Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1959

Chapter 1959: Things Are Over

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Gu Qianshou was able to deal with Situ Qing, but the addition of this bird suddenly made him busy.

The speed of the bird is even faster than him.

In just a moment, Gu Qianshou's chest was torn apart by the bird's claws, and he could see the beating heart.

"Hand over Emperor Lotus! Otherwise, I will also participate in the siege. You must fall here today." Zhao Yuande sneered.

"Gujia? If you don't hand it over, I will let the ancestors go to your Gujia personally, when the Gujia is destroyed, don't blame me!" Situ Qing also said at this time, but this sentence is obviously full Hate and threat are full of meaning.

"Huh! My ancient family said this is also the power of the three major forces of Xuanji Star. Xuanji Supreme God Palace does not dare to say such things, so don't scare me!" Gu Qian's face looked very bad and was under siege. He was threatened again, and now he was about to spit out the meat he ate in his stomach. He felt very uncomfortable.

"My Void Chamber of Commerce came out casually and a Taishang elder can be flat!" Situ Qing proudly said.

"You are Situ Qing! The genius Situ Qing of the Void Chamber of Commerce!" Gu Qianshou seemed to know Situ Qing's identity at this moment, his face was shocked first, but then it was silent again.

He really didn't want to be weak, but every way, if he could beheaded the other side today, then he didn't need to be weak, he could even steal their things, such as that little tripod.

But he can't! And as the other party said, the forces of the Void Chamber of Commerce even the Xuanji Supreme Soul Palace are very afraid, because they have two great immortal kings, infinitely close to the existence of Dao Zun!

Moreover, the Void Chamber of Commerce has eighteen eternal fairy kings and three supreme fairy kings. Not to mention the destruction of the ancient homes, even if they directly exploded the Profound Pole Star, it was easy!

"Yes, I'm Situ Qing. The Emperor Lotus is very important to us. We have found this plant from all over the world and found this strain. I'm willing to buy it at the same price, otherwise we will tear our skin!" Situ Qing's reputation is not to mention, not to mention in the Star Sea, even in the Void is very famous.

Especially her beauty, I dont know how many people covet!

If she wants to fight against the ancient family, as long as she ascends, she can destroy the ancient family without coming from the Void Chamber of Commerce.

"Okay! Since I said this, then I'll take it out, even if it's an acquisition!" Gu Qian handed out the Emperor Lotus directly.


The **** bird saw Emperor Lotus, a pair of red eyes, and rushed towards Emperor Lotus.

Zhao Yuande had no choice but to block the **** bird, a large piece of flesh was torn off his arm again, and then Situ Qing took the emperor lotus in his hand.

"Since I'm gone, you must be careful about this bird, but it's not easy to mess with!" Gu Qian also simply left, but reminded the two before leaving.

Zhao Yuande saw the look of the Scarlet Bird in his disdain, but he was helpless in his heart. He could not beat it again, and he could not escape. What should I do?

As soon as he gritted his teeth, he took out a jade bottle, and a round bead was everywhere in the jade bottle, holding it in his palm.

"This is the juice of the real dragon tree, which is more precious than Emperor Lotus. How about I use this drop of juice in exchange for Emperor Lotus?" Zhao Yuande really had no choice but to do so.

"Tui!" The Scarlet Bird seemed to understand Zhao Yuande's words and turned his head.

When it smelled the strange fragrance, a pair of bird eyes glared round, and there was a beam of excitement in it.

"Tui!" The Scarlet Bird was faster than the electric light, and directly took away the beads in Zhao Yuande's hands.

The fragrance of the beads intoxicated the eyes of the blood-colored bird, and no longer ignored Zhao Yuande and flew back to the big tree on the top of the mountain cliff with the beads.


Zhao Yuande just breathed out, and there was a pain in his face.

The value of a bead condensed by the juice of a real dragon's blood tree is much higher than that of this emperor lotus, and he really made a loss trade.

But there is no way, even if someone shouts 10 billion, he will have to gritt his teeth to buy it, this is a rare commodity.

"Hurry up, let's go back immediately!"

After getting the Emperor Lotus, he directly threw it to the sky, this guy was terribly excited, and now only one fairy medicine is needed, he can restore the soul to the world of Peerless Immortal Emperor, and then will open the path to the Central Immortal The channel of the domain can even open the channel anywhere in the thousands of immortals.

"Brother, here is the Star Sea, or you will come out to relax." Zhao Yuande tentatively asked.

"A little fart, I felt a headache when I heard the words Xingchenhai. This is a sad place. It reminds me of the unbearable past. I will rest for a while!" Tian Tian was very unhappy to talk about Xingchenhai. There seems to be a story that makes him sad.

They quickly returned to Xuanji City and found Situ Ya.

At this time, the auction conference was over. Under the anxious urging of Zhao Yuande, they finally left Xingchenhai and returned to Tongtian City.

After returning to the fairy world, Zhao Yuande felt a familiar breath immediately. This is the breath of the fairy world. Although the concentration of the fairy spirit here is not as good as that of the Profound Pole Star, it is another kind of reassuring feeling.

It was like going out a long distance and returning to the house.

"Xiaoqing, I'm going to tell Brother Void City and other brothers first, you go back first! I'll go find you when I have time!" Zhao Yuande looked at Situ Qing a little bit reluctantly.

"But... I want to go to the Central Immortal Realm with you!" Situ Qing pulled Zhao Yuande, tears in his eyes.

"You are a member of the Chamber of Void Realm, not suitable for blending into the battle between the Immortal Realm and the Desolate Realm, the Pantheon!" Zhao Yuande took Situ Qing's small hand and felt her dependence on herself, not only in her heart Guilt of guilt.

"Good! Xiaoqing, we really are not suitable for blending in, otherwise the image of our Void Chamber of Commerce is very bad!" Situ Ya aside warped.

"Okay! Then you have to come to me earlier!" Situ Qing seemed to be a child, his mouth was very high, and there was hazy mist in his eyes.

"Good! As long as the matter in the Central Immortal Territory is resolved, I will go to you. Before that, it is better to upgrade the cultivation base to the peak of the Immortal Monarch, and I will help you promote to the Immortal Emperor!" Zhao Yuande whispered in her ear .

"Really?" Situ Qing's eyes widened, and some could not believe it.

"Did I lie to you?" Zhao Yuande smiled.

"Okay! I must! Work hard!" Situ Qing's eyes brightened and his fists clenched tightly. "However, you must also cheer, your state is too low, as long as I enter the fairy emperor state, you are not mine. Opponent!"

"Really? Then wait to see!" Zhao Yuande smiled.