Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1954

Chapter 1954: Kirin Lair

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"Seven people, six fairyland late, one fairyland peak, they are fighting a group of black monkeys, it seems to have the upper hand." Zhao Yuande said everything he felt.

"There is no danger, let's get closer! If they are in danger, we can help and ask Emperor Lianhua for information." Situ Qingdao said.

"Okay! I mean that too." Zhao Yuande nodded.

When they approached the battlefield, a black monkey suddenly discovered them, and dozens of black monkeys screamed and rushed up, trying to stop the two.


Situ Qing sipped, and an invisible sword swept across.

A dozen black monkeys were cut in half before approaching them.

The fighting power of these monkeys is very powerful. Each one is equivalent to a mid-level strongman in the fairyland. In this way, Tsing Yi was killed by Situ Qing with a sword. The attacking black monkeys suddenly screamed in horror.

A large group of black monkeys attacked those people, and all the swishes were withdrawn. It was just a blink of an eye, and only a large number of monkey bodies were left on the battlefield.

"Thanks for the two shots..." Among the seven people, it was a middle-aged woman who appeared to be in her thirties. The middle-aged woman bowed slightly to Situ Qing.

Most of the remaining six people are not young, and there is even an old man with white hair. Their uniforms are uniform, and they should be practitioners of a certain sect.

But when they saw Situ Qing's appearance and age, they couldn't help but stunned.

Situ Qing's appearance can be said to be peerless. Zhao Yuande traveled all over the world and there was no woman who could compare with it. This group of people was also in a daze.

Especially when Situ Qing is so young, he is already a strong man in the late Realm Realm, and it is unbelievable.

"No." Situ Qing waved his hand, "I have something to ask you, do you know where there is Emperor Lotus?"

"Emperor Lotus?" When the middle-aged woman heard the name, she couldn't help but stunned for a while, but then there was a lot of joy in her face, and there was a trace of different colors in the depths of her eyes. I have seen it, but there is no way to extract it. If the two can go together, we are willing to lead the way."

The faces of the other six people also showed excitement.

"Huh?" Zhao Yuande looked at each other strangely, which is a bit too clever!

"Dont get me wrong, the emperor lotus is on a small island called Kirin. There are countless fairy medicines on the island. There is one emperor lotus, but there is a unicorn immortal guardian, and the cultivation of this animal has already reached If some people can get caught in the early fighting power of Immortal Emperor, those fairy medicines on the island can be collected at will!" The middle-aged woman was somewhat excited.

"Really?" Zhao Yuande looked at each other.

"Absolutely true, how dare we deceive you, everyone who explores this often in Yunmenghai knows!" The middle-aged woman nodded, and it seemed nothing malicious.

"So what's your benefit?" Zhao Yuande looked at each other.

"We'll take you there, we just need to give us a few strains of sixth-grade fairy medicine as compensation!" The middle-aged woman said.

"You are the cultivator of that sect?" Zhao Yuande continued to ask.

"Quanzhenzong, an ordinary small sect, our sect master is just a strong man at the peak of the fairy monarch." The middle-aged woman answered.

"Well! Then you lead the way!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

The middle-aged woman obviously didn't believe Zhao Yuande's words. In her opinion, Zhao Yuande might just be a follower, but the tone of the speech was so great, and some of them were more subdued.

She turned her attention to Situ Qing.

Situ Qing's face was slightly angry, and their contempt for Zhao Yuande was contempt for her.

"Don't expose my power, I think these people have some problems." Zhao Yuande's voice sounded in Situ Qing's sea of knowledge.

"Lead the way!" Situ Qing's voice was a little cold.

"Yes!" The middle-aged woman only felt cold in her heart and hurried to wink at the six people behind her.

Seven people led the way, and Zhao Yuande followed them.

These seven people seem to be very familiar with this place. They did not fly, but jumped out of the island and stepped on the water.

Close to the water, the fog is less than above. According to Zhao Yuande's eyesight, three hundred feet can be seen, and the consciousness can spread beyond a hundred miles.

He felt that there was no life under the water of Yunmenghai. Underwater seemed to be a world of death.

"Xiaoqing, have you known Yunmenghai before?" Zhao Yuande asked.

"Well, I heard some!" Situ Qing nodded and replied, "Here was a station where Yunmengzong, a great force comparable to the Xuanji Supreme Soul Palace, now did not know what terrible forces had destroyed it. Here is a water ruin. After millions of years, the ruin gradually collapsed and was swept away by countless people. Now, except for some ruins on some islands in the center, there is nowhere else to see this was once a super sect. The door is here."

"Why is there no life under water here, there is no life, is there any poison in the water?" Zhao Yuande asked.

"No one knows this. Once there were powerful people exploring underwater. The water is non-toxic and even drinkable. However, there seems to be a mysterious fluctuation that prevents the creature from surviving for a long time, even as a cultivator. The body will explode in a certain amount of time," Situ Qing replied.

In order to enter Yunmenghai, she did some homework.

"It turns out this is really strange!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

Soul glanced at the lake and found nothing unusual, and could only give up on it temporarily.

They have passed dozens of small islands, and have seen the existence of cultivators on many small islands, and some creatures on the island have attacked them, but most of these creatures are the combat power of the fairy realm, which can be easily solved by them. Too.

After three hours, they finally appeared on a huge island with an area of thousands of miles.

"This is the island! There is a unicorn nest in the center of the island, and there is an emperor lotus in the depth of the nest." The middle-aged woman stopped to point to the depths of the island.

They couldn't see anything at all, where there was a mist, but Zhao Yuande found out with divine knowledge that there is indeed a strong breath in the center of the island, and the fighting power should be in the early stage of the fairy emperor realm.

"Qing'er, you should be able to resist that monster for a while!" Zhao Yuande asked.

"It's impossible to overcome. Entanglement should not be a problem." Situ Qing replied.

"That's enough!" Zhao Yuande nodded and asked, "But everything is mainly about safety. If you feel the danger, you can't hold on."