Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1943

Chapter 1943: Xingchen Haixuanji

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"Yuande, please wait anxiously!" Situ Qing soon appeared in front of Zhao Yuande and held Zhao Yuande's arm intimately.

"Okay!" Zhao Yuande smiled bitterly.

"Deacon Zhao..." Situ Ya's voice reached Zhao Yuande's ear.

"Elder Situ!" Zhao Yuande saw Situ Ya again, and suddenly had a new feeling.

The first time he saw the other person, he felt the other person's breath was like an ordinary person, but now his realm has improved, but his feelings are different. The other person seems to be a deep pond, not bottomed out.

"Uncle, what do you think of Yuande's cultivation now?" After seeing Zhao Yuande, Situya felt a very strong breath, and she was able to resist the court with herself!

"Well! It's already very good! The two of you now... have almost the same fighting power...he should be a little stronger than you!" Situ Ya looked at Zhao Yuande and came to this conclusion, "it really deserves my attention. !"

"What? Stronger than me? I'm in the middle of the fairy monarch now. It can be called invincible under the fairy emperor. His fighting power can still be stronger than me?" Situ Qing didn't believe it.

The last time they met, Zhao Yuande was still a weak person. She could crush each other. It was only a few years before she saw that she lost to the other party?

"Oh! Recently, your mind has not been put on cultivation, otherwise your talents are now in the late Xianjun period, or even the peak!" Situ Ya gave Zhao Yuande a meaningful look. "It's all these guys that make you keep your soul, Next time, I will let him practice with you.

"Uncle, what are you talking about..." Situ Qing's cheeks were red.

"Hehe!" Situya just smiled and didn't speak. He turned to look at the Tongtian Tower in the middle of the city and said, "Okay! Let's go!"

Zhao Yuande also looked at the Tongtian Tower with some expectation. He wanted to see how it reached the outside world.

Situ Ya waved her big sleeves, dragged the two around her body and disappeared in place. The next moment came into the void.

Although Tongtian Tower has the name of Tongtian, it is not really Tongtian, and it also has an end.

Situ Ya now appears at the top of the Tongtian Tower.

The terrible airflow swept through the void, and a series of void cracks appeared in front of them.

Zhao Yuande and Situ Qing felt the horror of those air currents, and they could not help being secretly surprised. They felt the death crisis.

I don't know how high the Tongtian Tower is, tens of thousands of miles or hundreds of thousands of miles. The airflow at the top of the tower can actually tear the fairy emperor strong. If they are exposed, they may be torn to pieces in an instant.

"How tall is this tower?" Zhao Yuande's voice trembled a little.

"Nine thousand and eight thousand miles! Through the sky dome, the immortal emperor's third realm can't be crossed!" Situ Ya's voice was not loud, but it made Zhao Yuande have a strong shock.

How long is 98,000 miles? Zhao Yuande is hard to imagine!

"Give me!" Situya swiped her finger in the void, and a dark portal appeared.

The portal is wide open, and you can see a boundless starry sky afterwards.

Facing this starry sky, Zhao Yuande has only one feeling, vast!

"Is this the sea of stars?" Zhao Yuande whispered in a low voice, with a longing in his eyes.

In contrast, Situ Qing was not very surprised. Obviously she had seen it more than once.

"Well! This is the safest road from the heavens and the world to the outside world, but it cant pass through this road until the Supreme Realm, so many fairy emperors in the Heaven Realm and the Sky Realm want to open other paths. Find a way out of the sea of chaos." Situ Qingdao around.

"It turns out so!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

"Let's go! It's too late to go!" Situ Ya, with a big sleeve, led the two across the dark portal.

The next moment they appeared on a huge sea blue star.

This star is extremely huge, a vast and terrifying horror is passed from this star, this breath is thousands of times stronger than Situ Ya, and the distance between hundreds of millions of miles makes Zhao Yuande and Situ Qing almost unable to breathe.

"This is the star soul of Xuanji Star. It is as powerful as the supreme fairy king. Without its permission, we cannot enter Xuanji Star!" Facing this breath, Situ Yadu's face changed slightly.

"The soul of a star?" Zhao Yuande opened his mouth wide, and now he feels that the fairy world is too small.

He also gradually understood why so many people sharpened their heads and rushed out of the heavens and the universe. It turns out that there are so magnificent and magical life in the universe.

"This Xuanji star is bigger and larger than your fairyland, so the life born above is also extremely powerful!" Situ Ya sighed lightly, "The life here is born in the fairyland, powerful and incredible, It is a few stars of vast magnitude among the entire void world."

"Huge level..." Zhao Yuande heard a new word again.

"Yes! Among the stars of the Void Realm, the size of the stars is also divided into rank, earth element, star soul, eternity, vastness, and Dao Zun! Dao Zun level is only the creation world, in which the powerful Dao Zun realm is invincible. The strong man sits in the town and hangs above the supreme sky dome.

Next is the vast level. The characteristics of this level are that the star soul needs to reach the supreme fairy king realm, the eternal level star soul needs to reach the eternal fairy king realm, and the star soul needs the birth of the star soul, the earth element is an ordinary living star, This kind of star is the most, and it is also the least. "

Zhao Yuande nodded silently and took note of these, which not only increased his knowledge, but also made his stronger heart gradually become more firm.

"Uncle, let's go in quickly! I think it's too depressing!" Situ Ya looked awkward at the moment.

The breath released by Star Soul is getting stronger and stronger, even Zhao Yuande can't hold on at this time.

"It's time for you to bear it for a while. This is a kind of tempering. This opportunity is rare." Situ Ya saw that the two were about to reach their limit, and then took out a jade card and shook it slightly in the void.

The terrible breath immediately converged after contacting the jade brand, and the two of them suddenly felt a light, and almost collapsed.

"Let's go! I'll take you to take a look, but remember that this is not a fairyland, you don't want to be too presumptuous!" Situ Ya asked the two of them, and they disappeared in place with them.

The next moment they felt a hustle and bustle poured into their ears, and they had appeared on a huge square.

Zhao Yuande suddenly felt an immortal spirit that was dozens of times thicker than that of the fairy realm coming from all directions, enveloping him with people.