Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1957

Chapter 1957: Qingguang Island

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"There is a blue light rising from the center of the island. If you fly above the clouds, you can see it." The middle-aged woman hurriedly answered.

"First search is over, save her life." Zhao Yuande nodded to Situ Qing.

Situ Qing understood that a large number of treasures were found in the middle-aged woman and in the inner world. Among them, there was an eight-grade fairy medicine and several seven-grade fairy medicines.

The wealth of this middle-aged woman was as high as 20-30 billion, which really surprised Situ Qing!

"This guy is too difficult to tangle!" After half an hour, Zhao Yuande already felt that the consumption was too serious, and if he fought with this black unicorn, he was afraid that his body's blood might be used up, which is not worth the loss.

However, the fighting during this time made him more and more masterful of the fist of fortune, and the combat power has also increased. This black unicorn has also become the touchstone of Zhao Yuande.

What makes Zhao Yun depressed is that although the opponent's strength is similar to his own, the physical strength is too much. If he can cultivate the seventh layer of the Heavenly Eucharist to the peak, maybe he can reach this level. Zhao Yuande is basically You wont hurt each other!

The black unicorn on the opposite side is also a little anxious at this time. The kid on the opposite side is obviously weaker than himself, but he cant beat the other party, so Im afraid that he will be killed sooner or later, especially if he has a companion...

The sober black unicorn glanced at Situ Qing and finally decided to give up the fight.


The black unicorn roared unwillingly, then turned around and left.


As soon as the black unicorn left, Zhao Yuande suddenly deflated, and he exhaled for a long time, his body was a little unstable.

This is a battle he has evenly met. He knows that if the other party does not retreat, continue, I am afraid that he will not be able to persist for much time.

"You... all right!" Situ Qing hurried up to assist Zhao Yuande, his face showing concern.

"It's okay! It's tired!" Zhao Yuande smiled.

"This black unicorn is at least equivalent to the early fighting power of the fairy emperor. You can run it to show that your fighting power is not weaker than that of the early fairy emperor! How did you practice?" Situ Qing blinked curiously. With big eyes, Zhao Yuande looked up and down.

"Oh! Wait until there is time to tell you!" Zhao Yuande smiled, and now he has time to say more here.

"What about this woman?" Situ Qing looked at the middle-aged woman with a trace of disgust on her face.

"Take her to Qingguang Island, if Qingguang Island does not have Emperor Lotus, we will throw that storage ring into her body world!" Zhao Yuande sneered, "Although the unicorn left, but to destroy himself The egg enemy will not let go, I believe it will be able to find it soon."

"No... no!" The middle-aged woman's eyes were horrified.

"Isn't it just being killed? What are you afraid of?" Situ Qing looked at the middle-aged woman, somewhat puzzled.

"This black unicorn has a powerful magical power, but devours the soul, and can control the other party by devouring the soul, it seems that she knows..." Zhao Yuande sneered, "The soul will be swallowed up and there will be no chance of reincarnation. Now!"

"Uh huh!" The middle-aged woman nodded again and again, pleading in her eyes.

"That's right! These six guys..." Zhao Yuande also threw out the six people who were seriously injured, and searched all the things on them. Another tens of billions of treasures were collected by Zhao Yuande.

"These people are really rich! What kind of sect are they?" Situ Qing obviously knew that the other party did not tell the truth.

"Anyway, it's not a good person, kill them all!" Zhao Yuande shot these six men into meat without hesitation.

The middle-aged woman looked at her companion turned into a mud, and she couldn't help but show the look of a rabbit and a dead fox, and she also lamented in her heart. Today, it was too bad, and he was able to meet such a guy. He was hiding too much. Deep.

Zhao Yuande and Situ Qing took the middle-aged woman into the sky and probably flew to a high altitude without the dense mist.

They looked towards the west, and indeed a blue light rose into the sky in the distance.

However, this cyan light is not the only one, there are four more distant places, the distribution of the beam of light seems to have a certain pattern, a closer look actually formed a pattern of five-pointed stars.

"What is this beam of light?" Zhao Yuande looked at the middle-aged woman.

"That seems to be some kind of large formation left by Yun Mengzong, which has been preserved after so many years." The middle-aged woman replied.

"No matter, find Emperor Lotus!"

Zhao Yuande was too lazy to care about what remains, he now has no time to control, the most important thing is to find Emperor Lotus, and then return to the void city to wait for the return of Brother.

"There won't be any danger on this island of Qingguang!" Zhao Yuande looked at the middle-aged woman with a sharp light in his eyes. "You wouldn't want us to die by yourself!"

"No! Absolutely not, no!" The middle-aged woman scared her hands repeatedly.

"Go! Go and see! I can find your luck, but you are on Qingguang Island!" Zhao Yuande's voice was cold.

They had no obstruction from the fog in the high altitude, just a few breathing time next to the blue light.

"What a powerful breath, the power contained in this blue light can kill a peerless immortal emperor!" Zhao Yuande looked at the blue light beam in shock, and he felt cold all over his body.

"There will be no danger!" Situ Qing also felt something was wrong.

"You can't feel this breath on the island below." The middle-aged woman said palely.

"Okay! Let's see!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

The three of them landed on the island. Sure enough, there was no strong breath on the island, which made them suddenly feel a loose body.

The island was shaded by trees and the environment was beautiful. The blue light was sprayed from a huge pit with obvious artificial chiseled traces around it. Obviously it was really left by Yun Mengzong s things.

"Where is Emperor Lotus?" Zhao Yuande looked at each other, and the powerful soul crushed past, and the middle-aged woman's expression suddenly became sluggish.

Zhao Yuande's soul is the mid-century of the fairy emperor, and crushing and controlling this middle-aged woman is as easy as it gets.

"Emperor Lotus is on the south cliff of the island, and there is a golden-backed blood winged bird guarding." The middle-aged woman replied with dementia.

"What level of golden-backed blood-winged bird?" Zhao Yuande asked.

"It is equivalent to the fighting power of the early fairy emperor, but the speed is faster than the black unicorn, and the attack power is more powerful!" The middle-aged woman replied.

"Sure enough... this guy is not bad!" Zhao Yuande gritted his teeth.