Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1956

Chapter 1956: Calculation

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This figure seems to be composed of thousands of stars, with a strong breath, and even comparable to a strong immortal emperor.

Situ Qing didn't want Zhao Yuande to underestimate her, she had already exploded her strongest fighting power at this moment, Xinghui Doppelganger.

Her body turned into a streamer and rushed towards the black unicorn again.

That Xinghui avatar made the same action as Situ Qing, but the speed was faster than Situ Qing!


Xinghui Doppelganger and Situ Qing joined forces with the black unicorn to fight, and they even had a slight upper hand.

Zhao Yuande was also secretly surprised by the power of Xinghui's doppelganger, which is definitely equivalent to a strong man in the early days of the fairy emperor, but he did not know how long this doppelganger could last.

"Huh? This group of guys are really greedy!" Zhao Yuande frowned.

His spirit has been monitored on the seven people, seeing that they have entered the depths of the cave at this time, and all the valuable things in it have been swept away together, but he has not found that there is a fairy of the emperor lotus level in it. medicine.

These guys are fooling themselves, there is no Emperor Lotus at all, they just want to use Situ Qing to hold down the black unicorn!

He wanted to see how these guys would explain after a while.

With the help of Xinghui Doppelganger, Situ Qing gradually stabilized the situation, but the black unicorn seemed to be gradually crazy at this time. It roared again and again, more fierce than the attack just now.

Situ Qing clenched her teeth and insisted that her Xinghui avatar had only fifty breaths. If the avatar disappeared, she would also be bitterly repulsed. This is his strongest trick and a more dangerous one.


Seven people quickly wiped out all the treasures in the cave and appeared in front of Zhao Yuande.

When the black unicorn saw the seven people appearing, it immediately screamed and rushed towards the seven people. Its scarlet eyes seemed to hate the seven people even more.

"This is the Emperor Lotus that the girl needs." The middle-aged woman threw a storage ring directly at Situ Qing.

Situ Qing took the storage ring subconsciously. She felt it was sticky, wet and smelly.

When the storage ring took over, the target of the black unicorn became Situ Qing again, and the madness in those eyes was more intense.

When the middle-aged woman saw Situ Qing catching the storage ring, she suddenly showed a wicked smile on her face and flew away toward the island.

At this time their speed is faster than before, I do not know how many times.

"Not good!" Zhao Yuande clearly felt the madness of the black unicorn, and it seemed that what was essential to the black unicorn was hidden in the storage ring.

"Throw away the storage ring." Zhao Yuande reminded.

Situ Qing dropped the storage ring by word, but the black unicorn no longer managed the storage ring at all, but attacked Situ Qing more madly, seeming to endure with him.

"How long can you persist." Zhao Yuande looked at Situ Qing.

"Twenty-five breaths!" Situ Qing answered.

"Okay! I'll grab those guys back and talk!" Zhao Yuande disappeared in a flash.

After a few flashes, he saw the seven men running ahead.

"You seem to have forgotten one thing!" Zhao Yuande landed in front of the seven people with a cold smile on his face.

"You... how can you catch up with us?" The middle-aged woman was terrified when she saw Zhao Yuande appear in front of them.

She still thought that Situ Qing was catching up, but when she looked at it again, only Zhao Yuande herself could not help but see the horror on her face.

"If you don't want your companion to die, go back and help immediately. We just broke the black unicorn egg and applied the egg liquid to the storage ring. The black unicorn has gone crazy, and it will endlessly endure with your companion! The middle-aged woman sneered, "Of course, if you think you can defeat us, then stay and fight with us!"

"You are really hard-working! Well planned, even I am being fooled by you!" Zhao Yuande didn't talk to them at all, his body appeared in front of the middle-aged woman in a flash, and he punched him in the middle. The young woman called.

"Liuhe Great Formation God!"

The faces of the six people showed a harsh color, and a huge giant was formed in the blinking figure. This giant has a strong breath, and at the very least it needs the fighting power of the middle of the fairy.

"Oh! Sure enough, there is a combined strike formation, but this power is drunkenly trying to fight me. It's too small to look at me! Break me!"

Zhao Yuande smiled contemptuously, and his fist hit the Baizhang giant directly.


The giant Baizhang shattered instantly, and the six figures flew to the west with blood violently.

"This..." The middle-aged woman widened her eyes and looked at Zhao Yuande incredulously. Her legs began to soften.

"Humph! A bunch of trash!"

Zhao Yuande swept his sleeves, and the six people all fell into his sleeves involuntarily.

He squeezed the middle-aged woman's neck with one hand and took her to gallop away!

It took Zhao Yuande only a few breaths to capture these people. After his return, Situ Qing has gradually fallen into danger. The black unicorn is getting more and more crazy, and the scary red light is sprayed from his eyes. The fragmentation around the void cut.

"Come for me!"

Zhao Yuande was surprised that the middle-aged woman was thrown on the ground and rushed directly to the black unicorn.

Seeing Zhao Yuande join the battle, Situ Qing took a long breath.


The first impact, Zhao Yuande felt great pressure.

The body of this black unicorn is much stronger than him, but he is not afraid. His powerful spirits are all suppressed on the other party, making the madness in his eyes a lot lighter, and the combat effectiveness is also lower.

Although he is still slightly invincible, but he has an immortal body and will recover quickly when he is injured. Even if he is invincible, he can fight for one or two hours.

"You search for something in this woman and wrap her inner world!" Zhao Yuande fought against Situ Qingdao while fighting, "Yes, throw the storage ring just now into her inner world, let her taste it too Taste the taste of being calculated."

"Good!" Situ Qing nodded.

But when the middle-aged woman heard Zhao Yuande's words, her eyes were round, and there was infinite panic in her eyes. She knew what it meant.

"No... no! I know Emperor Lotus is there. As long as you let me go, I will tell you!" the middle-aged woman yelled in horror.


Zhao Yuande sneered: "Now say it, I will let you go, if not, I will search your soul!"

"I... I said!" said the middle-aged woman in horror. "There is a Qingguang Island in the 30,000 miles west of Qilin Island, and there may be Emperor Lotus on the island!"

"Qingguang Island? What sign?" Zhao Yuande asked.