Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1944

Chapter 1944: Red Beard Senior

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He took a long breath and felt extremely comfortable, as if his body was much lighter at this moment, there was a sign of wanting to raise the state.

"Haha! Brother Situ! In a hundred years, you have also entered the supreme realm!" A chubby old man with a red beard with a smile on his face appeared in front of the three.

But this chunky old man's eyes fell straight on Situ Ya's body. Although his face was full of smiles, there was a faint war in his eyes.

"Red Beard, you have entered the Supreme Realm! It seems that the battle between us is not over!" Situ Ya looked at the chunky old man with a smile on his face. There was no such anger to meet the enemy, but a This kind of pure desire to fight.

"Let's go! Let's go to Yanwuchang to try it twice?" Red Beard looked expectantly.

"Don't do it first! I also brought two young people." Situ Ya pointed to the two beside them.

"These two..." Red Beard focused his attention on Situ Qing and Zhao Yuande. A pair of eyes seemed to be able to see through everything.

"This is my niece Situ Qing, this is a deacon of our Chamber of Commerce! This is the elder Xiong Dali, the elder of the Xuanji star Yuhong Xianmeng!" Situ Ya introduced it at random, but did not name Zhao Yuande. .

This is not that he despised Zhao Yuande, but wanted to hide Zhao Yuande. Even such geniuses as Zhao Yuande are top-notch in the void world, but they should never be stared at.

"Seen Senior Bear!" The two hurriedly bowed to salute.

"Hmm! Yes, a good young man." Red Beard nodded, but Zhao Yuande's eyes were slightly despised.

He didn't like Zhao Yuande. The opponent's cultivation base was not high. Although the body was strong, the body was a little special, but it was not too much.

Although it is a good genius according to the age of the other party, there are many such geniuses on the Profound Pole Star.

He did not detect the soul of Zhao Yuande. One is that it is not polite to Situ Ya, but it is also not worth it. To what extent can a little soul in the middle of a fairyland be strong?

Zhao Yuande felt this kind of contempt, but he was not depressed. Instead, he was a little thankful. He didnt dare to be crazy here, the most important thing was to be low-key.

He came to find Emperor Lotus, not to fight fiercely.

"That's it! I have a few juniors here, let them take two young people around! It's no harm for them to have more contact with young people." Red Beard said.

"That's all right!" Situ Ya nodded.

He had been an opponent with this red beard before, and the two of them even fought out their feelings and became friends from the constant battle.

Not seen in a hundred years, the two naturally have to discuss and confirm.

As for Zhao Yuande and Situ Qing, he believes that they will not lose face of the Chamber of Void Realm.

"Little boys, come here soon." Red Beard beckoned not far away.

Three young men flew over from a distance.

One of them is round and has a three-point resemblance to the red beard. It is also a big beard.

One person is a woman with dark complexion and tall body, and her eyes are extremely bright, as if there are stars flashing in it.

The last one is a young man who looks a little bit sophisticated. His hair is white, his body straight into the gun, he walks smoothly, he has a kind of demeanor that the mountain collapses in front and does not change color.

Of the three, the first two are the early fairy king, and the last one is the middle of the fairy king with Situ Qing!

Zhao Yuande observed the three people and couldn't help but nodded secretly, Xuanjixing was unusual

"This is my kid, Xiong Zhenhai, this is my teacher and nephew Lan Jing, this is my disciple Ximen Jingtian!" Red Beard introduced the three of them one by one.

"Well! Young people talk together, Qing'er, don't you lose the face of our chamber of commerce!" Situ Ya gave Red Beard a meaningful look, "Can't disappoint your uncle Red Beard!"

"Uncle, don't worry!" Situ Qing nodded.

"Brother Situ, I have some itchy hands!" Red Beard rubbed his hands excitedly.


The two strong men disappeared, leaving five juniors, you look at me, I look at you.

"Girl Stuart has long admired her name, and Im Ximen Jingtian. If Im interested, I can take you to stroll around this Xuanji City. Explain to you all the rules of Xuanji City..." The white young man is Ximen. Jingtian spoke first, and his eyes looked at Situ Qing's scorching heat. Obviously, Situ Qing's beauty made him have some ideas in his heart.

"Oh! Then thank Brother Ximen!" Situ Qing nodded slightly, and naturally took Zhao Yuande's arm.

Not only Ximen Jingtian, even Xiong Zhenhai and Lan Jing couldnt help but look stunned at this time, the state of weak meat and strong food in the starry sea was even more serious. Ignored.

But now seeing Situ Qing holding Zhao Yuande, the three of them couldn't help but concentrate all their attention on Zhao Yuande.

Especially in the Ximen Jingtian, the light of jealousy flickered in his eyes.

"Is this man?" Ximen Jingtian asked Situ Qing, with a slight contempt in his tone.

"He is... Zhao Yuande, a deacon of our Chamber of Commerce!" Situ Qing held Zhao Yuande with a faint smile on his face.

"Deacon? Such a weak deacon? Your chamber of commerce is not mistaken!" Xiong Zhenhai intentionally exaggerated.

"Zhenhai, don't talk nonsense, but the Void Chamber of Commerce is the No. 1 Chamber of Commerce in the Void World. Isn't that point of view yet? This brother Zhao certainly has something extraordinary, such as business skills." Ximen Jingtian looks like In blaming Xiong Zhenhai, he actually devalued Zhao Yuande.

Situ Qing couldn't hear it, and suddenly his face was a little angry.

"Don't know them in general, it's not worth it!" Zhao Yuande sent a message to Situ Qingdao, "We are here to look for Emperor Lotus, and don't give birth to a branch outside the festival."

"But they look down on you!" Situ Qing was puzzled.

"I don't need them to look up, as long as they don't mess with me! Of course, if they dare to provoke me, I will let them know why Huaer is so red!" Zhao Yuande is now such a character.

If you dont mess with me, I wont take the initiative to provoke you. If you dare to come to me for trouble, I will make you regret it for life.

"Okay!" Situ Qing suppressed his anger, but his face sank.

"I'm sorry, three of us, we want to go shopping by ourselves, we don't need you anymore!" Situ Qing waved at the three of them, showing a somewhat disgusted expression on his face.