oval egg.

Just when he blinked just now, I didn't know when two dark holes appeared, and bubbles kept flowing out of the hole.

"Is there some space in the cave?" Zhao Yuande approached the cave carefully and looked inside with his eyes.

Zhao Yuande saw only thick tentacles swaying on the wall of the cave, and various fishes were drilling in the hole.

Suddenly a rumbling sound came out of the cave, and Zhao Yuande retreated back instinctively.


The thunderous sound was getting louder and louder, and finally the whole rock that was shaking started to tremble violently, only to see huge bubbles burst out of the two holes.

"I rely on! What is the situation!"

Zhao Yuande only felt that a huge force that couldn't be resisted spewed out of the hole, pushing him back for several decades in a row, and then stopped slowly.