Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1958

Chapter 1958: Gu Qianshou

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But since there really is Emperor Lotus, then he doesn't care anymore, even if the Golden-backed Blood Winged Bird is even stronger, he has to go!

"Leave her useless, die!" Zhao Yuande slapped him without any hesitation. The middle-aged woman's mind was so bad that she could never be left.

"After a while, I went up and entangle the golden-backed blood-winged bird. You took the opportunity to pick Emperor Lotus, and remember to take the whole plant together." Zhao Yuande asked.

"Good!" Situ Qing nodded. She knew that if the middle-aged woman said that she could not resist the golden-backed blood-winged bird, only Zhao Yuande could get on.

They soon saw the cliff and the Emperor Lotus on the cliff, but they couldn't see the shadow of the golden-backed blood-winged bird.

Zhao Yuande's soul glanced for a long time and didn't find where this guy was hiding.

If the two of them pick up hurriedly, I am afraid they will be successfully attacked by sneak attack.

They again approached a thousand feet away, and Zhao Yuande detected it with his soul. On a giant tree above the cliff, there was a slap-sized **** bird lying quietly among the branches and leaves, and a pair of eyes continuously scanned the lower Emperor Lotus.

"Thanks to my thoughts." Zhao Yuande could not sense the breath of this **** bird, but only felt that it was a little different.

If you really treat it as an ordinary bird, I am afraid that you do not know how to die.

"According to the original plan, I attracted its attention. You took the opportunity to collect it!" Zhao Yuande's voice fell, and the man rushed out, but he instantly reached the emperor lotus in an instant, and reached for Emperor Lotus.


At this moment, an angry bird sound came from above his head. The **** bird was faster than Zhao Yuande thought. Zhao Yuande's hand had not reached before Emperor Lotus, and the sharp claws of the **** cerebellum had been caught To his arm.


Suddenly flesh and blood splashed, the bird's claws collided with Zhao Yuande's bones.

Zhao Yuande's skeleton did not break, but he suffered a great deal of strength and a crack appeared.

"So strong! So fast!" Zhao Yuande's pupils squeezed, his body transformed into Kunpeng's real body, and he escaped towards the distance.

"Huh!" The **** bird screamed and chased toward Zhao Yuande. One person and one bird disappeared in tandem.

Situ Qing rushed up to pick Emperor Lotus, but unexpectedly felt a crisis coming behind him, a swordman pierced the sky and pierced her head directly.

She could feel the power of this sword, if she didn't open it more, she would have to be hit hard.

She leaned over her body, and a figure brushed past her, pulling out the emperor lotus and throwing it into the storage space.

"Put down the Emperor Lotus!" Situ Qingqing's eyes broke apart, and he could no longer care for so much. Once again, the whole body was shining with starlight, and Xinghui avatar appeared directly.

For this emperor lotus flower, Zhao Yuande did not expect to get it soon, but was picked peach halfway.

If he knew it, he didn't know how disappointed he would be, so Situ Qing no longer consumed it, not only released the Xinghui avatar, but also had a dark little tripod in his hands at this time.

Dingzhong's black mist wire circulated, and a breath of thrill came from Xiaoding.

She even took out the last life-saving thing directly, but this is the top thing in the Nine-grade Immortal Treasure, which is about to reach the existence of the Holy Order.

If a strong man in the early stage of the fairy emperor's realm holds this thing, I am afraid that even a peerless fairy emperor may not be able to hurt him.

"It's a luxury!"

The person on the opposite side obviously felt the pressure and slowly showed up in the void.

A young man with a thin figure, he looked at that little tripod, and there was greed in his eyes.

"Kill!" Situ Qing saw the other party, and suddenly knew that today it might not be so simple to regain Emperor Lotus.

Xing Hui's avatar, his human body, and the black mist wire floating out of the black little tripod, seemed to form a large net, shrouded towards the thin young man.

"Good, good! But I'm still far away from wanting to beat me!" The thin young man, **** in shape, seemed to travel around Situ Qing's attack like a fish, although every time was thrilling, but Every time it is difficult to escape.

Situ Qing was anxious at this time, but could not touch the other party at all. The other party's cultivation practice was also in the late stage of Xianjun, and it seemed to have entered the late period of Xianjun. The control of the power of Xianjun in the later period was definitely above Situ Qing.

But now the thin young people obviously don't want to leave, and obviously have coveted the black little Ding in Situ Qing's hands.

At this time, the true body speed of Kunpeng Zhao Zhaode was already faster than before. I don't know how many times, but at this time his speed is still almost the same as that of the Scarlet Bird.

After escaping for more than a dozen breaths, he felt that Situ Qing should be able to succeed, and decided to go back. Only then could Situ Qing suppress the bird a little or escape from the claws of the bird.

But when he returned to the cliff, he found out who Situ Qing actually did, and he did so at all costs.

"What's wrong?" Zhao Yuande felt something was wrong.

"The emperor lotus flower was taken away by him!" Situ Qing cried with apology in his eyes.


Zhao Yuande looked at the skinny young man and couldn't help but frown.

This thin young man is not very old, and his combat effectiveness is not weaker than himself, or even stronger than himself. This is definitely a monster-level character.

"Gu Qianshou, the late Xianjun, the genius of the ancient family, the body of the void..."

Void body?

Zhao Yuande has never heard of such a physique, but he can literally know that this physique should be related to the void. Just now he can avoid Zhao Yuandes spirit detection. There is basically no other way than hiding into the void.

"Gu Qian's hand in the ancient house? Are you sure you want to be an enemy with us?" Zhao Yuande shouted at Gu Qian's hand while avoiding the attack of the Scarlet Bird.

" did you know me?" The thin young man frowned slightly when he heard Zhao Yuande calling his name.

He is a hidden genius in the family, and the outside world does not know. He did not inform other people this time. How did this person know?

"Hum!" Zhao Yuande didn't answer him, but turned to look at the little blood-red bird, "It's not something I took, what do you chase after me? You should chase that guy!"

Zhao Yuande pointed at ancient Qianshou.

The scarlet red bird glared at Zhao Yuande fiercely. Sure enough, he no longer attacked Zhao Yuande, but rushed towards Gu Qiande.