Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1964

Chapter 1964: The Disciple

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"Isn't this good?"

"Hey! You don't know, although the main line is small, but it is rich in resources, and that person who just came to power has greatly increased the disciples' cultivation resources. As long as it is not a fool, he will choose the main line!"

"It turns out that! Why is the battle today?"

"The Central Immortal Division is controlled by a strong branch of the branch. Basically, most of the disciples here are under the strength of the strong branch, so here the branch is strong, the main pulse is weak, and the main pulse is in trouble!" Young People whispered, seeming to despise this practice.

"Then are you the main vein or the main vein?" Zhao Yuande looked at each other curiously.

"Branch!" The young man said helplessly, "My father is an elder of the branch, otherwise I'm really staying here!"

"Thank you for telling me so much!" Zhao Yuande nodded to him and glanced at the appraisal technique, knowing that this person's name was called Feng Xiang.

"Hey! I can't help myself!" Feng Xiang shook his head helplessly and sighed.

Zhao Yuande did not go directly to Zhou Kang, but sat down and watched quietly.

Among the six people on stage, in addition to Zhou Kang's fairyland, there is a Jingya woman in the middle of fairyland, and a beautiful woman in the late fairyland.

The three of them stood together, obviously one side, while the other three were a young man in the middle of the fairyland, a black and powerful man in the late fairyland, and an elegant man in the late fairyland.

"Hello! Did the three of you have enough immortal jade today?" The black strong man in the late fairyland rubbed his big fan-like hands, hehe smiled, the blue robe on him was extremely uncomfortable. harmonious.

"Zhang Ba, are you sure you can win today?" Zhou Kang looked at the opposite man with a little anger on his face.

"Huh! You know if you look at Xiuwei, you still have a fiasco today!" Zhang Ba, the **** man, squinted his lips, his face disdainful.

"What if we win?" Zhou Keng gritted his teeth.

"If you win, we let the boy go. If you lose, then I'm sorry to hand over 300 million top-grade Lingyu!" Zhang Ba said proudly.

"I want to see our friends first!" Zhou Kang gritted his teeth, "As long as he is safe, we agreed."

"Relax, that's our cash cow. How can we treat him badly!" Zhang Ba laughed. "We raised him to nothing, absolutely no abuse to him!"

When Zhao Yuande heard this, he couldn't help but look pretty, and he guessed that the friend Zhou Kang said might be Dong Guofu.

"Does the eight-view palace still allow the disciples to be imprisoned privately?" Zhao Yuande looked at Feng Xiang beside him, his voice was a little cold.

"Of course not allowed, but the man was kicked out of the Bajing Palace, and he is no longer a disciple of the Bajing Palace!" Feng Xiang sighed, "It's not because of the physique of the man, these guys are completely lost to nature!"

"What the **** is going on?" Zhao Yuande heard this, and suddenly his eyes were full of murderous opportunities. He heard it from the other party's mouth. That person must be Dong Guofu, but he was the Holy Communion, the powerful physique after the four physiques. , What do these people want to do?

"You..." Feng Xiang felt Zhao Yuande's terrible killing intention and suddenly shivered.

"Hurry up!" Zhao Yuande's voice became colder and colder, and Feng Xiang even felt that he was about to be crushed by the terrible power.

"The man was the prison body of the prison, because he wanted to join the main vein and was stopped. The elder Taishang personally went in to ask him to be a disciple! As a result, the man refused to agree at all, and the elder Taishang was angry. He was detained for the following crimes and drove him out of Bajing Palace."

"This group of guys from Zhang Ba must have received instructions from someone who seized the severely injured person and wanted to take their physique as their own, but they were known by Xiao Kang and their main disciples. It's not that they won.

However, they put forward the trick of comparison. If you want that person, you must overcome the branch, and if you want to challenge the branch, you need 100 million top-grade fairy jade.

These guys are really ruthless, winning the opponent seven or eight times in a row, earning more than two billion yuan, and injuring many others.

If this time they can't beat Zhang Ba, their main veins will be dried up!

And all the main disciples were injured, and no one could fight anymore! "

The more Zhao Yuande listened, the darker his face, the more violent the anger in his heart. He wished he could rush up and slap this Zhang Ba to death.

He couldn't sit still anymore, and Feisheng landed in Yanwuchang.

"Who are you?" Zhang Ba and others saw Zhao Yuande, especially his cultivation behavior, and his face suddenly changed slightly.

"Xiao Kang!" Zhao Yuande didn't pay attention to each other at all, but turned to look at Xiao Kang.

"Zhao... Master Zhang!" Xiao Kang was so excited that he almost didn't cry, and called Zhao Yuande's name directly.

"Tell me, what's going on?" Zhao Yuande walked over to him and patted his shoulder gently.

"Young Master..." Xiao Kangqiang resisted the tears in his eyes and said the cause and effect carefully.

But he knows Zhao Yuande's true identity and power. Since he came, everything will be solved.

What Xiao Kang said was basically the same as that Feng Xiang said, which made Zhao Yuande's eyes stab at him.

Seeing the appearance of Xiao Kang, the three of Zhang Ba suddenly knew that this person was not simple. They glanced at each other, and finally turned their gaze in one direction of the grandstand.

Where are two young men, one woman and one woman sitting, men with golden crowns and beautiful hair, especially a pair of Phoenix eyes flashing golden light, obviously have some kind of different pupils.

The arrogant color of the woman's face, although beautiful in appearance, always gives people a sense of being high and unattainable.

"The three of you first try to test his strength!" The Golden Crown man's voice was soft, but there was no doubt.

The three nodded together. Although they were all strong in the fairy land, they were also proud geniuses. They did not think that Zhao Yuande defeated them just a little higher than them.

"Okay, it's up to me!" Zhao Yuande nodded. He wanted to see what the reaction would be after the other party's fiasco. If Dongguo Fulai surrendered, Dongguofu would be fine. If something happened to Dongguofu, He will overthrow these people together with their family members, and even the elder who is so shit!

"Good! Master, be careful!" Xiao Kang's eyes showed ecstasy, and it would not be a problem if Zhao Yuande came forward.

He gave a glance to the two women and took them off to the Yanwuchang.

"Who is that man? You... why do you respect him so much?" the middle-aged beautiful woman asked curiously.

"Sister Zhang, he is the disciple of..." Xiao Kang pointed to the sky, lowering his voice.