Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 197

Chapter 197: The Road To Rise Begins

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In the Divine Ruins, almost all the cultivators are staring at which god-like figure at this moment.

They seem to be separated from each other, just now they are still fighting for some small profits, and the next moment there is such a horrible scene that will make them immortal.

It turns out that the legends are all true. There are really powerful people who can pick stars and get moons, move mountains to fill the sea, and destroy the entire world in a single thought.

They all awakened at this moment, they felt their insignificance, they felt their incompetence, something called effort broke out from the depths of their hearts, urging them to move forward.

Because their advancement has a goal at this moment, it is this divinely powerful character.

And at this moment, a picture suddenly appeared in Zhao Yuande's heart. The light of thunder seemed to be open to the earth, penetrating the vast sky and penetrating a big world...

"this is!"

Zhao Yuande felt that a picture flashed in his mind, still the figure of the great Wei An, he broke a chaotic air with one punch!

But the power used this time is the power of the Thunder!

He realized this power, and suddenly felt a slight rise between his eyebrows, and a terrifying thunder power was frantically brewing in his eyebrows.

This power! Coupled with the trajectory of the punch, he carefully moved the force of thunder between his eyebrows into his hands.

Punch out! Space is broken!

The space around ten feet in front of the face collapsed at this moment!

The nearby Zhu Wanqing jumped up in a hurry, and the crying father shouted his mother and rushed out hundreds of feet before stopping.

"Huh! The young man's savvy, no wonder..." Seeing this scene, the godly strong man couldn't help but stunned for a while, and then showed a knowing smile.

His body stepped into the void in one step, and had disappeared into the **** ruins the next moment.

At this moment, a voice sounded in Zhao Yuande's knowledge of the sea.

"Young boy, work hard! I hope you will not live up to our hopes!"

Zhao Yuande struggled to wake up from the surprise, looked at the ruined void in front of him, and still couldn't believe his eyes.

Are you really so powerful?

Broken void is the realm that the realm of the field can barely reach!

But in an instant he knew, this is the power of Kaitian eleven punches!

In the last life, he just heard it. He was convinced by others that it was Kaitian Jiuquan. Today he finally saw these eleven punches with his own eyes!

However, he felt that eleven punches were not absolute, plus that the last punch he unintentionally laid out should be twelve punches!

"Haha! Haha!" He burst out laughing, full of excitement and satisfaction!

This is his first big wish since his rebirth, and finally completed at this moment!

The road to his rise is thus opened!

Not far away, Zhu Wanqing's eyes were more radiant, and he made up his mind that he must follow this guy to eat and drink, otherwise Yu Baoshan would be empty.

Just when this guy was going to hug Zhao Yuande's legs and let him take him as a younger brother, he felt like a fry pan in his mind, and the whole person collapsed to the ground without even humming.

"What's wrong with this guy?" Zhao Yuande looked puzzled at Zhu Wanqing, who wanted to leave! I always feel a little sorry for the old sword god, the other party can be regarded as benevolent to himself, it is a waste of time to put it here.

He simply took care of himself and threw this guy into his copper furnace world. Even if he woke up, he didn't know where, and he knocked it out again.

"Now that I got the open fist technique, my mission to Shenxu was completed this time. I don't care about anything else. I will first condense the fifth god's fetal wood's **** fetus. It's definitely within reach!"

Zhao Yuande quickly left the area quickly.

"Now I'm going to find a safe and hidden place, and I am promoted!" Zhao Yuande recalled the past life and wanted to find a quiet place to come out, "Yes! Go to the Devil Scorpion King, one of the seventy-two kings Among the cave houses, I dont know how many times they have been searched, and even the lowest-level spirits have been cleaned by people, and no one will go there again!"

He glanced at the direction and jumped on the high mountains, but he saw a barren mountain for more than an hour.

"It's here!" Zhao Yuande slowed down the speed, and suddenly thought of another thing, "I don't know if the spirit of Wanshan can be contacted here, otherwise, if it comes to Heaven Tribulation, wouldn't it be a waste! "

But soon he was relieved. He quickly contacted the spirit of Wanshan. The other party said that as long as it was in the Eastern World, there was no problem anywhere, and he just walked into the mountain with confidence.

In the mountains, he saw a ruined palace, which was covered with weeds and dead wood, and there was no trace of vitality and vitality.

"These people are so cruel! Even the bricks have been dug away!"

After passing through the hall, he quickly entered a dark cave. There were many wrong and complicated roads in the cave, and one could be lost if he was not careful.

He chose a clean place and sat cross-legged with satisfaction.

He took out the tender branches of the undead tree in that section and put them in front of him.

"The twigs of the immortal tree, the immortal spirit has been dissipated, with strong vitality and exuberant aura of wood, medium-level ingredients, matching the recipe'The essence of black wood', can help the cultivator to condense the ultimate fetus of wood, food material list!"

"No! Extreme God of Wood! This is a little irritating!" Zhao Yuande looked at the information with some discomfort.

The so-called extreme is only to condense this kind of divine fetus, so that this kind of divine fetus can reach a extreme, even compared to the five gods in one.

However, this recipe is not useful to you at all, you can only give up!

With the previous experience of condensing the Shen tire, Zhao Yuande's condensing wood **** tire is just a familiar journey, and the condensing wood **** tire will condense in less than half a day!

However, at this moment, he pressed **** the violent force in his body and began to combine the five gods!

He will follow this opportunity to spend the two days of the Heaven Tribulation together, and with the help of the Spirit of Wanshan, the intensity of the Sky Thunder will reach an unprecedented level of strength.

He intends to use this Heaven Tribulation to cleanse his flesh well, and strive to make the flesh go to a higher level. It is best to reach the third step of the undead body, and rebirth.

This state is a step further than the rebirth of the broken limb. No matter how much trauma your body suffers, it can be restored quickly when the blood is abundant. This is a huge leap. If it is used casually in combat, it is a fight. The immortal Xiaoqiang.

The combination of the five gods has not been tried in the previous life, Zhao Yuande, but it does not mean that it is difficult. With his cultivation experience and extreme practice methods, at the same time, the five gods are one and he can easily enter the Lingtai Pregnancy. territory!

What Zhao Yuande didn't expect, the superposition of the three heavenly disasters and the participation of the spirit of Wanshan, a vast and terrifying thunderstorm finally began!