Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1936

Chapter 1936: Teleport Baihezhou

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"Sister Zhao is now in the late stage of Fairyland. He and Lei Yifan are probably fast!" Ye Kaitian mentioned Lei Yifan with a smile on his face, which was a sympathetic smile.

This guy is completely suppressed by Zhao Yixin and has no sovereignty at all!

"Are my friends who Zhang Qingyan brought back all right?" Zhao Yuande asked again.

"Their qualifications are still good, and they are all favored by the elders of the Supreme Master." Ye Kaitian replied.

"Well! I'm relieved now. The last question, have you seen your maid?" Zhao Yuande said.

"Sister-in-law? Master, his old man didn't... Where's the sister-in-law?" Ye Kaitian looked at Zhao Yuande with a puzzled expression.

"Okay! I know!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

It seems that the Emperor Lingxu did not tell this disciple this matter.

"How many disciples will Ling Ling Xian Gong enroll this time?" Zhao Yuande pointed to Xiaoru and said, "There is no problem for two of my children to enter the Ling Xu Xian Gong!"

"Oh! These two... Yes, there is no problem entering the Spiritual False Immortal Palace." Ye Kaitian glanced at the two of them and found that their age and cultivation behavior nodded.

"That's all right, you take us there! I still have very important things to tell my brother." Zhao Yuande nodded.

"it is good."

Facing Zhao Yuande's uncle, Ye Kaitian can only obey.

They quickly took the teleportation array to reach the Spiritual False Immortal Palace.

When directly seeing the Emperor of Spiritual Deficiency, Zhao Yuande's face is still very sufficient. The Emperor of Spiritual Deficiency really collected Xiao Ru as a disciple, and if he performs well, he can be promoted to a formal disciple.

This made the middle-aged beautiful woman and Zhuang Xian, and even the boy, excitedly shut their mouths.

The young man was also valued by a Taishang elder, who was accepted as a disciple, and Yushoulou was also related to the Lingxu fairy palace.

At this time, Zhao Yuande followed Lingxian Immortal Emperor to a cultivation secret realm, and saw the black wind that was retreating to practice, Yi Jie, Qin Xingyu, and breaking the sky. Their current state is the early stage of the fairy land, and they are working hard to sprint in the middle.

And Wan Yao's figure also appeared in this secret realm. At this time, she had recovered her flesh, and her cultivation practice had reached the late stage of the fairy realm. She was about to break through the realm of the fairy king.

Seeing that they are retreating and practicing, Zhao Yuande is now inconvenient to disturb, so he can only leave here with the Emperor Lingxu temporarily.

"Brother, I have something to tell you!" Zhao Yuande said on the way back.

"Oh! What's the matter?" Lingxian Emperor saw Zhao Yuande's face looking serious, and couldn't help being curious.

"I'm in the Baihezhou Reincarnation Mountain Range..." Zhao Yuande said that he had found the channel of the Desolated Star Zone under the Reincarnation Mountain Range.

"What! Is this true?" Emperor Lingxu's face changed drastically.

"It's true!" Zhao Yuande suddenly looked solemn when he saw each other's eyes.

"This... you first take me over to see!" Emperor Lingxu looked dignified, "Go, follow me to teleport!"

Zhao Yuande also felt the spirit of the Emperor Lingxu and suddenly knew that things might not be as simple as he thought.

The two quickly came to the teleportation array. The Spiritual Emperor Ling took Zhao Yuande through the void, and soon came to a huge teleportation array.

At this time, this huge teleportation array seemed to be being repaired. Hundreds of strong men continuously played various mysterious runes, and a silver gleam in the array flashed.

"Brother Lingxu, why are you here?" An immortal emperor with a white beard and white eyes saw Lingxian Emperor appear and greeted him immediately, arching his hand at him.

"Stop the formation here immediately!" There was a bit of anxiety in the voice of the Spiritual Emperor Emperor, with a tone of command.

" know, now we are accepting the coordinates of the star field of the desolate star field. If this teleportation is successful this time, we will be able to pass through the star field of the desolate star field. There is no need to cross the chaotic sea out of the heavens and the world. Nor will many ancestors fall into the sea of chaos as before." The facial hair of Emperor Beard Flower is somewhat unsightly.

"What! The coordinates of the desolate star field!" Zhao Yuande opened his mouth wide. Are these people stupid?

"My younger brother found it in Baihezhou..." The Emperor Lingxu's complexion was transmitted to the other party, "This matter must be stopped before I'm sure, otherwise my heavens and the world will be invaded by the desolate star field. , By the time you and I are both sinners."

"It's...impossible!" White Beard Emperor Beard's mouth grew shocked. "We just signed a covenant with the Lord of the Desolate Star Territories, how could we..."

"How could a stranger be brand new, and why would he not sign the Covenant of Heavenly Dao? I already thought there was a problem!" The Emperor Lingxu sneered. "I didn't agree with this before. Now I find that there is a passage in Baihezhou, which confirms My thoughts, I even think that there will be the same channel on the other three continents. As soon as the teleport is opened, I am afraid that the infinite army of magical star fields will come over, and the other four continents will invade at the same time... In the year of the Great Tribulation, the civil wars of the four continents are now in full swing, I am afraid..."

Immortal Emperor with white beard and hair immediately changed his face here. He thought that what the Spiritual Emperor Lingxu said was justified. If it was really as the other party said, the immortal world might be caught in the water again.

"I even feel that this time the Desolate Star Realm may have colluded with a certain force, maybe the Devil Realm, or even the Pantheon! If this is the case, we may not be able to fall for many days. "Spiritual Emperor Lingxu said.

Not only was the fairy emperor with a white beard, even Zhao Yuande's face changed greatly.

He didn't expect the other party to think of so many things from this small void channel. If things were so so, I'm afraid the fairyland would be in danger.

"Stop the work in your hand immediately!" Beard Flower Bai Xiandi waved.

Although everyone didn't understand it, he still stopped what he said according to what he said.

The Beard Flower Baixian Emperor is a hidden power of the central Immortal Territory, and the leader of the Fuxian Sect, and these strong men are also the people of the Zhenxu Zong, so they unconditionally follow the orders of the Beard Flower Baixian Emperor.

"Reopen, the transmission to Baihe Chau!" The Beard Flower Bai Xiandi ordered again.

He took a shot in the void and took a dark crystal from the vast array of voids.

"This is a piece of Void God Crystal passed from the Desolate Star Realm through the Void Chamber of Commerce. Only with this can it be positioned with the Demon Star Realm." Beard Flower Bai Xiandi explained.

"Well! When I come back, don't continue before you come back!" Emperor Lingxu said with solemn expression.

"Brother Lingxu rest assured!" Beard Flower Bai Xiandi nodded.

Zhao Yuande and the Spiritual Emperor Emperor set foot on the Void Teleportation, and the two lights disappeared.