Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1974

Chapter 1974: Gluttonous City

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"Fourth place is a woman, the emperor Zhouguang, who is the strongest in the universe of the starlight of Zhouguang. This woman is peerless and has a good temper, and has a good relationship with several of us, but it is mysterious one day. Disappeared and never appeared again. However, I feel that she is still lurking in the universe of Eternal Light, and may be trying to break through the final state."

"As for Dao Tian, this man is very insidious, although his combat effectiveness can only be ranked fifth, but he is definitely in the first place in the insidious roulette!"

"Actually, the palace owner of Bajing Palace was also ranked in Zhenlong City at the time. He was ranked eighth, and you might be shocked to say that the palace owner of Bajing Palace and Daotian are brothers of the division. door!"

"What... my ancestor and Daotian are brothers?" Zhao Yuande was a little shocked.

"Well! They came from a mysterious force called Hongmeng Daozong!" Xia Yandao.

"This...this...this way, am I not..." Zhao Yuande's face hesitated.

"It's okay, Daotian has left Hongmeng Daozong, and now he has drawn the line with your ancestor!" Xia Yan naturally knew what the other side was worried about.

"Oh!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

"Senior! This Hongmeng Taoist... my master's master..." Zhao Yuande looked at the other with some expectation.

"It may be Dao Zun..." Xia Yan said solemnly, "and many people suspect that Hongmeng Dao Sect is not actually in the void of the realm, but in another plane of the void, they may have some connection with the chemical world! "

"The chemical industry!" Zhao Yuande heard the name, and his heart beat very hard.

"The legendary creation world is the supreme realm, and our void world is actually only created by the powerful existence of Dao Zunjing in the creation world!" Xia Yan's words once again accelerated Zhao Yuande's heartbeat.

At this time, Zhao Yuande felt his heart seemed to be jumping out of his chest soon!

"Is the legendary boxing fist also related to the building world?" Zhao Yuande asked with expectation.

"Good! The boxing boxing has been handed down since ancient times, and I dont know how many years it has been rumored. The boxing box of boxing box is the link between the boxing box and our world. As long as you train boxing boxing to a certain level, you can join the boxing box with the boxing box. The world draws on the spirit of creation and cultivation! It is a pity... but I have never heard of anyone go through the creation and transformation world!"

"It turns out so!"

Zhao Yuande squeezed his chest hard, and he felt that if he didnt, his heart would burst out!

He didn't expect his thoughts to be true. He actually communicated so directly with the chemical industry.

"What's the use of the spirit of creation?" Zhao Yuande continued to ask, like a curious baby.

"The gas of creation... is called the mother gas of all things, and it can be used for cultivation. The cultivation will be more effective, and it can also be condensed into a panacea. Soul..."

Its omnipotent to listen to the other party!

However, what Zhao Yuande cares most about is indeed the magic god!

He had seen this name on the Danjing once. This is the only medicine that does not know the prescription of Danfang.

Ordinary people can immediately promote the Yin-Yang unity realm by eating one, and have a longevity yuan. The practitioners of the Xiandi Realm can break through the existing realm after eating. Above the Xiandi Realm, they can only refine the flesh and soul to hide it, but even so It is already against the sky.

Such a magical elixir, do not know how much it is worth? Can it break ten billion?

If you can get it, you might as well condense some magic gods, then why not send it!

Zhao Yuande's eyes are bright!

"Okay, here we are!"

Zhao Yuande was still dreaming, and Xia Yan's voice rang again.

"Oh!" Zhao Yuande woke up like a dream, only to find that he was no longer among the stars and stars.

The huge city in front of him seemed to be a sleeping beast lying quietly on the ground.

"Remember, if you can enter the top ten, you request to enter the real dragon city!" Xia Yan's voice rang in Zhao Yuande's ear.

"it is good!"

Zhao Yuande nodded, and sorted out a little chaotic mood toward the big city.

The old man in red at the gate of the city is still there, still holding the giant wine gourd and pouring wine into his mouth like the last time.

The breath of the old man seemed to be more terrifying at this time. The last time Zhao Yuande only felt that he was stronger than Zhumo Xiandi, but this time he felt that the other party was stronger than Situya!

He couldn't imagine how a strong man of this level could keep a goal here?

"Oh! Boy, you are here again! Hey, your cultivation is fast!" The old man in red looked at Zhao Yuande's face with a slight difference.

"Senior don't come unharmed!" Zhao Yuande arched his hand, a smile appeared on his face.

"Oh! This time I hope you can enter the top 50, as long as you enter the top 50, you are eligible to enter the four holy cities, you have to grasp it!" The old man in red laughed.

This time, the old man in red also had a much better attitude towards Zhao Yuande. He remembered that the last time the other party made him unbearable with just one sentence. If he was not a Chaos Eucharist at that time, I am afraid that he would be hit hard by one sentence.

"Thank you for reminding seniors that the younger will work hard this time!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

"Your little turtle is good! There are some peculiarities. I want to nurture it. I might be able to help you later." The old man in red sees Lord Turtle on the shoulder of Zhao Yuande. Slightly appreciated a few words.

For this kind of horrible existence, the strangeness of Lord Turtle may only be able to attract the attention of the other party!

Zhao Yuande is very strange. Lord Turtle didnt express his opinion this time. If anyone dare to say that this guy is a little turtle in the past, this guy will definitely spout the other party, but now it is honest.

It seems to be a problem of power. This guy can't beat the other party now. If he can beat the other party, he will surely follow suit.

"Is that kid Xia Yan all right?" The old man in red suddenly asked, "I don't know how many years I haven't seen him!"

"Senior Xia Yan...he is very good! He is just thinking about things in the heavenly kingdom!" Zhao Yuande did not say anything valuable, and he was not stupid and would not reveal too much to strangers.

"Well! Go!" The old man in red gave Zhao Yuande a meaningful look, and a faint smile appeared on his face.

Zhao Yuande nodded, not much to say that he strode into the gluttonous city with the gate open.

The gluttonous city is still quiet. It is now night, and the houses are full of brilliant lights. Zhao Yuande passed by some houses and felt the strong breath of one of them.