Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 196

Chapter 196: Protector

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He was crushed to the ground all at once and couldn't move at all.

He raised his eyes reluctantly, looking at the tall figure.

The tall figure just throws a punch at random, and a huge chaotic air mass in front of him explodes!

A vast expanse of starry sky formed after the explosion, and the ancient planets kept turning in it. A huge figure exuding eternal eternal breath came out of these planets and prostrately bowed in front of the tall figure.

The tall figure continuously punched fists, the chaotic air masses exploded, and the vast stars appeared in this sky and earth.

Until the tall figure continuously hit eleven punches, eleven groups of chaos exploded, and eleven vast universes were born.

And the last one is the world they are in, countless small worlds in the vast world, vast expanse of starry sky, and ninety-nine innate gods and demons were born.

These eleven punches contain eleven kinds of power.

The image of these eleven punches was deeply engraved in his mind, and even if he died he could not be wiped out.

At this moment, Zhao Yuande seemed to be still in that void of chaos, and in front of him was a chaotic air mass that had not been crushed.

Suddenly another flame was burning in his chest, and he had a feeling of being burned by the flames to release them.

The palm of his hand clenched slightly, and the flame kept turning between his palms. He just imitated the ancient figure at random, and flicked the punch gently.


The chaotic air mass in front of him shattered, and an ancient and vast universe suddenly rushed out of the chaotic air mass, suddenly rushed into his body, entered the center of his blood sea, and slowly turned in it.


Zhao Yuande seemed to be awakened by a sudden. He opened his eyes and found that there was still the Kaitian monument in front of him, but the power that blocked them from moving seemed to not know when it would disappear!

He took a gentle step forward and found that there really were no obstacles.

But at this time, he suddenly remembered the things of his previous life. The Kaitian stele was unintentionally touched, and a huge disaster came!

Startled in his heart, he didn't hesitate anymore, grabbed Zhu Wanqing, who was still enlightened by his closed eyes. After a few ups and downs, he rushed out of the carapace, and returned to the shore of the Great Lakes in a blink of an eye.

Back to the shore, he still did not stop, but ran towards the giant mountain when he came.

"Master Zu, you... why did you take me away!" Zhu Wanqing only woke up from the enlightenment.

At this time, Zhao Yuande had ran to the top of the mountain and put him down.

"Soon you will know!" Zhao Yuande looked down at the vast lake in the distance. A huge object on the lake was screaming violently at this time, and many practitioners seemed to be tearing on the quacks by small ants.

Unknown when, the sky above them suddenly lost its luster, and the dark clouds covered the whole space.

"Click!" A giant claw protruded from the dark cloud, as if torn the void directly.

"The ants of the Eastern Emperor Great World! Your ancestor's oath violated something you shouldn't touch!" A great idea enveloped the whole **** market, "Waiting for you is only a way of destruction!"

A huge paw print that can destroy the whole god's ruin from one foot falls from the sky. Under the giant palm, the divine power is vast. The endless terror force destroys everything under the palm. This giant palm slowly falls, and no creatures in the god's ruin can. Escape the fate of death.

Zhao Yuande looked at this giant claw very calmly. Although he also felt the overwhelming pressure, but his body was always straight like a gun. This pressure was compared with the pressure of the huge figure he just saw in epiphany. It is simply the difference between Shenlong and ants.

"Enough! The hands of the Glorious World are too long, do you think our Thunder Prison family doesn't exist?" A god-like figure appeared in the void, and he looked coldly at the slowly descending one Giant claw.

"Crush me!"

A silver ray of light exploded in the sky at once, as if a large world had collapsed in an instant, and the power of terror instantly destroyed everything in the sky, including the slowly falling giant claw.

"Guardian of the Eastern Emperor Great World! I don't want to provoke the majesty of your Thunder Priest family, but this is a promise hundreds of millions of years ago, and Kaitian Stele can't allow anyone to get involved!" The essence of the Kaitian stele was cracked, and the fate seal of the Kaitian stele was cracked. According to the agreement, I will destroy him!"

Zhao Yuande only felt that a vast idea came to him, and if this idea came down, he would be crushed into **** instantly.

"Go! This world is guarded by my Thunder Prison family, you are not qualified to kill anyone!"

The god-like figure grabbed the quacks in the Great Lakes, and countless bright thunders instantly wrapped that huge expanse of quacks, the quack's body became smaller and smaller, and finally turned into the size of a fist. The ordinary figure directly broke through the void and was thrown out.

"Thunder Prison Family! Are you an enemy to our glorious world for a ant?" The voice was full of anger and a little helplessness.

"Go! Say another sentence I take your life!"

The god-like strong man's eyes were cold, the whole body of thunder and light masterpiece, as if standing under the sky nine thunder gods in the sky.

A ray of thunder shoots from his eyes, tearing the void of the **** ruins into the vast starry sky!

A huge figure in the starry sky is looking down on the East Emperor Great World. This is a huge strange bird with three legs and six eyes, and its body is full of fire.


The thunderlight tearing the void directly penetrated one of the strange bird's wings, and blood suddenly splashed the entire void.

The wailing of strange birds hurts, and the converging body becomes a shadowy old man in a gray robe. One side of the old man's arm is bloody.

"Aw! Lei Kyushu, I know it is you! I will not let you go, my ancestor will soon wake up from a deep sleep, when you are the emperor of the world..."

The whole starry sky was awakened by the howling, and numerous meteorites flying in the starry sky were torn apart, and the void was trembling violently.

"Really dead!"

A cold glory suddenly cut through the void, and the entire starry sky seemed to be stuck in stagnation at this moment.

The old man in the gray robe cleared his eyes, his eyes widened, he wanted to dodge and wanted to defend, but he could not hole at all. All his consciousness, movements, and expressions were stuck at this moment.

As soon as the glory turned around the old man's head in a gray robe, the old man's head rolled down, and blood was sprayed in the void like a fountain, and the old man's body collapsed.

The whole body changed back to the image of the three-legged monster, but the head was gone.

"You! You... have control of the complete void avenue!" A black shadow burst out of the body of the three-legged big bird, desperately escaping into the depths of the unknown starry sky.

"Huh! If it wasn't for the enemy, if it wasn't for the alien attack, you would have died!" The god-like strongman stood in the midair of the Divine Market and looked coldly out of the starry sky.