Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1975

Chapter 1975: A Serious Nonsense

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The residents here are all emptiness, the geniuses that the major forces have practiced here, or the phantom!

Of course, it is impossible for these geniuses to stay here, most of them are ghost images of these geniuses.

But even the phantom, the gluttonous city also gives them spiritual intelligence, and has 70% of the fighting power of this body.

Once in the gluttonous city, he immediately felt that the terrifying energy rushed into the body. These energies are more pure than the fairy spirit of the fairy world, and they have a huge effect on the cultivator.

He simply went back to his own house and began to practice.

According to his cultivation behavior and combat effectiveness, it only takes one day to go out and kill.

However, he had just entered cultivation soon, and he felt a weak breath rushing in his direction. The houses where they were located were actually not substantial at all, and they were all transformed by the gluttonous city themselves. If they encountered a powerful attack Will collapse on its own.

Zhao Yuande felt that his house collapsed, and he was sitting in ruins.

"Huh! You seem to be a living person!" A slightly light voice came into Zhao Yuande's ears.

A young man who appeared to be twenty-seven or eighty years old, wearing a purple-gold dragon robe and walking on the dragon's footsteps, turned his gaze to Zhao Yuande, his eyes showing some interest.

"Cultivation is...the early days of the fairyland! It's not bad!" The young robe looked at Zhao Yuande up and down and commented on Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande looked at the other party, swiping at will, and all the information of the other party appeared in front of him.

"Huang Tianyuan, the Prince of Donglin Xinghai Daewoo Dynasty, the late Xianjun Realm, the emperor body..."

"Donglin Xinghai Daewoo Dynasty!" Zhao Yuande frowned. There is no dynasty in the fairy world, but there are quite a few such dynasties in the lower world.

"Prince Prince is in a good mood today. I will give you a chance. As long as you are far away from me, I will never kill you!" Huang Tianyuan waved at Zhao Yuande with a proud look on his face.

"You are in a good mood, my mood is not very good, get out of my sight immediately, otherwise I will let you be expelled on the first day!" Zhao Yuande just came into cultivation and this guy came out and made trouble, he can say so to the other party Talking is not easy anymore.

"What! How dare you speak to me like this, give me... die to me!" Huang Tianyuan, as a great prince, under a noble identity, was blamed today by someone and let him go. Can bear this anger!

The Daewoo dynasty is the third-largest superpower in the Donglin Xinghai. The ancestor of the dynasty is an eternal fairy. He also knows that there is a supreme fairy in the depths of the imperial city. It is also because this supreme fairy king their Daewoo dynasty can rank third.

Such a super dynasty, a prince can directly determine the life and death of a supreme, and his status is absolutely high even in the Donglin Xinghai!

Now that he has just entered the gluttonous city, he was humiliated and let him go. This is a real shame!

If the other party is higher than his cultivation base, its okay, but the other partys cultivation base is obviously only the early stage of Xianjun, and at a glance, he knows that he was just promoted!

"Hurry up if you want to do it, otherwise you won't have a chance!" Zhao Yuande frowned. This guy was really wordy and said that he didn't do it for a long time.

"Give me death!" Huang Tianyuan shouted, "Royal Fist!"

Behind Huang Tianyuan, a huge golden dragon rose into the sky, terrible power ravaged the void, a large house collapsed, and a virtual shadow of a strong man appeared not far away.

They did not rush to fight against Huang Tianyuan, but stood far away to watch the two fight.

"My style of imperial domineering dragon fist is one of the strongest supernatural powers of my Daewoo dynasty. If you can die on this move, you will be well-dead!" Huang Tianyuan looked at Zhao Yuande, his face full of confidence.

He has an emperor body and a strong physical body, and he has practiced the Dalong dynasty mantra of the Daewoo dynasty. His combat power can be photographed in the top ten of his peers in the Donglin Xinghai. He once directly bombed a fairy king in such a circle. The pinnacle of the strongman is now just a kid at the beginning of the fairy monarch, he has the absolute certainty to kill him!

The golden dragon leaped from the void and opened its mouth to Zhao Yuande.

There was a terrifying atmosphere.

The corners of Zhao Yuande's mouth slightly curled up. If it were before, this punch would give him a bit of headache, but since he cultivated into a fist of fortune and communicated with the world of fortune, a qualitative leap has occurred in his fighting power.

He saw the golden dragon slamming, just empty a bit at random.

The magnificent golden dragon, which could kill the Xianjun pinnacle of the powerful, even shattered into a golden fragment.

At this time, Huang Tianyuan felt as if he was a punch on a cotton mountain.

Zhao Yuande's body just moved slightly, and Huang Tianyuan directly plunged into the ground.

"This... this kid... has mastered the essence of chemical boxing, and is in control of the chemical... this kid has a boundless future!" The old man in red outside the city suddenly exclaimed, and there was a light curtain in front of him. Zhao Yuande showed a picture with a finger.

Others dont know, but the old man in red knows that the finger contains the incomparable power of fortune, even if he is powerful, he may not be able to exhibit it!

"I guess this kid should be able to enter the top ten this time, and the top five are probably choking! This way he can be transferred to the real dragon city!" The old man in red is obviously a little excited. "Next time, he will definitely be able to enter the real dragon city. Hundred, maybe in the next 30, maybe even the first 20..."

The old man is excited to estimate.

Zhao Yuande had already flew a kick to kick Huang Tianyuan out of the distance.

"Ah!" Huang Tianyuan hit the wall of gluttonous city fiercely, his face covered with blood.

Everything in the gluttonous city is transformed into a fantasy, except that the walls around the four are extremely hard, even the nine-grade immortal treasure and even the holy-grade immortal treasure cannot be harmed.

Huang Tianyuan ran into the city wall, his head was not broken.

" demon method did you use!" Huang Tianyuan unbelievably got up from the ground and cast a shocked glance at Zhao Yuande.

"Fart! What is the demon law! I am the sky finger, which can poke your flaws. The rough set of punches you just named is quite bluffing, but the loopholes are full, and I broke it with one finger!" The corner of Zhao Yuande's mouth slightly lifted, and he started to talk nonsense.