Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1953

Chapter 1953: Go To Yunmenghai

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"Get this lotus seed can directly promote a star, if cultivated......" Feng Cang said stop here.

However, Zhao Yuande knew the meaning of this sentence and directly promoted one star. Zhao Yuande could have the powerful body of the early fairy emperor and even the middle immortal emperor, and his spirit can now be comparable to the middle immortal emperor. Although his realm It's very low, but the combat effectiveness has already been able to contend with the middle of the fairy emperor!

As long as he raises the realm again, he can even fight against the late Emperor Emperor!

Zhao Yuande felt that his heart was full of blood, and this time he had to take this lotus seed at all costs.

"This is simple. If the people of our chamber of commerce are auctioning by themselves, the chamber of commerce can make a 10% discount!" Situ Qing nodded, and suddenly she shouted loudly, "30 billion!"

"What! Thirty billion...I..." Before Zhao Yuande finished his words, he heard the voice of continuing bidding.

"Thirty billion is a lot, but I really want to take a picture and cultivate it, thirty-five billion, this is my limit!" A red-faced big man raised his hand.

"It is the Immortal King of Ten Thousand Tribulation, who is already the supreme peak strongman, and he can enter the eternal realm within one step!" Someone recognized this suddenly, and his face suddenly changed slightly.

"This one can't afford to provoke, we won't bid anymore!"

"This is the Taishang elder of the Xuanji Supreme Soul Palace..."

"give up"


Hearing Xuanji Supreme Soul Palace, Zhao Yuande couldn't help but jump in the corner of his eyes. What he practiced was Xuanji Supreme Soul Palace Gong Yuanshen Resurrection. If the other party knew it, would he slapping himself directly?

"Qing'er, what are you doing together?" Situ Ya's voice passed into Situ Qing's ears.

"Uncle, what Yuan De wants, we can only compete!" Situ Qingdao said.


"40 billion!" Situ Qing added 5 billion without hesitation!

"I...not so many fairy jade..." Zhao Yuande was a little embarrassed,

I just bought five drops of juice from the real dragon tree. He only has 20 billion yuan left in the fairy jade. Now he has earned more than 100 points. Now he has only 30 billion yuan in his body!

"I have!" Situ Qing turned his head and smiled at him slightly, making Zhao Yuande stunned.


"Well! I give up!" The red-faced big man turned his head and looked at Situ Qing and Zhao Yuande deeply, then shook his head.


Situ Qing took a breath and she only had 50 billion yuan in her body. She was afraid to let Zhao Yuande down.

"Since no one is bidding, this chaotic Qinglian lotus seed is this VIP!" The old man of the auction naturally knew Situ Qing's identity and gave her a few more glances, not knowing what she was going to auction for. ?

When Zhao Yuande held the lotus seed, he almost wanted to laugh, but he still resisted!

He gave Situ Qing a deep look around him, his eyes full of gratitude, moved, compassion...

"Let's go! We no longer need to participate in the auction!" Zhao Yuande extended his hand to Situ Qing.

"it is good!"

The two walked on the street of Xuanji City, holding hands, feeling the people coming and going on the street, feeling the temporary tranquility and peace, the two figures were getting closer...

Three days later, the auction was finally over, ushering in the final private treasure exchange meeting.

Under the leadership of Situya, the two participated in the treasure exchange meeting, but what disappointed Zhao Yuande was that he did not get Emperor Lotus at the exchange meeting.

"Senior, the two of us want to enter Yunmenghai." Zhao Yuande looked at Situ Ya.

"Are you sure? Where is the outer periphery okay, but there is a fairy beast equivalent to the fairy emperor's combat power in the central area." Situ Ya looked at the two.

"Ok! Without Emperor Lotus, I can't make a business trip!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

"Xiaoqing, do you want to go too?" Situ Ya looked at Situ Qing again, watching the two holding hands, twitching her mouth.

I'm afraid the girl hasn't told his parents about this. If the elder brother and sister-in-law knew about it, would they object?

"Well! I want to fight with Yuande!" Situ Qing nodded, his tone firm.

"Well, I won't stop you, but according to the time you say, there are only three days left now, and you'd better hurry! After three days, I will wait for you at Xuanji City Square!" Situ Ya nodded. , Turned and left.

"Go! You must get Emperor Lotus within three days, otherwise..."

"It must work!"

The two found the teleport hall and spent some fairy jade directly to a large city next to Yunmenghai called Yunmengcheng.

Most of Yunmeng City is a variety of shops selling local specialties. The two men made a circle in the treasure houses of the major shops. They did not find Emperor Lotus, but they took the opportunity to buy a large number of fairy medicine materials.

At the same time, they also got a message that someone did get Emperor Lotus on a small island in Yunmenghai, but that happened three years ago.

Zhao Yuande feels a little bit at ease, since there is really hope.

The time was running short, and the two did not delay. They directly went out of Yunmeng City and flew towards the vast Yunmeng Sea.

It is said that Yunmenghai is actually a huge lake, and islands are dotted in the lake.

In the ancient times, it was once the residence of Yunmengzong, a large sect gate. Later, Yunmengze was destroyed, and it has been abandoned.

In the end, there are only some remains on the island, and some may be left over from the fairy beasts raised by Yunmeng Zong.

Yunmenghai is covered with mist all year round. Even Zhao Yuande can only see the scenes within a hundred feet, and this kind of mist seems to have the effect of suppressing the soul, so that their soul cannot be explored too far.

However, although Zhao Yuande's current cultivation base is very low, his powerful spirit is comparable to that of the mid-century immortal emperor. His exploration range of spiritual soul is about tens of miles, which is ten times larger than that of Situ Qing.

"There is an island in front, let's go up and see first!" The two flew for about an hour, and gradually large and small islands appeared below them.

Because they couldn't see anyone in the mist, they didn't fly fast. They only flew hundreds of thousands of miles in one hour, but they hadn't encountered any danger along the way. They couldn't help but feel a little strange.

"On this seems like someone!"

They had flown over the island and could be detected by the spirit of the god. The island was about ten miles away and covered with low shrubs. From time to time, there was a black shadow running through the bushes.

In the middle of the island, Zhao Yuande felt the fluctuation of the cultivator's battle.

"Go! Let's see, these cultivators are not powerful, and there is no one who exceeds the realm of the fairy monarch!" Zhao Yuande Yi La Si Tuqing, the two fell on the island.

Their location is not far from the battle, so that Zhao Yuande's soul can clearly detect the battle of these practitioners.