Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1970

Chapter 1970: Persuade

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This is even darker than Xuan Jizong. He has completely lost interest in Bajing Palace.

He felt that he was unsuitable for Zongmen's intrigue and cold heart.

"Wait! You can't just leave like this!" A shadow appeared in front of Zhao Yuande, blocking his way.

This is an old man, with white eyes and beard staring at Zhao Yuande, his breath is very powerful.

Zhao Yuande looked up and found that this man was a strong man in the middle of the fairy emperor.

"Go away! I'm in a bad mood now!" Zhao Yuande ignored the other party and said indifferently.

"No matter who you are, your identity can't go! You killed my two disciples of Xuanzi generation in Bajing Palace, but this is going to be an enemy of my Bajing Palace." The old man was not angry, even more so when he spoke It makes people feel a strong sense of oppression.

This old man is a deputy palace owner of Bajing Palace in the Central Immortal Territory. Just after returning from the Holy Palace, he found that the Bajing Palace was in a mess. All the strong men were no longer in the palace, and the misfortune of Xuan Kong and the middle-aged beautiful woman was also Seen by him.

Although he heard someone talk about Zhao Yuande's unusual status, he didn't even show up many powerful men, but he couldn't help but rushed up to stop Zhao Yuande.

"Enemy with Bajing Palace? Ha ha! You don't have to say this." Zhao Yuande saw that the old man didn't seem to understand the ins and outs of the matter, so he sneered. "Who are you? Who is the master? Why did you see the master's door?" Elders dare to be so arrogant!"

"I... I'm Yuan Feng, the deputy palace lord of the Eight Scenic Palaces in the Central Immortal Territory, and my master is the Emperor Wuya! The lord of the Eight Scenic Palaces in the Central Immortal Domain!" the old man proudly said.

"It turned out to be an infinite disciple!" Zhao Yuande heard the other party's words, and suddenly remembered the teacher and nephew who helped him in the Thunder God's Palace. His own rules are due to his family. Since he is this disciple, he is not too good. .

"Do you know my master?" Yuan Feng was shocked.

"Let's go! Don't block my way, otherwise I will say it, you may have to kneel to send me!" Zhao Yuande is not in a good mood now and does not want to chat.

"You... who the **** are you? If you don't know clearly today, you will stay!" Yuan Feng was both frightened and angry. The other party was so angry that he dared to humiliate himself.

"Your master must be respectful when he sees me, and you dare to ignore me!" Zhao Yuande's eyes were cold.

"You..." When the old man heard the other person say this, he suddenly thought of someone.

The master once said that a person is the disciple, and his seniority is scary. Even the master and his elders should be called Master Uncle!

Especially the one who is in charge of Bajing Palace now, his discipleship is even more scary. He only has such a disciple, and the next generation of the master of the palace is none other than him!

Thinking that this person might be the disciple in front of him, he calmed down all of a sudden, and if he really was himself, he wouldnt be ashamed even if he bowed down!

You should know that the elders are the most respected in the Eight View Palace and the most respected teachers are the most respected.

Xuan Kong and the middle-aged beautiful woman can be so unscrupulous here, in fact, because of their identity. They are five generations of disciples in Bajing Palace, that is, Zhao Yuande's disciples. They are similar to the star pickers, but in the central fairyland, eight scenes In the palace, their seniority is almost higher than that of some elders, which has led many elders to dare not care about their affairs.

"Know who I am! I won't say it, you should leave immediately!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand, impatiently.

"Yes!" Yuan Feng stooped and bowed, never daring to say another word.

Zhao Yuande took Dong Guofu away from Bajing Palace, and finally returned to Lingxu Immortal Palace.

"Brother? What's the matter? Why are you back?" The Emperor Lingxu looked at Zhao Yuande with a puzzled look on his face.

"Don't talk about it! Help me arrange my friends!" Zhao Yuande looked at Dong Guofu, who still had some souls, and couldn't help but sigh.

"What do you want him to do? Count in my Lingxian fairy palace or not?" Lingxian fairy emperor looked at Dong Guofu.

"Let him rest first! When he recovers his emotions, make his own decision!" Zhao Yuande patted Dong Guofu on the shoulder and nodded to him.

Dong Guofu nodded silently.

After Dong Guofu left, Zhao Yuande told him about what happened in the Bajing Palace.

"Bajing Palace! It's too decadent, but you shouldn't lose hope in the Bajing Palace because of this incident. Your master is now trying to change all this. I believe in his ability!" The Emperor Lingxu heard Zhao Yuande's words, too. Can not help but sigh, persuaded.

"Anyway, I dont want to go back now. I feel angry when I think about Brother Dong Guo. The elders in the palace of the Eight Kings Palace are so small, and the disciples in the palace of Eight Kings can do the kind of disgusting things. !" Zhao Yuande waved his hand.

"Hey! I think it's the same everywhere, there are battles everywhere, and everything is used for the benefit, even if it is my Lingxian Xian Gong, what can I do, open one eye and close one eye!" The Emperor Lingxu shook his head helplessly, "In fact, this kind of battle is also beneficial. Some disciples can be suppressed to stimulate their potential and become more powerful!"

"Is there no such thing as Brother Dong Guo, whose talent is jealous..." Zhao Yuande was a little emotional.

"Forget it! Don't be angry, Bajing Palace is much better than some forces in Immortal Realm!" Emperor Lingxu interrupted Zhao Yuande's words, "I think someone will come to you soon, you can put forward some conditions , Also took this opportunity to return to Bajing Palace!"

"Conditions! My conditions are very simple. The elder of the chicken belly is going to die, and everyone involved in the persecution of Brother Dong Guo is going to die! As long as I agree to this condition, I will not count on it! Otherwise... I will never go back! "Zhao Yuande gritted his teeth."

"This... this is a bit too much!" Lingxu Emperor Emperor smiled and shook his head bitterly, "That too elder elder may already be the supreme! The lowest is also the realm of the Emperor Emperor. impossible!"

"Then forget it, I'm absolutely not asking, what about Bajing Palace!" Zhao Yuande proudly said, "I left Bajing Palace just as well as I did!"

"Then what should your master do? Don't you give him some face?" Emperor Lingxu said.

"This..." Zhao Yuan was a little suffocated and thought of the master. If he hadn't been a master, he would be dead!

Over the years, I have also received a lot of help by virtue of the name of the master. If I am so ruthlessly out of the Bajing Palace, how can I face this master who has only spoken on two sides.

For a moment, Zhao Yuande showed a hesitant look on his face.

"It's actually very simple. Tell the master completely from beginning to end to see what his attitude is, and then you are going to decide how to go in the future!" Lingxian Emperor suggested.