Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1973

Chapter 1973: Better Luck

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"It is indeed a bit chaotic. Master and his elderly have always been in retreat and have no intention to manage the Bajing Palace. He has not announced the next palace owner before, so the Bajing Palace will become like this. I am now in danger, and it really makes me Burnt head!" Zhang Ling's face with a wry smile.

"Master, about my friend..." Zhao Yuande didn't forget about Dong Guofu's things. This was his main purpose this time.

"Well! I understand this matter, it is indeed the problem of Mr. Song, and your juniors are indeed too much, you are doing well!" Zhang Ling's face also showed a bit of anger, "I Unexpectedly, this kind of thing will happen in the Bajing Palace. You can rest assured that everyone except Song Taishang has been severely punished, and Song Taishang's compensation is now in place."

Zhang Ling delivered a storage ring to Zhao Yuande's hand.

"Give it to your friends, he can still join Bajing Palace if he wants to. I will arrange it for him. If I don't want it, I won't force it!" Zhang Ling said.

"Forget it! He has a shadow on the Bajing Palace. If I practice here, I'm afraid I won't be able to enter in the future... I'll thank the master for him!" Zhao Yuande took the storage ring and paid homage to Zhang Ling.

"Okay! Since you and I became mentors and apprentices, I have no time to guide you to practice, it is better to take this opportunity..."

"The apprentice also happened to have a problem in cultivation and asked the teacher Fu Zi to come to the east..."


Zhao Yuande practiced Ziqi Donglai Kungfu, and the three avatars were based on Ziqi Donglai Kung fu. The powerful magical powers of Bajing Palace were also inextricably linked to Ziqi Donglai.

Zhang Ling guided his cultivation and made him suddenly understand many things that he didn't understand.

Time passed slowly, and in a flash, a month passed.

Zhao Yuande's Xiuyu made rapid progress in this month, and Xiuwei soon reached the peak of the fairyland.

The Purple Air Continent is the site of Bajing Palace. It is the safest place to cross the robbery here, so he did not hesitate to break through here.

Xianjun's breakthrough made his fighting power increase again by a few points, at this time he can already barely defeat the early strong of Xiandi.

Just when Zhao Yuande was excited about his progress, he received a notice from the master.

"Yuande, what is your relationship with the Huntian fairy country?" Zhang Ling looked at Zhao Yuande a little solemnly, "Master hasn't asked about you, but today you can tell me the truth."

"Between me and the Heavenly Kingdom?" Zhao Yuande was a little puzzled, but he soon thought of a possibility. After careful calculation, the time of five years should come, and his agreement with the spirits in the large array of stars and stars came, He should go to gluttonous city now.

"Last time I participated in the Huntian Fairyland Trial, and the result was connected with the Great Celestial Array of the Heavens. I can be regarded as half of the bloodline of the Huntian Fairyland, so..." Zhao Yuande said.

"It turns out so, I know!" Zhang Ling nodded and pondered. After a long time, he looked up and said, "It's difficult for the Heavenly Kingdom to seek revenge unless you can be promoted to the state of Dao Zun, but this hope is real. Its too slim, your opponents are too strong, even my master, your masters are very afraid of each other!"

"Master means?" Zhao Yuande looked at the other party.

He was a little nervous in his heart. He knew that the matter of the Huntian Immortal Kingdom was very troublesome, but that was a powerful existence that was infinitely close to Daozun. If he pulled Bajing Palace into it, he was also unwilling.

"I mean, if you can get involved in Bajing Palace, it is best not to be involved!" Zhang Ling exhaled a long breath. "But if you are in danger... you can go back to Bajing Palace and you will eventually be a disciple of Bajing Palace. , After all, it is my disciple of Zhang Ling, I will not sit idly by!"

"Thank you, Master!" Zhao Yuande felt very warm in his heart at once, and felt the Master's concern for himself.

"This is the teleportation symbol of the Bajing Palace. As long as you crush it, no matter where it is, any space will return to the Purple Qi Continent!" Zhang Ling sent a purple jade symbol to Zhao Yuande and asked, "This is your teacher It was made by my ancestors, but there are only three of them now. This is one of mine. You must use it with caution!"

"Thank you, Master!" Zhao Yuande's hand that took the purple jade was a little trembling, but this was the real life-saving thing.

"Don't talk much, the stars and stars are waiting for you outside!" Zhang Ling nodded gently.

"Master take care!" Zhao Yuande knows to leave this time, and next time he doesn't know when he can meet again.

"Well! Go!" Zhang Ling waved his hand.

Zhao Yuande only felt as if he had entered a void channel, and the next moment he appeared in a vast void.

There is a vast star chart in the void, and Zhao Yuande is drawn into the void map as soon as he appears in the void.

At the next moment, the star chart disappeared.

"Little guy, the five-year appointment is here!" At this time, Zhao Yuande felt as if he was standing among the stars, and Xia Yan's familiar voice rang in his ears.

"Five years... Hey! I have only been practicing for ten years!" Zhao Yuande thought of being 16 years old when he was born again, and it is just over ten years now!

In the past life, I have practiced for hundreds of years and guessed that I entered the God Emperor Realm. At that time, I thought that my talent was good, but compared with the present, it was almost one heaven and one underground.

"You can reach this point in just ten years, and your talent is amazing! It's stronger than mine..." Xia Yan exclaimed.

"Senior, you are humble! You are the third in the true Dragon City..." Zhao Yuande smiled.

"But I was thirty years old when I practiced in the realm of immortal king! And I was born in the realm of God Emperor..." Xia Yan smiled bitterly, "My body is the Yanhuang Holy Body, compared to your Chaos Holy Body It's not bad at all!"

"Oh! I just had better luck!" Zhao Yuande smiled.

"Senior, I'm a little curious. At that time, Daotian was only ranked fifth in Zhenlong City. What are the other three characters except you?" Zhao Yuande curious.

"In fact, I don't intend to tell you now, but since you ask me, I will talk about it." Xia Yan said, "No one in the top rank knows who he really is. We generally call him a virtual, he It's very mysterious, it doesn't seem to belong to this time and space. He has never appeared since the last time he captured the first dragon city. Someone once saw him wandering in the endless void. Not sure!"

"The second is a monkey, which is called the halloween true ape, and it is also from our heavens and the world! Its strength is powerful, although it is only the second, but it is only a trace of the defeat of the virtual defeat at that time. Xu once said that he was just lucky, otherwise he might not be able to defeat the halloween apes."