Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1939

Chapter 1939: Interrogation

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"Okay! I've got the fairy jade, please ask for it!" Emperor Xuanguang received the storage ring and looked at Zhao Yuande again.

For the Emperor of Spiritual Deficiency, she has never looked at it right now. For her, Emperor of Spiritual Deficiency is no longer worth it!

"Catch both, there should be no problem!" Zhao Yuande said.

"This is simple!" Emperor Xuanguang smiled, "They will appear in front of you soon!"

As soon as her voice fell, her body burst out, and the whole reincarnation of the city was within the envelope of her breath at the next moment.

"Who's in my reincarnation?" The void shuddered, and two figures appeared not far from them.

It was the reincarnation lord who spoke, and the other was an old man with a dark-faced bird of prey and a hawk-nose nose. He was covered with black mist, and a powerful sigh came out.

"The two of you come over!" The Emperor of Illusion Light waved to the two and showed a charming smile.

The two looked involuntarily towards the Emperor Illusion, first a shock, followed by ecstasy, and then became confused.

This transformation took less than a moment, and then the two of them moved to the Illusion Fairy Emperor foolishly.

At this time, Zhao Yuande also felt a force that made him almost irresistible. He was pulling him towards the Emperor Illusion, but the Emperor Lingxu around him gently patted his back, and then he stopped.

"Well... so powerful **** soul!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but grow his mouth, the other party completely confused the two people with the **** soul, this kind of **** soul might have been incredible to the point of incredible strength.

Even if the other party did not target him, but only a slight breath, he was almost confused.

"It's very simple!" Emperor Guangxian's fingers lightened slightly on the foreheads of the two. The two suddenly rolled like a drunk drunk.

"I'm gone. I have time to find my sister to play in the realm next time!" The Emperor Illusion nodded slightly towards the two, stepped into the void, and disappeared.

Looking at the two peerless immortal emperors who passed away, Zhao Yuande had an unreal feeling.

Is this the invincible peerless immortal emperor?

It seems that fairyland is too weak! The outside world is even broader, and he can't help but feel a bit of yearning.

"Hoo!" Emperor Lingxu exhaled for a long time, a bitter smile on his face.

"Hey! It's too strong! In my life... I'm afraid..." Lingxu Emperor sighed.

"Brother! Don't be arrogant, your qualifications are already pretty good, now you are okay, and it is not impossible to advance to Taoist Wushuang Immortal Emperor!" The resources of the Void Chamber of Commerce are huge, and it is easier to train geniuses than our fairyland. If Brother Shi also has such resources, he might have become Wushuang Immortal Emperor!"

"Don't comfort me! I know my talent. I can only be promoted to Wushuang Immortal Emperor by 30% at most!" Lingxu Immortal Emperor nodded. "But I was really hit!"

"Senior brother, should we review these two guys now?" Zhao Yuande turned his eyes to the two peerless immortal emperors.

"Haha! Yes, this time we are probably not at a loss, maybe we can make a fortune!" Emperor Lingxu's eyes lit up at once. "So, you can pick one of these two guys. The thing is our spoils!"

"Okay! I want this reincarnation immortal emperor!" Zhao Yuande was also polite and pointed directly at reincarnation immortal emperor.

"Okay!" Immortal Emperor Lingxu probed directly into the body of the reincarnation immortal emperor. At the next moment, a lot of things flowed out like a tide.

Zhao Yuande was also polite, directly opened up the inner world, and began to accept this huge wealth.

The torrent of treasures lasted for more than a dozen breaths before ending. Zhao Yuande almost jumped in joy. He had more than 30 billion yuan in these wealth alone.

The Spirit Emperor Xian Emperor touched the reincarnation immortal emperor again, and found out a dozen storage rings. Each one was full of dangdang and filled with various resources. These resources should be the daily needs of the reincarnation city.

"Can these resources be sold to Brothers?" The Emperor Lingxu was also a little bit zealous to see these resources. His Lingxian Xiangong also needed a lot of resources.

"I have to leave the fairy medicine and some materials, and the rest of the brothers take it. Our brothers and sisters, we still talk about what to sell!" Zhao Yuande laughed.

"Good! Sure enough, it is my brother, Wan Yao valued!" Lingxu Emperor laughed.

As for another peerless immortal emperor, Lingxu immortal emperor was not polite, and directly received the things from the other party.

"Let's interrogate this reincarnation immortal emperor first! If interrogated alone, it should have wonders," Zhao Yuande suggested.

"Hmm! Listen to you!" Spiritual Emperor Xian really doesn't have this kind of experience, but he is a peerless immortal emperor. This kind of thing was originally done by his men. !

The Spirit Emperor Emperor sent the eagle-nose old man into the body world first, and then pointed at the eye of the reincarnation immortal emperor.

"You... Lingxu Emperor! What do you want to do? The woman just now..." Reincarnation Immortal Emperor woke up and felt the condition of his body, his face suddenly turned pale.

He couldnt imagine that the woman from where the Spiritual Emperor Xun was found. The woman was so powerful and so powerful that he trembles. Now thinking of the state just now, his body was trembling. .

"Samsara, I already know about the collusion between you and the Desolate Star Realm, you have to tell me the truth!" Lingxu Emperor said indifferently.

"What are you talking about, what demon star field, I don't know!" The reincarnation fairy emperor shook his head, pretending to be unwitting, "You must have misunderstood, I have blocked the reincarnation mountains for other reasons. ..."

"We didn't say that you blocked the reincarnation of the mountains. Are you not doing it yourself?" Zhao Yuande sneered aside.

"It's you! Why are you here?" The reincarnation immortal emperor saw Zhao Yuande, with a shock on his face.

"I...hehe! What do you say?" Zhao Yuande smiled, "Of course I found your conspiracy, so I let the brothers come here."

"You... how is it possible!" The reincarnation immortal emperor looked at Zhao Yuande, "how can you find out that your cultivation is absolutely nonsense."

"Really? I found many unspeakable secrets between you and the old guy in the Desolate Star Realm. Do you still want to deny it?" Zhao Yuande doesn't care if the old man with the hook nose is not the one in the Desolate Star Realm, first Tiger, he will say it later.