Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1965

Chapter 1965: Grab It If You Want

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"Who is that?" The middle-aged beautiful woman called Sister Zhang didn't react for a while, and looked at Xiao Kang with some puzzlement.

"Isn't it... Palace Master!" But the Jingya woman thought of something, her eyes lit up.

"Yes...he...Zhao Yuande!" Sister Zhang covered her mouth hard, fearing to let others hear.

"Yes! It's him! Dong Guofu is his brother!" Xiao Kang said somewhat sadly. "If he can come a few days early... Brother Dong Guo will not be treated like this."

"It's not too late! This group of people bullied us is finally over!" Jingya woman clenched her fists, her eyes showing a bit of anticipation.

"He is nothing but the pinnacle of the fairyland... Even if he can defeat Zhang Ba, but those people are already fairy kings, he can..." Sister Zhang looked at Zhao Yuande with some worry.

"Relax!" Xiao Kang's face was determined at this time, and even a smile of expectation appeared.

Zhao Yuande's strength, he witnessed along the way, now let alone these few disciples, even the deacon of the fairy realm may not necessarily be Zhao Yuande's opponent.

"Who are you?" Zhang Ba looked at Zhao Yuande, his face dignified.

"It doesn't matter who I am. The important thing is that if you don't let Dong Guofu go, I will make you regret it for life!" Zhao Yuande looked at the three men and shot a fierce light in his eyes.

He walked towards each other step by step, although he didn't have a strong momentum, but the three people on the opposite side felt an invisible pressure, making them almost suffocated!

"I will meet him first!" The young man in the middle of the fairyland was very arrogant.

He has achieved this kind of cultivation in less than twenty years, and he has always been a pride in the Eight View Palace.

Moreover, he has a special physique and can fight over the ranks. He even fought against the strong man in the early days of the fairy monarch. Although he finally lost, he was not injured, which greatly expanded his confidence.

The teenager's palm turned over, and a meteorite fell in the void. Although not very large, it was astonishing.

The young man's physique is the true body of the stars, which can be connected with the stars in the void. For him, picking the stars is simply tailor-made.

The last time I was able to fight with the Xianjun strong, it was also by relying on the star picker as a trick at the bottom of the box, that I was able to escape from the early Xianjun strong.


Zhao Yuande looked at the meteorite falling in the sky and glanced at the corner of his mouth. He didn't care about it at all, but put a punch on the boy's chest without hesitation.

He is so fast, not to mention a teenager, that even the man and the woman in the stands didn't see clearly.


The body of the teenager flew out like a cannonball, I dont know how many stone chairs in the stands broke, how many onlookers in the stands crashed on the ground like dead dogs, and blood oozed out from under him, Quickly merged into a stream.

"You... so cruel..." The teenager raised his head and looked at Zhao Yuande in the Yanwuchang, unwilling to say a word.

"I'm already showing mercy!" Zhao Yuande is actually showing mercy. If he really uses his full strength, let alone this young man, even if he comes to a strong late Xianjun, he will be killed alive!

The meteorite just fell down now. Zhao Yuande just waved the meteorite and flew out.


I don't know how far I flew out, it took a long time for a loud noise.

"His!" All the onlookers took a breath.

They could hardly believe their eyes. The attack power of the falling meteorite was enough to instantly kill a strong player in the late fairyland, but they didn't expect the other party to fly like a fly.

How powerful is this guy? This is what everyone thinks of at this moment.

"Who destroyed the building of my eight-view palace!" A roar came from a distance, and a gray-haired old man appeared above everyone's head.

"It's him!" Zhao Yuande pointed his finger at the teenager lying on the ground. "His supernatural powers!"

Zhao Yuande was also depressed. He didn't expect to have a casual shoot, but he even broke into a big disaster, but he wouldn't admit that it was his problem. The meteorite was called by the other party.

The old man glanced at the teenager lying on the ground, his face suddenly changed, and he rushed past.

"Just Dust...Dust!" Seeing the miserable condition of the teenager, the old man could not help turning his eyes to Zhao Yuande, almost bursting fire in his eyes, "You hurt my grandson!"

Zhao Yuande secretly called bad luck, who thought this old man turned out to be this guy's grandfather!

"Deacon Zhong, this is a fair competition. Zhong Juechen lost it. It can only be said that his strength is not good, no wonder others!" The middle-aged beautiful woman called Sister Zhang looked at the old man and did not speak lightly.

"My grandson was injured like this, you are still talking cool words here!" The old man stared at Sister Zhang, his face angry.

"Deacon Zhong, you don't want to be irritated. Many disciples are here to witness for yourself, you can do it yourself!" Sister Zhang seems to have some provinces, and the words she says have some weight.

The old man looked at Zhao Yuande bitterly, his eyes spitting fire, but he didn't speak anymore, so he walked with the boy in his arms.

"Hand over Dong Guofu, otherwise I won't keep my hands!" Zhao Yuande turned his eyes to Zhang Ba and the elegant young man.

Although the two are a little stronger than Juvenile Zhong Juechen, it is basically impossible to want such an easy God of War opponent, so they are not Zhao Yuande's opponents.

They had no choice but to turn their heads together and look at the men and women in the stands.

"You won this time! But Dong Guofu offended the elders too much, we will not let him go so easily!" The man in the stands glanced at Zhao Yuande, although he was a bit afraid, but he did not let Dong Guofu go. the meaning of.

"Yes, it depends on the meaning of the elders too!" The proud woman also gave Zhao Yuande a deep look and said lightly.

"Zhang Biyun, Song Qin! Don't go too far, the elder Taizhao has expelled Dong Guofu from the Bajing Palace, and has punished him. What right do you have to catch him!" Xiao Kang pointed at the two, his body shaking, almost in his eyes Fire is about to blow out.

"Actually, he is no longer a disciple of Bajing Palace. We want to catch it, no one can control it!" Song Qin, the arrogant woman, sneered, "I just don't let go, what can you do!"

"Really?" Zhao Yuande really understood his anger at this moment. His figure had appeared in front of the woman, and he stretched his hand and grabbed it toward the other person's neck.

"You are bold!" Song Qin's complexion changed, and she clearly felt the strength of the other party, and she was not the opponent at all.

This thing will be caught by the opponent's neck, and he will instantly lose his resistance.