Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1955

Chapter 1955: War Black Unicorn

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"Lead the way ahead!" Situ Qing looked at the middle-aged woman.

"Girls don't care, the unicorn is very powerful, you can get it in a few moments with your cultivation base," the middle-aged woman reminded seemingly kindly.


The middle-aged woman on the island began to be cautious, and the other six were very nervous.


A huge creature rushed out of the mist, and the middle-aged woman with big paws leading the way shot it.

The middle-aged woman's complexion changed, her figure retreated, and she was able to escape the attack of a huge creature.

The huge creature and the unsuccessful scream, the huge body rushed out, turned out to be a giant tortoise.

But the eyes of this mountain tortoise seem to have no sense of autonomy at all, as if controlled by something terrible.

"Everyone retreat!" The middle-aged woman's complexion changed, her hands flew over and over again, and gold ribbons flew out of her sleeves, trying to stop the tortoise's massive body from rolling.


The middle-aged woman's face was pale as the ribbon broke.


Situ Qing whispered again, and a flicker of sword light flew out directly on the solid carapace of the tortoise.


A huge crack with a depth of tens of feet appeared on the shell of the tortoise. The black blood spewed out like a tide in the crack, and a thick smell was suddenly filled in the air.


The tortoise flew back with this sword, directly hit the ground, and smashed the rocky ground out of a huge deep hole.


There was a roar deep in the island.

The tortoise turned and fled towards the mist.

Situ Qing didn't chase, but just glanced into the depths of the mist. The roar just made him feel a trace of pressure, definitely the guy with the early fighting power of the fairy emperor.

"Go ahead!" Situ Qingdao said.

The middle-aged lady glanced a little bit deep into the mist, but she still led the way by gritting her teeth.

All six others were on alert, ready to meet the next battle at any time.


The earth shook, as if thousands of horses were coming.

"Not good! It's a herd!" The middle-aged woman's complexion changed a lot, and she turned to escape.

"It's okay, it's all ordinary fairy beasts. I only care about moving forward." Situ Qing suddenly burst into bright stars, and the star's head seemed to be empty in the sky, and the bright light suddenly lit up. Large fog.

There were violent roars in the sky, and the next moment everyone felt and a terrible pressure came from above, a huge meteorite with a long fire tail, falling straight down into the mist in front of them.

At this time a large group of giant wolves in black lacquered scales appeared just below the meteorite.


The meteorite fell and the giant wolves disappeared.

The strong shock wave blew seven middle-aged women, and they flew out dozens of feet, smashing them in front of Zhao Yuande.


The middle-aged woman looked at Situ Qing with fear, and they all climbed up in embarrassment, with fear on their faces.

Situ Qing's move was enough to kill an immortal king's peak strongman, and even Zhao Yuande was a little shocked.

"Okay, move on!" Situ Qing glanced at them, and then turned his eyes to the depths of the mist in the distance, his eyes full of war.

With the outbreak of Situ Qing, middle-aged women and others are no longer as scared as they were just now, but they still walk carefully in the mist with the two of them.

"Since they were so scared, they brought us to the place again, why not find a reason to leave?" Situ Qing secretly passed on to Zhao Yuande.

"Oh! They're hiding, but I was seen through bad performances already!" Zhao Yuande sneered, "Will people like them who often walk on the edge of life and death behave so badly in the face of danger? And you Seeing that none of the six people are acting together all the time, and even walking together, it is obvious that they have such a tacit understanding after a long period of cooperation. Although the six of them are only the late fairy, However, if they practice any combination of strikes, the combat effectiveness will increase several times, even dozens of times!"

"What do they want to do?" Situ Qing heard Zhao Yuande's words and couldn't help but also start to observe the actions of the six people, as expected, as Zhao Yuande said.

"They want to rob the treasure on this island while you are entangled with that unicorn!" Zhao Yuande laughed.

"Let's start now!" Situ Qing's eyes showed anger.

"It's not necessary, wait until they have finished searching for all the treasures, can't we just finish it again? Save some effort!" Zhao Yuande's mouth smiled evilly.

"You... you're good or bad!"


They walked for dozens of miles and never encountered an attack again. It may be that Situ Qing deterred the unicorn just now, or whatever the reason, anyway, the island was quiet.

"That's Kirin's lair, a hollowed-out mountain, and Emperor Lotus is in the mountain's abdomen." The middle-aged woman pointed to a large mountain in front of her, and there was a little excitement in her eyes.

There is a huge cave under the mountain, which conveys a creepy breath.

"What are you waiting for, let's kill it!" Zhao Yuande showed his eagerness to try.

"Go! Go in." Situ Qing stepped forward to the mountain and entered the cave directly.


A roar came from the cave, and a vigorous black figure rushed out of the cave and rushed towards Situ Qing.


Situ Qing whispered, and a cold awn beheaded towards the shadow.


Han Mang and Black Shadow collided together, and immediately sounded a symphony of gold and iron.

Black Shadow did not retreat, but faster.

With Zhao Yuande's eyesight, I can see that the black shadow is a long black unicorn.


The black unicorn and Situ Qing are entangled in an instant, and the war between the two has begun.

"You go first, I'm entangled with it!" Situ Qing sneered at the crowd.

"Go! Rush in." The middle-aged woman looked delighted, glared at the six people behind her, and rushed into the cave.

Zhao Yuande did not follow them, but looked at Situ Qing's battle, his face slightly dignified.

He felt that Situ Qing's strength was simply not enough to resist the terrorist attack.


Situ Qing's body was hit by a black unicorn and flew out, his face slightly pale.

"How is it? Can it hold up?" Zhao Yuande asked, "Will I shoot?"

"No!" Situ Qing touched the blood at the corner of her mouth, her eyes suddenly became colder, and her body suddenly burst into a brilliant starlight, and a very holy figure emerged slowly from behind her.