Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1941

Chapter 1941: No Matter How Dangerous It Is

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"What's the matter?" The fat that had swallowed Tian shivered and smiled, "Having a problem?"

"Yes! I want to go to the Central Immortal Realm, but..." Zhao Yuande smiled bitterly.

"Want to borrow a road from the Black Rock Passage?" Tun Tian continued to laugh.

"Is it really possible?" Zhao Yuande's eyes lit up.

"Oh! Yes... but I still have no way to open that channel. If you help me, maybe it will!" Swallowed his lips.

"How to help! Brother, please tell me! As long as I can do it, one definition is incumbent!" Zhao Yuande patted his chest hard.

"Give me several kinds of fairy medicines, I want to break through the existing spirit realm, as long as my spirit realm can be upgraded to the level of peerless immortal emperor, it should not be difficult to open that channel!" Swallow Heaven Road.

"Peerless... Immortal Emperor Level?" Zhao Yuande stammered a little. Has the spirit of swallowing God been so powerful?

"Don't be shocked. In fact, you don't know my previous cultivation behavior. It's just to restore the previous state. It shouldn't be difficult!" Tun Tian said with some uncertainty.

"Oh! What fairy medicine is needed?" Zhao Yuande tentatively asked.

"Bapin's superior epiphyllum, devil's spirit grass, absolutely amaranth root... seven-pink... six-pink..." swallowed the sky continuously and said dozens of kinds of fairy medicine.

But none of these shocked Zhao Yuande. What shocked him most was that the other party wanted the soul of a peerless fairy emperor!

"This needs me to discuss with my brother!" Zhao Yuande nodded helplessly.

Zhao Yuande returned to his body, with a bitter smile on his face, and it seemed that the wealth he had just acquired would soon disappear.

The fairy medicines swallowed by Tian Tian just now cost at least tens of billions of yuan, but the spirit of the peerless fairy emperor is easy. It happens that there is an old eagle-hook nose old man in the desolate star field.

"Brother, I think you look sad, can't you find a way? We can't do that, we can only wait. There are at least ten peerless immortal emperors in the central fairyland. They want to attack, not It will be successful in a while!" Lingxian Emperor's cultivation was completed, and Zhao Yuande's sorrowful expression made him comfort.

"Brother, if I can't help, I won't worry, now I have a way to worry!" Zhao Yuande smiled bitterly.

"Is there any way? Why worry?" Emperor Lingxu's eyes lit up when he heard Zhao Yuande's words.

"I have a brother, he has a way, but his current cultivation is not enough, he needs to improve his cultivation, and he needs a lot of materials... And he also needs the old guy in the desolate star field." Zhao Yuande said things roughly .

"These are not problems, these fairy medicines should be available in the Void Chamber of Commerce, but your deacon status, the price will definitely be discounted. As for the fairy jade, you dont have to think about it. This fairy jade is still affordable! And the strong man in the desolate star field, I have no use leaving it, just give it to him!" Emperor Lingxu knows that there are many secrets in Zhao Yuande, so I don't take it for granted. .

"Since that's the case, let's buy these fairy medicines!" Zhao Yuande heard the Spirit Emperor Xun Emperor saying this, and the spirit came suddenly.

He is not stingy, but the burden on him is too heavy, but he still has a large family to feed, and many friends need his food!

Of course, he is still a bit selfish.

The rise and fall of Immortal Realm is not very important to him. He is now a disciple of Bajing Palace, a deacon of the Chamber of Void Realm, and he has lived as well as he left Immortal Realm.

He only cares about his friends, but only a few big forces, such as the Sun family, Shen Tujia, Lingxu Xiangong...

"Go! Let's go to the Netherworld Chamber of Commerce in Baidi City, where should it be the largest one in Baihezhou." The Emperor Lingxu stepped into the void, and a deep passage appeared in the void.

Zhao Yuande hurriedly followed up and stepped into this passage.

The next moment they appeared in Baidi City.

The head of the Netherworld Realm Chamber of Commerce of Baidi City is an old man of Xiandi Realm. When he saw the deacon token in the hands of Zhao Yuande, he was suddenly taken aback and hurried up to respect the gift.

"Okay, I need some fairy medicine and materials. I will prepare it in the fastest time. I will never lose a cent of the fairy jade!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand and said a large list of fairy medicine names.

The elder emperor listened to the sweat, this is what seven or eight grades of fairy medicine, but not Chinese cabbage.

Fortunately, this is the Void Chamber of Commerce, and there are chambers of commerce on five continents. Although these fairy medicines are rare, they cannot help them.

After spending half a day, Zhao Yuande got ninety percent of the immortal medicine, but only one eight-grade immortal medicine and one seven-grade immortal medicine could not be found.

These immortal medicines cost Lingxian Immortal Emperor a total of 33 billion top-grade Immortal Jade. If they hadnt reinvented the city master and the Elder Hook Nose before, Lingxian Immortal Emperor might not be able to afford So many top-grade fairy jade.

Of course, this does not mean that he has so many assets. But if he wants to feed a large immortal palace, he must have his own treasure trove, which cannot be carried on him.

"Brother Swallow Heaven, there is one less eight-grade peony root, and one seventh-grade emperor lotus flower, can you make it up?" Zhao Yuande gave everything to Swallow Heaven first, and the peerless fairy emperor The strong men were also sent in together.

"What do you say! This is eating, and a little less material loses its effect, and you don't know it!" he said sullenly. "When the herbs are complete, you still have to lend me the gluttonous true spirit tripod! "

"Okay!" Zhao Yuande left with some frustration.

"How about it, can't it?" Emperor Lingxu saw Zhao Yuande's expression and knew the result.

"Hey! It doesn't work at all, and some days, let's go look elsewhere!" Zhao Yuande said helplessly.

"It's okay, I know where the amaranth root is growing, I'll try my luck, as for that Emperor Lotus, you need to find it, no matter if it's not found, we will meet in the Void City ten days later." Lingxu Immortal Emperor nodded, a dignified look on his face.

"What? Brother, that place is very dangerous?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help asking when he saw his face.

"Well! But there shouldn't be any major problems, you can rest assured!" Although the Emperor Lingxu said this, the worries on his face could not be concealed.

"It doesn't work, let's go shopping again! Maybe it will be encountered." Zhao Yuande felt a little worried.

"Okay! Don't say it, Immortal Realm is on my body, and I'm going to go anymore!" Emperor Lingxu shook his head with a firm attitude, "Remember ten days later, Void City meets!"

"it is good!"