Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1933

Chapter 1933: Arrivals

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At that time, there might be a coveted heart of the immortal emperor.

If you want to be promoted to the last level of the Immortal Emperor, if you have the help of the power of creation, you will get twice the result with half the effort, so the desire of the Peerless Immortal Emperor for the power of creation is unimaginable.

If the Peerless Immortal Emperor knew of the magical power of his body, I am afraid he would really take him away.

Because of his special identity, the other party will certainly not let himself live, then he may be too late to cry!

He pushed out the door, and soon came to the deck with the flow of people.

"Brother Zhao! Here!" Xiao Ru waved to Zhao Yuande in the distance, his face showing excitement.

They didn't even know that Zhao Yuande entered the void of the Void Beast, and I was afraid that only a few fairy emperors knew about it.

Although these fairy emperors were shocked by Zhao Yuande's return, they were warned by the Void Chamber of Commerce to prevent them from passing it on.

The power of the Void Chamber of Commerce is even more terrible than the Eight Immortals in the Central Immortal Territory. When they reached the Realm of Immortal Emperor, they knew about the depth and depth, so they did not dare to talk much.

"Haha!" Zhao Yuande was in a good mood and smiled as he walked towards the four.

"Brother Zhao, don't you mean to introduce us to Lingxu Xiangong? Let's go together!" Xiao Ru's face was full of excitement, "Lingxu Xiangong has a palace here for special reception!"

"Oh!" Zhao Yuande smiled, "Then let's go!"

The teenager looked at Zhao Yuande in awe at this moment. Since he knew that Zhao Yuandes deeds were true, he felt a chill in his mind when he saw Zhao Yuande again. Imagine what he said at that time. He really felt a little scared and worried that Zhao Yuande might Revenge.

The middle-aged beautiful woman and Zhuang Xian did not speak at this time, but just followed them smilingly.

"I came here last time and know the way!" Xiao Ru led the way excitedly, and Zhao Yuande followed behind her, watching her feel a warmth.

"Where is this place?" Although Zhao Yuande had been to the Central Immortal Territory once, it was teleported that time. I don't know where the Void Ship is parked.

"Oh! This is Xuanguang City! The void ships of the other four continents are all docked here, which is also considered to be a relatively large city in the central fairyland." The middle-aged woman hurriedly explained.

"Xuanguang City! What forces belong here?" Zhao Yuande asked.

"This is the place of the Central Immortal Palace, and it is not lost to the Eight Great Immortal Palaces, so the Eight Immortal Palaces all have dedicated reception palaces in this city!" The middle-aged beautiful woman hurriedly answered, she seemed to know what Zhao Yuande was thinking , Explain things simply and thoroughly.

"Wow! A lot of people!" They got off the deck of the Void Ship and suddenly saw a crowd of people in the square in front of them, and these people were basically all young people.

All of them are extraordinary heroes, and their heads are so astounding that they know that they are geniuses on all continents.

"It is stipulated here that no flying is allowed under the Immortal Emperor, everyone can only leave the Void Ship step by step, so it will be so crowded!" The middle-aged woman continued to explain.

"It's okay, let's follow along!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

On a tall building not far away, several young people are watching the flow of people beneath the tide.

"I don't know how many geniuses will join the Eight Great Immortals Palace this time? I think this time there are a few guys who have stepped into the realm of immortals and even a peak of immortal immortals. Don't underestimate!" The robe, the forehead slightly raised, seems to have a young man with a horn coming out, his face dignified.

"Huh! Even if it is the peak of the fairy, how can their combat power be comparable to ours." A woman shrouded in white mist and unable to see her face sneered, "Although I am only in the late fairyland , But they can defeat the strong men at the beginning of the fairy monarch, can they do it?"

"Do you remember when there was a guy named Zhao Yuande, I heard that he was very strong, and I don't know if he would come this time?" A big man with a strong body like a mountain touched his jaw. Stubble, I'm looking forward to it.

"Zhao Yuande!" A slender and plump woman said the name in a low voice, and there was a trace of sadness in the depths of her eyes.

This woman was Meng Huanzhen. He was surrendered by Zhao Yuande in the Tongtian Tower and took the oath of heaven to become Zhao Yuande's servant.

She has been practicing madly all these years, wanting to surpass Zhao Yuande one day and get rid of her status as a servant. Now that she is already a strong player in the late fairyland, she has left her peers behind, but thinks that Zhao Yuande is still For a while, I felt terrified and felt that I would still not be the opponent of the other party.

"Fantasy, you seem to have met this person, what's your impression of him?" Beside Meng Huanzhen, there was a man in white with a long sword on his back and long hair fluttering, which made him look at a glance. I feel very elegant and chic.

However, when this person asked this sentence, his face was obviously a little weird, and there was still a little unwillingness in his eyes.

"He! Very strong!" Meng Huanzhen just said these three words, and then stopped talking.

"How strong can it be? Is it stronger than Zhener's sister?" Behind the woman shrouded in white mist, a young man's face showed some disbelief.

"I can't judge this well!" Meng Huan really looked at the young man, especially when she swept the body of the white misty woman. She knew that the woman was very proud, and she didn't want to stimulate her too much, so only Can say so.

"Zhao Yuande! I'm going to fight him!" The woman's voice in the white mist was cold, and there was a strong fighting intention in her eyes.

When Bai Wu shrouded the woman, the expression of excitement suddenly appeared in everyone's eyes, but Meng Huan's face was really not good-looking.

She really wanted to persuade the other party, but she knew that the more she persuaded the other party, the more she would challenge. This is an arrogant master. Even the strongest geniuses of the eight generations in the Eight Immortals Palace, this Bai Zhen has challenged .

But obviously the other party did not want to offend the forces behind Bai Zhen, so she did not lose as badly, and this Bai Zhen knows hard work, keeps making progress through continuous failures, and soon leaves her contemporaries behind. The fighting power has reached the early stage of fairy king.

Among them, there is really no one who can overcome this woman.

The black robe is a disciple of the true dragon fairy emperor, Long Xiangtian, who was cultivated in the middle of the fairyland.

The unshaven Han is a disciple of Jiuhua Immortal Emperor, Pang Zhenzong, who was cultivated in the middle of the fairyland, and his flesh is particularly strong.

The white mist enveloped the woman was a disciple of Wuji Promise Emperor, Bai Zhen, who was cultivated in the middle of the fairyland.

The young man behind Bai Zhen is another disciple of Wuxi Immortal Emperor, Feng Zhuo.

The man who looks like a sword fairy in white clothes is a disciple of Lingxu Emperor, Ye Kaitian, who was a late immortal.