Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1950

Chapter 1950: Sure Enough

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"That... Dad, I think you and Senior Situ are very busy, or should we take a step first!" Xiong Zhenhai knew Dad's temper, and if he was despised by the other party for a while, he would really beat him up. .

"Yes! Uncle, we will not delay the discussion of our seniors." Lan Jing also said quickly.

Everyone knows that Mr. Shi has a bad temper, and he may be beaten up in a while. He starts to go crazy, but no matter if I am a female, dont get swollen!

"You... come back!" Xiong Dali felt something was wrong and hurried up, grabbing his son's ear, "What the **** is going on?"

Situya is also strange. Xiong Dali is a strange flower, and his son is a strange flower, but the nephew looks very smart. What happened?

He followed quickly.

"Hey! Daddy, lightly! don't talk about loyalty, you come back! Don't leave me... ouch!" Xiong Zhenhai shouted at Lan Jing's back and couldn't help but utterly corrupt.

"What the **** happened?" Xiong Dali vigorously grabbed his son's ear and pulled it in front of himself, asking fiercely, "Did you kill someone and **** the panacea?"

"!" Xiong Zhenhai hurriedly shook his head.

Xiong Dali's eyes were bigger than Bronze Bell, he looked at his son fiercely and said: "The murderer set fire, I have a son who is afraid of you, how can I bear such a seed!"

"Old guy! I'm not a horde. I'm afraid you can't afford to lose. I'm annoyed and beat me!" Xiong Zhenhai was scolded by the old man for the city horde, and he was also anxious. He waited for the eyes to look at the old man without any weakness.

"Oh! Little Bunny, you dare to roar Lao Tzu, I will beat you to death!" Xiong Dali's slap came to his son's head.

"Brother Xiong, don't be angry, little boy! Don't break it!" Situ Ya hurriedly stopped Xiong Dali, and this guy started to go crazy and beat his own son.

"Huh! Little Bunny, I don't have Brother Stuart today, and I beat you!" Xiong Dali actually scared his son. If this slap really sounded, his son's head wouldn't become rotten watermelon.

"Humph!" Xiong Zhenhai also snorted coldly, is not weak.

"Hurry up, what the **** is going on? How many people were killed? How many things were robbed? What's the other party's origin?" Xiong Dali hates iron.

"Grab your head! I'm not afraid that you lost to the senior apprentices, can't afford to beat me?" Xiong Zhenhai gave the father a very rude gesture.

"You little rabbit, is that kind of man?" Xiong Dali shuddered vigorously, and his son exposed his old face in front of Situ Ya. Where did he put his old face.

"Yes! You're such a man, old man!" Xiong Zhenhai revealed unkindly, "Last time I was a teenager, you lost to the senior apprentice, come back and beat me up, almost didn't treat me The legs are discounted!"

"Brother Xiong, this is your fault. I can't beat my anger at children. I look down on you!" Situ Ya almost couldn't help but smile and squirt, so you bear a strong eye. I see if you have a face in me Bragging in front.

"Little Bunny, Lao Tzu fights with you today!" Xiong Dali almost choked to death by his son's words, and angrily rushed to punch him.

"Stop!" Situya pulled him again. "Brother, stop! The boy is right!"

"I...damn..." Xiong Dali was caught by Situ Yala, his face pale and pale, knowing that this man was losing his hair today.

Hey! Forget it, I can't beat him anyway, and it's nothing to lose someone in front of him.

But today the kid and the blue girl were promoted. This is not a bad thing, but why should they run?

"Nice nephew, since you have been promoted, you should not be implicated! Why do you want to run?" Situya did not understand that this is a happy event, and you can invite merit. What do they run?

"Senior Situ! You don't know, if this old guy knows that it was the person brought by Situ Situ who helped us get promoted, the face will definitely not hang, and the good things will become bad things!" Xiong Zhenhai glanced at his father fiercely.

"You little bunny... what to say? Is Laozi the right person?" Xiong Dali wanted to start.

"Yes! Last time you played chess and lost to Uncle Shi, the result made me and Lan Sister compare, and I also lost. You went back and beat me, almost didn't kill me! Isn't that the same situation today? "Xiong Zhenhai also jumped up and exposed his father's bottom.

"I... Lao Tzu..." Xiong Dali suddenly felt that he had nothing to say.

"Brother Xiong, you are so... really a little too much!" Situya covered her mouth, and if she didn't cover it again, he felt he couldn't help it.

Being speechless by his own son, Xiong Dali, you can be regarded as a Xuanji star.

"No! What did you just say? The person I brought helped you promote the middle of the fairy monarch? How did he help you?" Situ Ya suddenly thought of this and couldn't help but think of Zhao Yuande, a legend, this guy... not

"He made some liquid medicine, and after taking it with my sister and sister, it broke through in less than half a day!" Xiong Zhenhai looked at Xiong Dali and said, "However, each of us spent 1.5 billion!"

"It's only 1.5 billion! It's worth it!" Xiong Dali's eyes widened, and he couldn't care about competing with his son. "Are you a little rabbit, I'm the kind of person? Say it early, will I beat you?"

"Old man! You won't beat my mother, because you can't beat her! You will beat me!" Xiong Zhenhai said, almost suffocating his father.

"You... Lao Tzu fights with you!" Xiong Dali's forehead is about to burst into flames, and this little rabbit does not give himself a face.

"Haha! Brother Xiong... The nephew said the truth, the sister-in-law's skill, I am afraid that the two of us can't work together, you don't want to be brave!" Situ Ya tried hard to hold Xiong Dali, but it was very kind to stimulate him .

"I..." Xiong Dali wants to cry without tears. He is often beaten by his wife and his wife. Has it spread to this guy's ear?

This also tells me how to boast in the future!

"Hime nephew, continue to say, what is the medicine? It's bitter and astringent, or is it incredibly delicious?" Situ Ya looked at Xiong Zhenhai again.

"That taste... is indescribable, so fragrant!" He said that the corner of Xiong Zhenhai's mouth was unconsciously left behind.

"Sure enough..." Situya's face was both excited and worried.

"What is it?" Xiong Dali, a thick-skinned man, saw that Situ Ya was not right and hurried up to ask.

"Oh! It's nothing." Situ Ya shook her head. The matter could not be said for the time being, and he was just guessing. "Limit, where are they now?"

"It should be to go to the robbery! They also broke through!" Xiong Zhenhai pointed to the distance.