Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1952

Chapter 1952: Lotus Seeds Of Chaotic Green Lotus

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"Brother Zhao...Brother Zhao!" Just before the three had finished speaking, a figure flew not far away and landed in front of Zhao Yuande, which was Ximen Jingtian.

"Jingtian, what are you doing rashly, come here!" Xiong Dali saw the disciple appeared, and suddenly felt that he had found the object of anger.

"Master, I..." Ximen Jingtian knew the master's temper, he knew the master's expression, the master wanted to beat people, and he was the most suitable person to beat, he couldn't help looking at the help Asked Situ Ya and whispered, "Senior..."

"Okay! Brother Xiong, let's talk about something later. Juniors need to communicate. Let's go to the auction venue first! The auction will start soon!" Situ Ya nodded to Zhao Yuande and walked towards Xiong Dali.

"Your boy is lucky, but I will teach you Hercules in three days. Don't forget to come!" Xiong Dali gave Ximen Jingtian a hard look.

"Oh!" Jingmen Jingtian responded with a bitter face, he knew that this beat could not escape.

"Bear vigorously this guy although a bit edgy, but also love Zouren, but it is a good teacher, can be considered the midst of sadness!" Stuart Ya can not help laughing Sedum Simon laughed.

"I know the master and his elderly are all for our good!" Ximen Jingtian replied bitterly.

"Ah! I want to hear these words, I'll hit you less of punches!" Bear vigorously nodded his head, but was saying let Simon Sedum indeed almost cried out.

"Boy, don't spread the word about the inheritance of Taoism, otherwise there will be a lot of trouble!" Zhao Yuande's ear sounded Situya's voice at this time, which was full of the smell of warning.

"..." Zhao Yuande's heartbeat for a while, he did not expect that the other party even knew to eat Dao inheritance!

He just remembered that he had come to the sea of stars!

Brother Swallow Heaven was born in the sea of stars, how could the people here not know the tradition of eating the Tao?

"Seniors rest assured, I count!" Zhao Yuande nodded silently and replied.

"Now that you know it, let's talk about what happens when the auction is over!" Situ Yadao.

"it is good!"

"Brother Zhao, I also want to make a breakthrough. You can open the price whatever you want!" Ximen Jingtian saw the master leaving and immediately said excitedly.

"Brother Simon, you know, this medicine is actually very consuming spirits, and all of them are mainly six or seven grades of fairy medicine, and there are risks in making it. In case..." Zhao Yuande felt that he should kill the opponent. .

"You can just open the price!" Ximen Jingtian still said this.

"Since Brother Ximen is so eager, let's say 10 billion!" Zhao Yuande very kindly raised the price directly by twenty times!

"Gudong!" Situ Qing, Xiong Zhenhai, Lan Jing felt their throats dry, and swallowed a sip of water at the same time.

"I...I don't have enough immortal jade, can you replace it with treasures!" Ximen Jingtian is not a fool, naturally knows that the other party wants to make money, but 10 billion has not exceeded his psychological tolerance.

"Yes! Any treasure, even fairy medicine, fairy material will do!" Zhao Yuande promised very happy.

Soon Zhao Yuande made this 9.5 billion!

Although there are more than a billion of materials and Xianbao that need to be processed, it still makes him happy.

"What's more important at the auction is to say it directly!" Zhao Yuande patted his chest in front of Situ Qing very angrily.

"Really?" Situ Qing said excitedly.



I don't know why. Although Situ Qing has tens of billions of dollars on her body, Zhao Yuande said that she wanted to give herself a gift, and her heart was beating.

Zhao Yuande and the two left first, leaving Lan Jing and Xiong Zhenhai waiting for Ximen Jingtian to break through.

When Zhao Yuande was leaving, he instructed the three people not to tell them that they would make this kind of liquid medicine.

Naturally, the three will not be stupid, but if the opponent knows and improves in this way, they will be dumbfounded.

This auction is presided over by the Void Chamber of Commerce and is extremely large in scale.

The auctions on the first day were all slightly lower-order goods, all under the seventh grade, and there was no particularly powerful presence in front of everyone.

Situ Qing chose a beautiful item Xianbao bracelet, which Zhao Yuande spent 100 million on.

I don't know why, Situ Qing took this bracelet and felt what other Eighth Grade Immortal Swords and Eighth Grade Armor were all rubbish!

Zhao Yuande spent several billions and auctioned some seven-grade and six-grade fairy medicines. These are all materials needed for the promotion of the Huntian Eucharist. These billions of materials are enough for him to be upgraded to the Huntian Eucharist. Seven floors peak.

The auction started the next day, it wasnt Zhao Yuande who was able to join in the fun. This time everything was a fine product. The base price of each piece was tens of billions, and the transaction price was tens of billions, or even hundreds of billions!

Zhao Yuande sighed sighingly, he wanted each of these things. The rare fairy treasure of Ba Jiu Pin, the fairy medicine of Ba Jiu Pin, and his saliva were all going down.

"The next auction item is a lotus seed of the holy product immortal chaotic green lotus. Everyone knows the effect of this thing. I won't say more! The base price is 10 billion. Please start!" The old man of the Void Chamber of Commerce holds a lotus seed with a fist size and a bright blue light.

"The lotus seeds of Chaolian Qinglian!" Everyone opened his eyes at the same time when he heard the name.

"This thing is a rare product, although its own effect is not great, but if it can be allowed to germinate and grow, you can get a chaotic green lotus after hundreds of thousands of years!"

"Want to let it grow? Difficult! It's too difficult! We basically can't meet that condition, unless..."

"Unless what?"

"Unless you enter the chemical world, or there is a way to bring it to nourish it!"

"This...less than supremacy, no one has this skill!"

"So... just tasteless!"

"Hey! No one has developed a panacea formula suitable for chaotic Qinglian lotus seeds, and can only force refining!"


"I'm paying 12 billion!"

"Thirteen billion! Buy it back to be a collection!"

"Hey! Fifteen billion, take it back to cultivate it, be a test!"

"Eighteen billion..."

"23 billion..."

At this time, Zhao Yuande was short of breath, almost breathless.

He stared at the lotus seed tightly, clenching his fists clenched, and his eyes were red.

"Yuande? What's wrong?" Situ Qing on the side felt that Zhao Yuande was not right.

"This...I'm going to take this lotus seed!" Zhao Yuande said one word, his voice trembling slightly.

Feng Cang said a word just now, so he almost jumped up without excitement.