Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1945

Chapter 1945: True Dragon Blood Tree

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"Hey! Don't go! My dad asked us to accompany you, how will we explain when you go!" Xiong Zhenhai didn't expect the other party to react so much, and hurriedly stood in front of them.

"That... Situ girl, you don't want me to, my brother is straight-hearted, he is not malicious!" Ximen Jingtian looked helplessly at Situ Qing, a little embarrassment appeared on his face.

Although they are proud, this Situ Qing is also famous, and they have no arrogant capital in front of her.

They were just a little jealous of Zhao Yuande. Seeing that such a weak person could get Situ Qing's favor, they were really unconvinced.

The woman named Lan Jing looked a little bit curious about Zhao Yuande. She didn't know what charm this person had. She could make Situ Qing's reputation and countless goddesses of the suitor.

But as a woman, she can see it. Situ Qing is sincere to this young man, because Situ Qing's eyes are full of love when he sees each other.

"Okay!" Situ Qing looked at Zhao Yuande and found that he had clear eyes and no objection, so he nodded, believing the other party's statement.

"Let's take two of you around!" Ximen Jingtian knew Zhao Yuande's status in Situ Qing's heart at this time, and he didn't talk nonsense.

"This is Xingyu Square in Xuanji City. Xingyu Square is dedicated to accepting the powerful coming from the starry sky. Now the time for the auction meeting of your chamber of commerce is running out. The powerful of all major forces have basically arrived. Otherwise, you will see countless starships landing, countless supreme, and even the scene of the eternal fairy king coming."

"This Xuanji City is the site of the Xuanji Supreme Soul Palace. It was originally called the Supreme Soul City. Later, the owner of the Xuanji Supreme Soul Palace changed the name for some unknown reasons. Here..."

Ximen Jingtian deserves to be a person of Xuanji Star, who knows everything here, and took them to walk through many famous places in Xuanji City.

Zhao Yuande also saw what a magnificent city was. The size of this mysterious city was beyond his imagination. Compared with the big cities in the central fairyland, he did not know how many times he was magnificent and magnificent. The cultivators living in the city did not know tens of billions.

With such a huge base of cultivators, one can imagine how many geniuses this mysterious Supreme Palace will have, and how powerful they will be!

Passing through a huge palace called the Wanzong Shengzong, Zhao Yuande couldn't help but stop.

"Let's go inside and see! The fairy medicine I need may be here!" Zhao Yuandela pulled Rastitu Qing.

"Good!" Situ Qing accompanied Zhao Yuande this time to find the Emperor Lotus with a clear purpose.

The three men of Ximen Jingtian could only nod.

They walked into the Wanzong Shengzong, and suddenly an old man greeted him.

"Young man, do you need elixir or immortality material?" The old man looked at Situ Qing and Ximen Jingtian, and he could feel the strongest breath of the two.

"Cough! Old man, do you have Emperor Lotus here?" Zhao Yuande asked the old man when he saw that the old man did not look at himself.

"Emperor Lotus? Emperor Lotus, the Seventh-grade Immortal Medicine?" The old man looked at Zhao Yuande, but he couldn't help but frown slightly when he saw his cultivation behavior.

Such a beautiful woman is so intimate with him as a fairyland kid, which does not make the old man doubt.

However, the suspicion is skeptical, the other party is a customer, he does not dare to neglect.

"Yes, it is the Seventh-grade Immortal Medicine Emperor Lotus." Zhao Yuande replied.

"Well! There was a Emperor Lotus a few days ago, and now... I'll check it out! A few of you will first stroll around and look at other materials." The old man introduced everyone to the palace.

In the palace, there are a variety of elixir, spirit liquid, and even seven or even eight elixir for sale.

Zhao Yuande looked at and could not help but nodded secretly, and he really deserved the name of the Wanzong Shengzong.

These immortals are very rare in the fairyland, the value is hundreds of millions of billions, but the price here is only about half of the fairyland.

Zhao Yuande believes that if it is purchased in large quantities, it will definitely be cheaper.

Zhao Yuande immediately thought about why the Chamber of Void Realm was so powerful. Selling the elixir in the Void Realm to the Immortal Realm can earn a large amount of difference. Xianyu has accumulated more and more resources. It's hard to be rich or not!

"Is Brother Zhao a Pill Master?" Ximen Jingtian saw Zhao Yuande's eyes looking at these pill medicines, and he couldn't help thinking such an idea.

This person can't do anything, maybe it is to attract the famous beauty Situ Qing by other means, maybe it is the magic.

"Oh! That's right!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

If the other party wants to misunderstand, then misunderstand!

The other party thinks that he is a Dan master, and can hide his own strength. Let them think so!

Actually speaking, he is really a pill master, but now he can only refine one elixir.

"It turns out so!" When Ximen Jingtian heard it, his heart suddenly became clear, thinking he was right.

But at this time Lan Jing doesn't think so, she is a woman, and she knows women better.

When she saw a sly light flashing in Situ Qing's eyes, she knew that Ximen Jingtian must have guessed wrong.

However, the relationship between her and Ximen Jingtian is not so harmonious on the surface. Their masters are brothers, but they are in a competitive relationship.

Her nephew was only because of the orders of the master to follow her for a long time, so she did not have any obligation to remind Ximen Jingtian.

If Simon Jingtian suffered a loss, she would only clap to the side to praise.

They continued to walk forward. In the depths of the palace was a small, fragrant, medicinal garden, in which a strain of rare fairy medicine was cultivated, ranging from three or four grades to seven or eight grades.

Zhao Yuande even saw a dragon-shaped fairy medicine vigorous and powerful in the middle of the medicine garden, with a height of three or four feet, a strong fragrance of the medicine was passed out, which made people feel relaxed and happy.

Zhao Yuande took a sip and even felt a little loose in his realm.

"True Dragon Blood Tree, Holy Order Immortal Medicine, which contains a huge source of life, can temper the chaotic vitality, create the vitality..."

This sacred medicine is almost against the sky!

When Zhao Yuande saw this fairy medicine, he wished he could step forward and take it as his own. He felt that if he could eat this fairy medicine, he would become a strong man in the late fairy monarch even if he could not be promoted to Immortal Emperor immediately.

This fairy medicine is one of the most precious treasures he has ever seen.

"Oh! Have you seen this true dragon blood tree?" The old man's voice sounded behind everyone at this time, "but this true dragon blood tree is not for sale, and its value is inestimable. The top grade fairy medicine is the starting point."