Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1960

Chapter 1960: Waiting For The Pot

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Looking at Zhao Yuande's back, Situ Ya sighed softly.

"Uncle, what are you sighing for?" Situ Qing asked curiously.

"This guy is a hot potato, you have to think about it!" Situ Yadao.

"Uncle, you explain that! What's wrong with Yuande?" Situ Qing looked at his uncle in a puzzled way.

"Have you heard of eating?" Situ Ya looked at each other.

"Eating the Dao? The one who once stirred up the boundless wind and waves in the Star Sea and was finally destroyed by the three forces?" Situ Qing apparently heard.

"Good! I suspect that Zhao Yuande is the inheritor of Taoism! That soup is actually the food made by Taoism!" Situ Yadao.

"What's wrong with eating Dao? Is our Void Chamber of Commerce still afraid of the three forces on Xuanji Star?" Situ Qing frowned.

"Of course we are not afraid, but in fact there was even stronger power behind the destruction of Dao!" Situ Ya looked up to the distant sky, "Yes... Heaven can't eat Dao!"

"Sky? Does sky have a will?" Situ Qing looked at the sky incrediblely.

"Tian has no will, but... but someone can communicate with Tian Dao, this person is called..." Situ Ya's next words, into the ears of Situ Qing with the spirit of the soul, "called... Dao Tian!"

"Yes... him!" Situ Qing's complexion suddenly turned pale. "Then... what should I do? If he knew, wouldn't Yuande... Can the two ancestors save Yuande?"

"Things are not as serious as imagined, there seems to be a strong force behind this kid supporting..."


Zhao Yuande has returned to the Void City, but he hasn't seen the Spirit Emperor.

He could only wait quietly, and began to use the juice of the real dragon tree he had just made to make delicious food.

The sap of the true dragon blood tree is against the sky. He only used two drops to slowly raise his own heavenly body to the seventh level, and the realm was raised to the peak of the fairy land. The benefits of blood, blood and blood have reached a peak and limit, and the knowledge of the sea is vast for the next time to lay the foundation for the improvement of the soul.

Although his combat effectiveness has been improved very little now, the foundation is more solid. The next time is to start the sixth star, promote to the realm of the fairy monarch, and the resurrection of Yuanshen reaches the seventh level. As long as these three conditions are met, his The combat power should be comparable to that of the late Emperor Xian!

Of course, this is not a goal that can be achieved in two days a day. The sixth star is the simplest, as long as you eat the lotus seeds of the chaotic green lotus, but how much time it takes to refining after eating is unknown.

He has a recipe for promotion to fairy land, but now he lacks some materials, and it takes some time to collect these materials.

The longest time is the seventh floor of Yuanshen Resurrection. Even in the Time Immortal Hall, it takes a whole year.

He waited for three days in the Void City. At this time, there was only one and a half days left for the ten-day period. Zhao Yuande was anxious.

Swallowing the sky to restore the soul to the world of Peerless Immortal Emperor, I don't know how much time it takes. If the time is long, I am afraid it will really be delayed.

Just when he was anxious and just wanted to find out of the city, he felt a strong breath and flew towards the void city.

"Senior Brother is back!" Zhao Yuande felt that this breath was the Emperor of Spiritual Deficiency, "Hey, Senior Brother seems to have an unstable breath, and some flying..."


A figure was planted from the air and fell directly in front of Zhao Yuande.

Smashed the ground out of a deep pit.


Zhao Yuande was startled, rushed into the pit, and saw that the Emperor of the Spiritual Deficiency was covered with blood, and he gasped gaspingly, but the look in Zhao Yuande's eyes was full of smiles.

"Jie Aigen finally got it... Take it!" Emperor Lingxu handed a jade box to Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande hurriedly took it into the body world, and then lifted up the Emperor Lingxu from the big pit.

"Senior brother, you... your cultivation behavior was so seriously injured, what the **** are you doing with?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help it.

"Hey! Qingluan who has lived for many years... Almost broke my brother directly!" Lingxian Emperor said that his body was still a little trembling.

"Qing Luan, so powerful?" Zhao Yuande exclaimed.

"Well! Already approaching the edge of breakthrough, another breakthrough is the Saint Order Fairy..."

"Go! Go back to recover from the injury." Zhao Yuande shook his head helplessly, "If you are seriously injured, even if you return to the Central Immortal Territory, how much can you do."

"Hey! It takes at least a month for me to recover from this injury!" Emperor Lingxu shook his head helplessly, "The fire of the blue luan of that blue luan has burned my blood sea source, and almost reduced the internal organs of my body. Its clean, even if its the soul..."

"This..." Zhao Yuande helped the Emperor Lingxu back to the city, and there was a little helplessness on his face. "Okay! Brother, you can really pit brother, brother. The treasure I just got will be wasted on healing the wound, Really worthless!"

He said that he took out the juice of the real dragon blood tree, poured out a drop and handed it to the Emperor Lingxu.

"This...this is good...the breath of the real dragon tree! How did you get this thing, this is so precious!" The Emperor Lingxu saw the round bead and smelled its fragrance , Can't help but show a ecstatic face, "With this thing, I can definitely recover within a day!"

"This is what Brother Shi bought on Xuanji Star for a large price, Brother..." Zhao Yuande stopped talking, and now the money would hurt his feelings.

"Xuanjixing? Where is that?" But the Emperor Lingxu didn't even hear Zhao Yuande's implication, but he had a huge interest in Xuanjixing.

"Okay! Brother, let's recover first!" Zhao Yuande said helplessly, "When Brother recovers, let's talk about it again!"

"Okay!" The Emperor Lingxu nodded and began to slowly refine the juice of the real dragon tree.

Zhao Yuande took a breath and returned to the inner world with an unsightly look.

"Hey! You guys are here, just take out the gluttonous true spirit tripod, I'm just waiting for the pot!" Swallowed up anxiously.


The speed of swallowing the sky is faster than Zhao Yuande imagined. With the help of many fairy medicines, the spirit of the Peerless Immortal Emperor of the Desolate Star Territory is the main one. It took only half a day to restore his spirit to the state of Peerless Immortal Emperor.

However, his physical body and state were still in the early days of the fairy monarch.

"Haha! I finally took the first step! The first step to return to the top..." Swallowed excitedly, and the soul burst out to make the world and the world change color.