Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1961

Chapter 1961: Good Place

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"Brother! Hurry up and put away the pressure of your soul, are you going to overwhelm me?" Zhao Yuande was not aware of it for a while, and was directly pressed to the ground by the power of this soul.

Fortunately, he is the master of this world, but his thoughts returned to normal.

"Haha! Brother is happy! Finally it's a bit of self-preservation!" Tun Tian looked at Zhao Yuande with some embarrassment.

"Quickly open the passage, and I went to the Xingchenhai for you. Brother was almost killed by Qingluan, don't you want to pit Brother!" Zhao Yuande said.

"Hey! Brother, rest assured! At most one day, I will be able to open the channel to the central fairyland!" Swallowing the pat on the chest, very confident, "And now, I have opened dozens of channels to all parts of the fairyland , You can save a lot of transmission fees in the future!"

"Come on!" Zhao Yuande's face smiled helplessly, and this brother was really.

The Spirit Emperor's injury recovered faster than expected, and with the help of the true dragon blood tree juice, the sea, blood, and even the body have made some slight progress.

At this time, the Spiritual Deficiency Immortal Emperor had an urge to retreat and break through.

But wanting to be promoted to Wushuang Immortal Emperor is not a matter of two days a day. At least it takes a few years to prepare, and then it takes longer to break through. This is an urgent matter.

He decided that after the crisis in the fairy world was resolved, he would start to retreat, and he would never leave the gate if he did not enter Wushuang Immortal Emperor.

"Now it seems that this younger brother is really lucky, I just took advantage of him a little light to have this chance!" Emperor Lingxu's face showed a contented smile.

"Brother regained it?" Zhao Yuande was relieved to see the Emperor Lingxu appear before him.

"Restored! Not only recovered, but also slightly refined, the door of Wushuang Immortal Emperor has been opened to me!" Lingxu Emperor Emperor's face smiled, "It is the credit of the younger brother!"

"How do you plan to thank me?" Zhao Yuande said half-jokingly and half-seriously.

"How about I give you the Spiritual Void Palace?" The Spiritual Void Emperor looked at each other with a smile.

"This... even! I don't have that energy to manage, I still have to catch up with the footsteps of my brother!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand hurriedly.

With such a big booth as the Spiritual Emperor, the imagination is a headache.

"Seriously, tell me about Xuanjixing!" The Emperor Lingxu only made a joke, of course, he would not put this burden on Zhao Yuande. This looks infinitely beautiful, but it is very human. If you are not the owner of the Spiritual Deficiency Palace, you should have been promoted to Wushuang Immortal Emperor!

Of course, if it were not the palace owner of the Spiritual Deficiency Palace, he did not have so many resources to practice. This matter is very contradictory, and they cannot be abandoned for them.

"Xuan Ji Xing..." Zhao Yuande told him how he got to Xuan Ji Xing, how to participate in the auction meeting, and how to get Emperor Lotus. These things were all told to the Emperor Lingxu, and they did not hide anything.

"It turns out that there is such a wonderful world outside! It turns out that the legend is true, and the Tongtian Tower can indeed leave this world! It turns out..." The Emperor Lingxu heard Zhao Yuande's description and couldn't help being fascinated.

"Since Brother is about to be promoted to the realm of Wushuang Immortal Emperor, then work hard. As long as you reach the realm of Wushuang Immortal Emperor, you can try to pass through the sky tower and enter the sea of stars!" Zhao Yuande is somewhat envious. You can definitely break that channel and come and go freely.

"It takes about ten years!" The Spiritual Emperor Lingxu was excited and a little sorry. The time was too long, and he was almost anxious now.


"Brother, well! It's done!" Just when Zhao Yuande communicated with the Emperor Lingxu, the voice of Tian Tian rang in his ears.

"Successfully opened?" Zhao Yuande was a little excited.

"Successful! Now you can go directly to the Central Immortal Territory, and the exit is in the northernmost extreme cold mountain range of the Central Immortal Territory." Tun Tiandao.

"Then when can we enter!" Zhao Yuande said.

"Immediately! You bring him in! But don't mention me, I will guide you in." Tun Tian still doesn't want to meet the Emperor Lingxu.

He felt the strength of the other party and always felt a kind of guilty conscience.

"it is good!"

Although the Spiritual Emperor Emperor was shocked that Zhao Yuande was really able to open the channel, but then he was relieved when he thought about it. It is not surprising that there is any Supreme help.

The two stepped into the Black Rock Passage, and soon walked into a dark passage under the guidance of Swallow Sky.

As soon as they stepped into the passage, they felt the vibration of the void, and they appeared in the ice and snow next moment.

"This is definitely an extremely cold mountain range!" Emperor Lingxu's eyes lit up and clenched his fists in excitement.

"What are you waiting for, let's stop the other party's conspiracy immediately!" Zhao Yuande smiled.

"Yes!" Emperor Lingxu quickly awakened from the surprise. "First of all, I'm going to find those two old guys. With their help, I can..."

"I don't need my brother here to help me!" Zhao Yuande smiled bitterly. "My current practice is a bit low. If you mix it in, you may be killed by accident!"

"No! No! If the younger brother is okay, I can send you to practice in the secret chamber of my spiritual Xu Xian Palace. The cultivation environment there guarantees the satisfaction of my younger brother!"

"That's good, then trouble brother!" Zhao Yuande thought he would find a place to retreat for some time.

Since arriving at the Central Immortal Realm, the Spiritual Emperor Emperor had ignored the distance, and he tore the void to come and go anywhere in the Central Immortal Realm.

He first sent Zhao Yuan to Lingxian Immortal Palace for retreat, and then set off to expose the plot of the Desolate Star Field and the Pantheon.

Zhao Yuande entered the secret chamber where the Spiritual Emperor Emperor practiced, and immediately felt that the spirit spirit of the Immortal was a hundred times thicker than the outer realm. When he explored the soul, there was a thick fairy vein under the secret chamber. The existence of the emperor's hierarchical status is eligible for use.

In addition to the immense fairy spirit, there are various elemental laws in the air. There is a transparent crystal barrier on the top of the secret room. A starlight falls down and spills into the secret room through the crystal barrier.

"A good place!" Zhao Yuande's eyes are bright, and such a place can definitely do more with less.

Not knowing how much time passed, Zhao Yuande opened his eyes.

The breath on him was more calm and restrained.

After a period of cultivation, his cultivation base has been firmly stabilized at the peak of the fairy land. As long as he has gathered these kinds of fairy medicines, he can immediately enter the realm of fairy land.