Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1966

Chapter 1966: Xuan Kong

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She hurriedly backed away, trying to avoid this catch, but she felt like she was stuck in the quagmire of time, and the other party's palm seemed to pass directly through time and space, and directly pinched her neck.

"You... let go! Do you know who I am? If you don't let go of your hand, you, your family, and the people behind you will be abandoned and killed!" Song Qin was caught by his neck, but he didn't do anything. With fear, he looked at Zhao Yuande very provocatively, "You try it!"

"Haha! This is the funny joke I heard today!" Zhao Yuande didn't care who the other person was at all. His backhand slapped directly on the other person's face.

The woman's white jade-like face suddenly swelled with several bright red fingerprints.

"Let him go, she is the granddaughter of Song Taishang, do you dare to beat him, don't you want to live?" The man named Zhang Biyun wearing a golden crown saw Song Qin beaten and suddenly changed his face, but was afraid of Zhao Yuande Can't think of killing Song Qin directly, pointing at Zhao Yuande said.

"Really? Scared me!" Zhao Yuande grinned and slapped his backhand on the other side of Song Qin's face. "Fang out Dong Guofu, I will keep you alive, and you will die if you don't let him!"

"You... dare you to kill me? You are not afraid..." Song Qin was slapped with two slapped faces, and he was stunned directly, his license Zhao Yuande said tremblingly.


He hadn't finished his words, but he slapped it again, striking at Venus.

"Don't you say you want to kill my family and the people behind you? Have the ability to call your grandfather to see if he dares!" Zhao Yuande's most taboo is that others threaten his relatives and friends. Only one word, kill!

"Don't you feel shameless about treating a woman like this? You have the ability to play Song Qin, and you have the ability to charge me!" Zhang Biyun was helpless. Although he knew that he was not the opponent, he had to come forward.

Song Qin is his fiance. If something really happened in front of him today, he might be killed by her grandfather.

"Release Dong Guofu, otherwise you don't even want to escape today!" Zhao Yuande's voice was cold.

"Dong Guofu is not here with us! We have no way!" Zhang Biyun gritted his teeth.

"Then don't blame me, kill her first and then you!" Zhao Yuande's finger pointed towards Song Qin's eyebrow.

"Can't kill her, the rules of Bajing Palace can't kill each other with the same door!" Sister Zhang had a bit of anxious voice to Zhao Yuande at this time.

"Huh?" Zhao Yuande frowned slightly, but his fingers did not listen, but continued to point towards Song Qin.

"Keep her alive, otherwise it will be really troublesome." Sister Zhang's voice was very urgent.

Zhao Yuande still ignores it!

"Stop it! Dong Guofu is really not in our hands. He was taken away by his brother!" Zhang Biyun watched Song Qin killed by Zhao Yuande, but he could only tell the truth helplessly.

"What! It was taken away by Master Brother! You... are crazy! Crazy!" Sister Zhang suddenly turned pale when she heard the words Master Brother.

Even Xiao Kang's face changed a lot at this time!

Brother is a lunatic, absolutely lunatic, can do anything!

He is extremely talented, and is known as one of the three strongest young talents of the young generation in Bajing Palace. In order to practice, he can ignore everything, in order to study the magical powers, he almost madly caught the practitioner to experiment, slice people, study the meridian blood Know the sea!

Dong Guofu was taken away by his brother, and he was sent to hell.

"Where is the elder brother! Hurry up! Otherwise, Bajing Palace is going to be messed up!" Sister Zhang's face was scared and pale.

"Brother?" Zhao Yuande's finger rested on Song Qin's forehead. "He's there?"

"He...he retreats in the palace of Zhenyang!" Zhang Biyun said pale and helpless.

"Master! Come with me quickly, otherwise..." Xiao Kang looked pale, but he galloped away in one direction without turning back.

"No flight in the Eight View Palace!" At this time a voice sounded in the void, and a powerful force suppressed it, directly suppressing Xiao Kang on the ground.

"Humph! Shut up!" Zhao Yuande could feel that the other party was just a strong man in the late fairy tale.

With his big sleeves flicked, Xiao Kang rolled up from the ground, and the whole person turned into a golden rainbow in the direction of Xiao Kang.

"Bold!" An old man in the void appeared and chased directly towards Zhao Yuande.

"It's hilarious now!" Everyone in the stands chased excitedly towards the place where Zhao Yuande disappeared.

The older generations of the Bajing Palace generally do not care about the young people. As long as the fight between the young people does not violate the rules of the Bajing Palace, they will not come out and say much.

The rules of the Bajing Palace are extremely strict. They dare to fly in the palace today. This alone will be lively.

And this matter is also related to that crazy man!

Sister Zhang and the Jingya woman's face was pale at this time, but they guessed Zhao Yuande's identity. If Dong Guofu really had something wrong today, I am afraid that the entire Central Xianyu Bajing Palace would be overturned by him.

"This is it?" Zhao Yuande flew to a hall.

"This is here, this is the Zhenyang Palace!" Xiao Kang said.


Without any hesitation, Zhao Yuande shot the sky directly towards Zhenyang Hall.

The Zhenyang Hall collapsed in an instant and turned into a rubble.

Seeing Zhao Yuande arrive at the Zhenyang Temple, and smashing the Zhenyang Temple with a slap, the old man behind him also stopped.

He knew that he couldn't control this matter. If the madman went crazy, he might even fight with his deacon together. Let someone with the ability to control it!

His figure disappeared in a flash, and this kind of thing is generally unacceptable.

A figure rushed out of the ruins and stood in the void staring coldly at Zhao Yuande and Xiao Kang.

"Xuan Kong! Hand over Dong Guofu, otherwise our main line won't stop with you!" Sister Zhang and others have arrived at this time. Seeing the Zhenyang Temple turned into a ruin, she couldn't help but look for a while. Shouted.

"Zhang Ling! Don't mess with me, or your deacon man won't be able to save you!" The figure looked 27-year-old, with a somewhat sickly pale face and a thin body, as if he were a sick patient, but his eyes were Emitting a strange light, staring at Zhao Yuande.

"As for dare to break my Zhenyang Palace, today I will capture you and let you be my guinea pig!" The more Xuan Kong looked at Zhao Yuande's eyes, the more delighted he could feel the strength of the kid across from him , Which makes him more excited.