Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1968

Chapter 1968: You Still Have A Little Brain

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"He...his physical body...I think of it! He's that special physique, his physical power... not ordinary people can resist!"

"Ah!" Sister Zhang exclaimed, almost couldn't bear to see Zhao Yuande's tragic ending.

"Stop it! You broke the rules of Bajing Palace like this, he is a disciple of Bajing Palace!" A voice came from the void, and an old man appeared.

Although this old man is very strong, he is not a strong immortal emperor, and he cannot stop this palm.

"Hey! I'm a saintly sacred body. Why should I get Dong Guofu in my mind because if all the saintly sacred body and the prison body are concentrated on me, my physique can surpass the four major sacred bodies , Become the most powerful physique, what is the sacrifice of several people for this goal! What if there are rules in Bajing Palace, if I are the four major eucharists, even if the rules are broken, no one will punish me!" Xuan Kong hehe Sneer, but the words spoken were dull for a while.

"Really? Since that's the case, no one will punish me if I kill you!" Zhao Yuande grinned, grabbing at the hand that was probing him.


All the people heard only the sound of bone fragmentation.

Zhao Yuande's hand has grabbed Xuan Kong's palm, and a **** flower rushed up. Zhao Yuande even squeezed the opponent's palm alive!

"What a **** domineering holy body!" Zhao Yuande's arm shook.


A continuous burst of loud noises came out, and Xuan Kong's arms shattered inch by inch, and flesh and bones flew across.

"Ah! It's impossible! You... who the **** are you!" Xuan Kong's face changed drastically. He felt that the opponent's power was thousands of times stronger than himself, and he seemed to be a weak child in the opponent's hands.

"You don't have the right to know!" Zhao Yuande stepped on Xuan Kong's chest, his eyes full of indifference, "Hand over Dong Guofu, I will spare your life, and if you don't, I will search for your soul, and then Kill you!"

At this time, all the people around, the powerhouses whose packages were hidden in the dark, were all stunned.

Even Xiao Kang, who was originally full of confidence in Zhao Yuande, was dumb at this time.

How could he know that Zhao Yuande was a Chaos Eucharist, how could he know that Zhao Yuande's flesh would be so powerful.

"I won't tell you, kill me if you have the ability! As for the soul search, you try!" Although Xuan Kong fell into the hands of Zhao Yuande, although he was under Zhao Yuande's feet, he didn't believe he dare to kill himself .

Secretly, I dont know how many strong people are paying attention here. If the other party really dares to kill themselves, those people will inevitably stop.

As for Soul Search, it is equivalent to abolishing him, and those strong will come out to stop.

"Okay! Since you are obsessed, I will search your soul!" Zhao Yuande sneered.

"This... little friend, you still have to stop! It's a bit too much for an outsider to mutilate the same fellow!" Zhao Yuande hadn't started yet, and a figure appeared in the void.

This man is a middle-aged man with three strands of long beard fluttering and a bit of fairy wind bones.

"Elder Chen..." many people exclaimed.

"This is the three elders in Bajing Palace, the strongest in the realm of Immortal Emperor, and the brother of Xuan Kong, you... or..." Although Senior Sister Zhang knows that Zhao Yuande has a special status, she also knows the weight of this and quickly rushed to persuade her to persuade Road.

"Elder Chen is it!" Zhao Yuande ignored the other party's coercion and just looked at the other party. "The outsider you said is my friend. The same fellow you said is sad, what would you do?"

"It's true that he is mad, but he is indeed a rare genius. If he dies, it will be a huge loss for our Bajing Palace!" The middle-aged man nodded.

"So what do you think of me? Is he stronger than him?" Zhao Yuande looked at each other with a smile, "If you don't kill him to save my friend, I will leave Bajing Palace. You think this loss is not much." ?"

"You... things could have gone otherwise, you two are disciples of Bajing Palace, why work for Bajing Palace, why bother to be an outsider?" Elder Chen is a little embarrassed, "And even if you are stronger than him, then Anyway, Bajing Palace is a place that pays attention to rules, and it is not allowed to kill each other in the same door..."

"Hum! Rules?" Zhao Yuande sneered. "Since you said rules, I will take a step back and surrender my friends. If my friends are fine, I will spare him!"

"No! Brother, I can't give it to him, I will be successful soon! When I have successfully merged... Ah!" Before the Xuan Kong words were finished, I felt the big foot stepping on my chest. His internal organs exploded in an instant, and he could not help crying out.

"Stop..." Elder Chen looked at Zhao Yuande angrily, "Let him go, otherwise don't blame me for your hands!"

"I will give you three breaths of time, and hand over my friends. If you don't, you will definitely die today!" Zhao Yuande raised his hand and Xuan Kong flew up. He directly grasped the other person's head, and the powerful spirits had begun to invade each other. Know the sea.

"! Okay! You are obsessed, thinking someone will save you, right! Today I will let you know what despair is!" Zhao Yuande's powerful soul rushed into the other's knowledge.

"Give me a hand!" Elder Chen's eyes burst into flames, and the detective grabbed Zhao Yuande.

Although Xuan Kong is crazy, he is the master's favorite disciple. Why he is so crazy is actually part of the reason for his indulgence and indulgence.

If he was really searched for soul today, and he couldn't stop it, the master would be furious and might slap himself to death!

"Bold! Do you dare to do it to me, do you want to bully the master and destroy the ancestor?" Zhao Yuande sneered.

Trick the master and destroy the ancestor!

When Elder Chen heard the word, he was surprised for a moment. He looked at Zhao Yuande and suddenly thought of someone!

"You... your surname is Zhao!" Elder Chen's voice trembled a little, and he really hoped that the other party was not that person.

"You still have a little brain! Go!" Zhao Yuande sneered, "Dare to treat me so unreasonably next time, and dispose of it with palace rules!"

"Yes!" Elder Chen's face was pale, scolded by countless disciples, and made him roll, but he didn't dare to talk, and obediently obediently, it completely lost his face!

He didn't dare to say a word, bowed slightly to Zhao Yuande, then turned around and disappeared in front of everyone.

The people watching around are petrified collectively, this... what the **** is this?

An elder is scolded, and honestly, what is the identity of this young man?