Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1931

Chapter 1931: Fist Of Nature

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"No! This hall of fortune is very magical. I suspect that it is not a product of the Void Realm at all. It may be left over by a founding Dao Zun. Without Dao Zun Realm, it is impossible to break the strong prohibition." Feng Cang Shook his head and sighed.

"Okay!" Nodded and swallowed his head, he suddenly thought of something, "How did that guy manipulate here? His realm will not reach the realm of Tao!"

"He just gave Zhao Yuande a chance, but he just introduced him here. As for opening this hall, he still needs to follow the request of the Dao Zun!" Feng Cangdao said.

"The other three walls don't know what conditions are needed, what treasures will appear after the walls?" Tun Tianman looked forward, "If you can find the conditions needed by the other three walls, you can enter again..."

"Don't dream, this opportunity is inexplicable!" Feng Cang's figure disappeared, and his voice gradually dissipated.

"Okay!" Swallowed helplessly shook his head and sighed, "I knew I wasn't the one chosen by heaven, nor that luck, I'm just a foil!"

Zhao Yuande sat cross-legged on the ground, urging Zi Qi to come to the east.

He felt that the purple qi in his body had begun to gradually change into a green qi, and these green qi were filled with a powerful vitality. He even felt that he could open up a new world with one punch, and one punch can make the whole The film world is full of vitality, and one punch can change the heaven and earth of a world!

He even felt that although his current strength had not increased, he was able to punch a few times, even dozens of times the previous combat power.

His flesh is slowly being tempered, and his foundation is becoming more and more stable. There is a mysterious and powerful atmosphere in his body that is constantly flowing, and the three figures disappear and disappear behind him.

In his knowledge of the sea, Zhao Liu and Zhao XIV, who practiced in the Time Immortal Palace, are also undergoing an amazing transformation. Their bodies have become more solid, their bodies have become stronger, and the spirits of the spirits in their bodies have also become After being gradually replaced, they are reborn, and even the realm of cultivation now seems to be rocketing up.

The late fairyland...the peak of the fairyland...the early fairyland...the middle fairyland!

Their cultivation was finally fixed in the middle of the fairyland!

The growth rate of this realm is almost unheard of, and there have been three small realms in succession, including a large realm!

The growth of their cultivation behavior is equivalent to the growth of Zhao Yuande's cultivation practice. As long as Zhao Yuande wakes up and realizes carefully, his realm will soon rise to the middle of the fairyland!

The combat effectiveness of the two is now naturally rising, although they are only in the middle of the fairy, but they can now be comparable to the mid-fighting power of the fairy!

They will do everything Zhao Yuande knows, and as long as they know what Zhao Yuande will naturally do, they will begin to practice the fist of fortune at this time.

The two played against each other and confirmed each other that the entire time fairy palace was shrouded in a vast ocean of forging power.

Their fist of chemistry is becoming more and more sophisticated, and their power is also growing.

At this time, the engulfing vortex in Zhao Yuande's body began to run crazy, as if he had completely transformed into a huge vortex, and the atmosphere of fortune in the entire hall was madly converging towards him.

I don't know how long it took, Zhao Yuande's eyes opened, and the cyan light flashed in his eyes.

The atmosphere of creation in the hall was completely absorbed by him, and the whole hall was empty.


He opened his mouth with a sigh of green air, and a small illusory world appeared in the turquoise air. In this illusory world, the vegetation is lush, the mountains are rocky, the sea is vast... but only life is lost!

"Hey! There are still some shortcomings, and my understanding of creation is not deep enough!" Zhao Yuande sighed.

"It's already very rare!" There was a muffled voice from Tian Tian.

"Brother! I forgot to let you go!" Zhao Yuande apologized.

"You haven't forgotten or used, here is your exclusive opportunity, I can't get out at all!" swallowed heaven.

"There is such a thing?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but be shocked.

"Your ancestor said, he said this might be left by a Dao Zun, he can't get out! Unless Dao Zun comes in person." Tun Tian replied.

"A Dao Zun stayed!" Zhao Yuande was shocked. "Isn't that the Dao Zun's heir?"

"Don't dream! What kind of characters Dao Zun, if you have this spirit, let's find a way out!" Dao swallowed, "I don't know how long you have stayed here, I am afraid that the Void Ship has already gone far, How do we leave this void sea!"

"Yes! I forgot this!" Zhao Yuande listened to him saying that he no longer had the mood to dream. He was looking for a way out in the empty hall.

The hall was empty, and I didn't know how big it was. He hadn't come to an end after walking for a long time, as if there was no end.

"How should I get out?" Zhao Yuande was dumbfounded.

"This hall seems to be a formation, and there is infinite space in it. You can't walk like this when you walk like this!" Tun Tian speculates carefully, his face showing a little dignified color.

"It's a formation?" Zhao Yuande frowned, but he wasn't proficient in formation. If it was really a formation, wouldn't he be trapped inside.

"It's a formation! And it's very mysterious, I'm afraid it's Dao Zun's handwriting!" Feng Cang's voice came into Zhao Yuande's ears, "You should try to call the flames, or use your fist of fortune!"

Zhao Yuande nodded and silently called Xiaoqing in his heart.

But after calling for a long time, there was no response at all, and Xiao Qing's connection with him seemed to no longer exist.

"Fist of Creation!"

Zhao Yuande's body stretched, his fist wind roared, and sometimes the golden sword light spread over the sky, sometimes the majestic world fell, and sometimes the six-color treasure wheel rumbling out of the void, but the dark vortex swallowed the world...

After this trick of skillful fist is integrated into the power of nature, it is not known how many times stronger than before. It seems that it was just a childish child waving at random, but now it is a fairy evolution.


In the last punch, a miniature world with a radius of dozens of feet was suppressed from the sky dome. The world seemed to exist in reality, but there was no life at all.


The miniature cracked down and smashed the ground of the hall into a huge deep pit. The world shattered, the earth and stone splashed, the ocean was flooded, and the sea water slowly flowed on the ground and merged into the big pit.

All this actually exists!

He actually created a miniature world out of thin air!

However, with this punch, he felt that the body's chemistry was actually one point less.