Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1949

Chapter 1949: Broke Through

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"Okay!" Lan Jing thought the other party was talking nonsense.

"Really?" Situ Qing asked again uncertainly after seeing the three leave in doubt.

"Ask...believe me or not..."

"Okay...I believe...yeah...don't..."



"This... it's so fragrant!" Lan Jing returned to the cave house and couldn't help pulling out the stopper.

A sensation of fluttering fragrance came out of the jade bottle. She was overjoyed and hurriedly closed the bottle stopper.

"This... this kind of fragrance... I have never smelled such a fragrant liquid, which is a hundred times more fragrant than my dad's eight-piece elixir!" Xiong Zhenhai's nose shook and his excited eyes shone.

"You... take it down quickly!" Ximen Jingtian suddenly felt a little regret at this moment, should he also ask the other party to make a copy, maybe he can be promoted to the late Xianjun?

The two nodded and pulled apart the corks, and without any hesitation, they pour into their mouths.

"This... there really seems to be a breath circulating in the body!" Xiong Zhenhai seemed to have some intentions after drinking it, and continued to lick his mouth, his eyes widened at once, "This power is like a big hand , Choking in the meridian constantly..."

"I also have this feeling"

After another three hours, Zhao Yuande puts out the food in the gluttonous real spirit tripod.

"This one is yours, and immediately finished drinking and began to impact the late stage of the fairy realm!" Zhao Yuande handed a bowl of golden soup to Situ Qing.

"Does this work?" Situ Qing smelled the pungent aroma and felt the body movements brought by that aroma, but he unconsciously said the uncertain word again in his mouth.

"Dare to ask like this, it seems that the lesson just now is not enough...give me..."

"Oh... people dare not...believe...completely believe!"



Situ Qing was flushed, and when he drank the golden broth, he couldn't help but have such a question in his mind.

Am I sick? Why do you always want to be close to this guy, always want to make him...

When Zhao Yuande saw Situ Qing drinking the golden soup, he hurriedly calmed down the heart ape and drank his own portion.


In the cave next door, a loud thunder burst came suddenly above his head.

Lan Jing opened his eyes excitedly and flew out of the cave.

"Really...really broke!" Ximen Jingtian looked at Lan Jing inconceivably.


"Haha! Lao Tzu finally broke through, and finally didn't have to be affected by Brother's birdishness!" Xiong Zhenhai's excited whispered voice, regardless of the strange face of Ximen Jingtian around him, also rushed out of the cave.

"Really promoted!" Ximen Jingtian whispered, "If I can take a drink, can I also break through, if not, I have to..."

His eyes became brighter and brighter, and his figure flashed out of the cave.

He just wanted to push open the door of Dongfu next door, and he felt that the inside of Dongfu was very quiet, and he took his hand back again.

"They won't... if he breaks the good thing of the two, will he promise to make medicine for himself?" Jingmen Jingtian had no choice but to go back to Dongfu and pace anxiously in Dongfu.

Just now I was pacing because I was worried that the other party was a liar. Now, pacing is anxious.

"Haha! Brother...I am finally in the middle of the fairy monarch!" I don't know how long after that, an excited voice sounded in the cave, and it turned out that this guy Xiong Zhentian had returned from the robbery.

"Really succeeded? Is the state stable? Are there any sequelae?" Ximen Jingtian asked anxiously.

"There are no sequelae!" Lan Jing also walked into Dongfu at this time. Her face was radiant and her smile was extremely bright. People do not know how many times they are more beautiful than before.

"This...I must also ask him to make a copy. Any number of fairy jade will do!" Ximen Jingtian clenched his fists, with infinite expectations in his eyes.

"Brother, don't be late, go quickly! We're going to go back and thank Dad!" Xiong Zhenhai couldn't wait to get out of the cave, and he was enough to show off with his brother.

"I'm going too...I'm going too!" Lan Jing also hurried to keep up, but the afterglow of the corner of his eyes floated on the face of Ximen Jingtian. When he saw his expression, he couldn't help but smile happily.

"I..." Ximen Jingtian followed them out of the cave.


Ximen Jingtian had just arrived at Zhao Yuande's Dongfu gate, and saw that the Dongfu gate was pushed open directly. Zhao Yuande rushed out and drove towards the outside of the city.

On top of his head, a huge black cloud followed closely, and the purple electric light continued to fall.

"How did this guy break through..." Ximen Jingtian's shock was not over yet, and a figure rushed out behind him, even Situ Qing.

The fire above her head lit up the sky, and a trembling flame that was so powerful that Ximen Jingtian shuddered down.

"I am crazy, or is this world crazy! Is the fairy kingdom so good to break through?" Ximen Jingtian was dumbfounded, his mouth could be stuffed into a fist.

"I'm going to catch up immediately, but I can't miss this good opportunity!" Ximen Jingtian woke up the next moment. If someone left after the disaster, where would he go?

So he chased in the direction of the two.

At this time, Situ Ya and Xiong Dali had finished communicating, Xiong Dali was somewhat depressed, and Situ Ya had a light smile on his face.

"Brother Xiong, your practice is still suppressed by me!" Situ Ya smiled.

"Humph! It's just that I won the palm of my hand. I don't feel the thick skin." Xiong Dali vigorously patted his chest, not convinced.

In fact, he was so painful that he almost burst into cold sweat.

"Really? Or do we compare?" Situ Ya blinked.


"Dad! Daddy! I broke through!" Just when Xiong Dali felt very faceless, suddenly a familiar voice came from afar, and two figures had arrived in front of them.

"Good boy!" Xiong Dali saw at a glance that Xiong Zhenhai was promoted to the middle of the fairy realm. "Yes, Dad wants to reward you..."

"Master Uncle! I also broke through!" Lan Jing also arrived at this time, looking at Xiong Dali with a smile, "Does Master Uncle also want to reward me something?"

"Haha! To be rewarded, we must be rewarded!" Xiong Dali's eyes swept to the side of Situya, and that look should be more proud and proud, "Situya, seeing it, this is my son, Xiali Dali, Shi Nie, said Break through, break through, unambiguous!"

Both Lan Jing and Xiong Zhenhai couldn't help but look stiff, and they said, Dad (Uncle), you are too happy to be too soon, and you will not send anger to us both for a while.