Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1963

Chapter 1963: Main And Branch

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"What's your name?" the middle-aged man asked.

"My name is Jiang Yilin!" Zhao Yuande replied.

Before coming, the Emperor Lingxu reminded him not to reveal his true identity. Although his master is Zhang Ling, there are many people who are not convinced that he is in charge of Bajing Palace, so he wants to deal with it by all means. He, and Zhao Yuande, if he rushed into it rashly, might become a victim of Zhang Ling's struggle with others.

So let him be low-key!

"Oh! Jiang Yilin, very good, do you have a master or a guide?" the middle-aged man asked again.

Upon hearing it, Zhao Yuande knew that this person might have taken a fancy to his talents. The pinnacle of the 20-year-old fairyland, even in a place like Bajing Palace, where genius is like a cloud, is a rare good seedling!

"Oh! I met Brother Xuanye in the Twelve Census Fairy City. He admired me very much and asked me to go to Fairy World to find him!" Zhao Yuande had thought of the excuse for a long time.

"Xuan Ye!" The middle-aged man nodded, "Xuan Ye is very good, he is my brother, you are also good to join his camp, he is now practicing retreat in the Holy Palace, you can find him!"

"Excuse me, where is the Holy Palace?" Zhao Yuande asked a little puzzled.

"Oh! All of our disciples inside the Bajing Palace call the real Bajing Palace a holy palace, which is easy to distinguish!" The middle-aged man explained.

"Thank you!" Zhao Yuande arched his hand and turned away from the palace.

"Interesting! It's definitely not easy to be valued by Brother Xuanye. I should pay more attention to him." The middle-aged man watched Zhao Yuande leave and said to himself.

Zhao Yuande walked out of the palace and suddenly regretted it. He didn't ask anything, and he came out.

At least I have to ask where is the teleportation array, the specific situation of the Bajing Palace, and where is Dong Guofu now?

"Forget it, just ask some people to ask!" Zhao Yuande shook his head helplessly.

However, the eight-view palace was not as lively as Zhao Yuande imagined. He walked through the palaces without seeing anyone.

He couldn't help wondering? What exactly is going on?

"Hey! This brother, where are you going?"

Suddenly, Zhao Yuande saw a young man in a blue robe rushing towards a side, and his expression seemed very anxious.

He went up to stop the other party and wanted to ask something.

"Don't block me... The duel is about to begin, and you won't see it anymore!" The young robe originally wanted to shout Zhao Yuande's two voices, but found that the other party's cultivation practice was even higher than himself, and he had to be patient. Temperament explained.

"What duel?" Zhao Yuande puzzled, why are there so many people watching?

"Hey! You'll know if you come with me!" The young robe looked worried.

"Okay! Lead the way ahead!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

When he arrived at the place, Zhao Yuande realized that it was not that there were fewer people in Bajing Palace, but that it was all concentrated here.

This is an open performance martial arts stadium. At this time, all around the performance martial arts stadium was filled with excited audiences. They were pointing at a few people in the center.

"Is this duel organized in the palace?" Zhao Yuande followed the young robe in the stone chair, looking around curiously.

Most of the surroundings are young people, and their almost uniform dress is a blue robe.

The cultivation of these young people is high and low, the highest is the early fairy king, the lower is the early fairy realm, each realm of the realm is embroidered with different clouds, and each realm has a different color representative.

There is one fairyland, two fairyland and three fairyland.

Early white, middle red, late purple, peak black.

The young man beside him was embroidered with two white cloud patterns on his chest, which meant that his cultivation practice was the beginning of the fairyland.

The other party is about 27 or 18 years old, and can reach the early stage of fairyland, even in the fairyland are super geniuses.

"No... it's personal, but because of the identity of the person who has tried it, it has risen to a higher level," the young man explained.

"They? What identity?" Zhao Yuande looked at the people on the stage and found a total of six people, four men and two women!

One of them actually knew that he was the disciple of Eight View Palace called Xiao Kang.

Isn't he with Dong Guofu? Is Dong Guofu here too?

Zhao Yuande's soul searched the Quartet, but found no figure of Dong Guofu.

Not only did he frown slightly, it seems reasonable that the two should be together. They lived and died together in the Twelve Ascension City. It was because of him that Dong Guofu entered the Bajing Palace to practice.

"That man is called Xiao Kang. Should he still have a friend named Dong Guofu?" Zhao Yuande looked at the young people around him and asked.

"Huh! Do you know them? They came up from the lower realm. They had to follow Uncle Xuanye to the holy palace. As a result, the two of them stayed for the time being." The young man couldn't help but see Zhao Yuande's eyes There was a trembling in my heart.

The other party has such a relationship with Xiao Kang and Dong Guofu, and still has such a face-to-face relationship, will not be related to these two people! With this person's cultivation behavior, it seems that there is a good show again.

"I also came up from the lower realm. I have seen them before, but I have been delayed in Baihezhou, and Tao is only here now," Zhao Yuande explained.

"Oh! Then you have to choose the main vein or branch vein, you should stand on that side!" said the young man.

"Why did the lower soaring make a choice?" Zhao Yuande's face was puzzled.

"You don't know?" The young man looked at Zhao Yuande in shock.

"I don't know." Zhao Yuande shook his head.

"Okay! The original lower realm was indeed a branch, but I don't know why it came down and ordered all the disciples of the lower realm to be included in the main vein." The young man said.

"Aren't the main veins and branches all disciples of Bajing Palace? Why should we distinguish so clearly?" Zhao Yuande asked.

He knew too little about the Bajing Palace. Although the Emperor Lingxu explained to him a little, but it was nothing but a lot of money, he only learned about some peripheral conditions.

"Hey! Although you said it is good, but the resources are limited. Every year, a comparison of the main and main veins is held. Whichever side wins, the side gets more resources! And the disciple who rises from the lower realm is very talented. If you return to the main vein, that vein will be greatly imaged..." explained the young man.

Zhao Yuande understood that the Bajing Palace was not as calm as expected, and the intrigue was probably more serious.

"Later, because the overwhelming majority of the elders of the Taishang objected and changed this order slightly, the disciples who soared in the lower realm were free to choose the main and branch veins," the young man said.