Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1967

Chapter 1967: Is There Only This Ability

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This person's cultivation base is very powerful, and he is already a strong middle-aged fairy, and his body exudes a breath no weaker than the strong late Xianjun.

"Let Dong Guofu! Otherwise you are going to die today!" Zhao Yuande looked at each other coldly. The other party's eyes seemed to be a hunter who saw the prey, and his eyes were full of excitement and greed. Shares disgust.

He is not worried about Dong Guofu, and he has already made a fight with the opponent.

"Dong Guofu...hey! That kid's physique...It's really good...It's a pity...It's a pity..." Xuan Kong suddenly heard the name of Dong Guofu, his eyes flashed in his eyes, "But you are also good, I captured you, It can also make up for the loss!"

Sister Zhang heard this from the other side, and suddenly her face suddenly turned pale. If Dong Guofu had an accident, the Eight View Palace would be overturned!

She has heard many legends about this. He attaches great importance to friends and relatives. If anyone dares to threaten him with this, he will kill him without hesitation!

If Dong Guofu really died in the hands of Xuan Kong, this master must die!

The brother is so crazy, but still able to live well, that is because there are people behind him, and he has a high status in the Holy Palace!

"What's the matter with Dong Guofu?" Zhao Yuande heard the other party's words, and suddenly showed a fierce expression on his face. If Dong Guofu was actually killed by the other party, he will be here to kill today!

Whatever his eight-view palace, Laozi can't leave!

"You beat me, you know!" Xuan Kong pointed his finger at Zhao Yuande, his face full of provocation.

"court death!"

Zhao Yuande's face was cold, and all those of his generation who dared to provoke him were already killed by him!

His powerful power of gods and souls overwhelmed the other party to suppress the past. The gods and souls of the mid-century emperor can almost destroy the world!

Xuan Kong suddenly felt an irresistible terror pressure suppressed from the void, his face changed greatly, and he suddenly knew that the person in front of him was not the ordinary goods he encountered.

No wonder the other party will be so arrogant and dare to come up and break his palace. It turns out that the power of the other party's soul is so powerful, so much stronger than himself!

But he is not an ordinary person. A **** Changhong flew out of his head and turned out to be a long sword.

Even Zhao Yuande couldn't help but be shocked. This Xianbao is a seventh grade, and it turned out to be a soul treasure. This is very rare and very powerful!

The horror power carried in this **** fairy sword, even Zhao Yuande felt a trace of threat.

This shows that this fairy sword has the ability to hurt his own soul.

"Hmph! How powerful is your soul! This is a Qipin Soul Poem Sword, dedicated to slashing the soul! If you don't know life and death, continue!" Xuan Kong snorted coldly, but his heart was bleeding.

This soul treasure fairy sword is powerful, but every shot requires one-tenth of his soul power to urge it. Of course, this is only mobilization. If you want to use it to fight, it will cost more.

However, compared to consumption, its power is even more powerful. He once used this fairy sword to kill a strong man in the late stage of the fairy.

"Really? You have Soul Treasure, do you think I don't?" Zhao Yuande smiled contemptuously, a golden light shot out of his eyebrows, a small bell.

The bell oscillated gently in the void, emitting a ripple that was visible to the naked eye, and the faces of the people watching around the tremor turned pale.

They were at least a few hundred feet away from Zhao Yuande. They were both disturbed by this bell. It is conceivable that Xuan Kong was now under pressure.

Xuan Kong's **** long sword on top of his head slashed again and again, which resolved the bell's attack, and his face became more and more pale.

Zhao Yuande's bell actually just picked one out of the spoils. Zhao Yuande saw that it was small and cute and the grade was not low. This only refined it, but I didn't expect it to be used today.

Although this bell is only a sixth-grade product, Zhao Yuande's soul is the mid-century of the Immortal Emperor, and can almost fully exert its powerful power.

The other party's soul is only the pinnacle of the fairy king, and controlling the seven-piece soul treasure fairy sword is very expensive. Compared with the two, Xuan Kong has gradually lost its strength!

Xuan Kong knew that if he continued, he would be defeated.


He yelled with open mouth, and the **** fairy sword above his head turned into a giant sword slashing towards the bell!

In this blow, he consumed 20% of the power of the gods and souls, and the power is almost able to contend with the spirits of the early stage of the fairyland.

The bell flew high and was buzzing.

"It's now! You die for me!" Xuan Kong's palm protruded out, and the thin palm-like palm shot directly towards Zhao Yuande.

"Oh! Want to defeat me with the power of the flesh?" Zhao Yuande looked at the palm of his opponent's palm, his lips slightly skimmed. "Before my eyes, your flesh is not worth mentioning at all!"

"Really?" Xuan Kong's palm turned over, and there was a violent shock in the void. Two huge meteorites whistled towards Zhao entire Eight-View Palace fell down.

"Xuan Kong! You madman, are you going to destroy the Bajing Palace?" Someone appeared in the void and yelled angrily at Xuan Kong, "Stop me immediately!"

"Hey! I can't stop!" Xuan Kong's eyes showed a crazy look.

"Humph! Is there only this ability?" Zhao Yuande's face sneered, and his fingers were slightly pointed towards the void.

There was a twist in the void, and a huge black hole appeared in the sky. The black hole spun wildly, and the two meteorite burst into the black hole involuntarily.


The sound of a violent meteorite hitting the earth came from endless and distant places, the whole world was shaking, and the Bajing Palace almost had a feeling of overturning.

Zhao Yuande actually transferred the two meteors through a black vortex.

This is actually a change of Zhao Yuande's fist of chemical transformation. The black vortex of the former chemical transformation is leading to the world in his body. Now he can transfer his export to other places to deal with this terrorist large-scale attack, which is the most effective.

"This..." Everyone had planned to escape just a moment ago, but when he saw Zhao Yuande's move, he couldn't help but froze.

Even the deacon who was speaking just now was shocked at this time, but he was a strong man in the late period of the fairy monarch, and he did not have this ability.

The opponent is just a cultivator at the pinnacle of fairyland, but he did it easily. Who is this person?

"It's not over yet! This is my strongest blow! The flesh is my most powerful place!" Xuan Kong Shen Yi Lengsen, the chicken-like palm suddenly became crystal-like jade, as if across Time and space appeared directly in front of Zhao Yuande.