Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1976

Chapter 1976: Soaring Position

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He knew that there was no way to kill the opponent in this gluttonous city, and he could only beat the opponent at most. However, his finger was too mysterious. If it was transmitted by this guy, he would be doubted and he would simply choose to fabricate it. Name, so that the other party believes.

"This kid is really capable of bullshit!" The old man in red laughed outside the city, with excitement and an inexplicable expectation in his smile.

"You... you talk nonsense! How can there be such **** in the world, I don't believe it!" Huang Tianyuan was almost kicked by Zhao Yuande, and he shook his head and refused to believe it.

"Don't believe it? Then you try again. I promise not to kick you this time!" Zhao Yuande saw the other person's expression and suddenly felt much better.

"I'll kill you!" Huang Tianyuan's eyes flashed, his body's blood was boiling like water, boiling above his head.

A blood dragon rises from the top of his head, and his teeth and claws rush towards Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande felt the power of this blood dragon, which almost gathered the strength of the other party's blood, but in his eyes, this blood dragon was also full of loopholes and could not withstand a blow.

Since he communicated with the chemical and chemical world, the chemical qi has been continuously introduced into his body, and various changes have taken place in his body under the tempering of the chemical chemistry.

Especially with a pair of eyes, you can already see some deliberate things. For example, the blood dragon formed by Huang Tianyuan's qi and blood is full of loopholes.

"Hey! Although this blood dragon is stronger than the golden dragon just now, it is even more terrible. I only need to gently touch it!" Zhao Yuande smiled and raised his finger, pointing towards the blood dragon.


The blood dragon burst like a pierced ball, and the blood mist filled the sky.

Huang Tianyuan seemed to be a frosted eggplant and instantly wilted, his face pale and bloodless, almost skinny and skinny!

"Boom!" Huang Tianyuan fell heavily on the ground, his face covered with blood, and his weak face couldn't lift his head!

"You are out!" Zhao Yuandeli ignored him and turned back to the room that had been restored.


Huang Tianyuan reluctantly spouted a bit of blood, staring at Zhao Yuande's back.

"I'm not willing! Really not willing!"

"Wow!" The next moment his body had disappeared in place. The Daewoo dynasty spent a lot of money to get a gluttonous city training opportunity, so it was wasted in vain.

If he didn't start to be so high-profile, he wouldn't provoke Zhao Yuande, and he wouldn't be brought up just ten breaths into the city!

"I didn't expect that I was so strong. I'm afraid no one is my first enemy under the Realm of Immortal Emperor!" Zhao Yuande sat down cross-legged with a smile, absorbing the rolling energy.

He summoned two avatars of Zhao Xie and Zhao Liu, and they also absorbed this energy with him.

Of course, the most important thing for the two is to prevent being disturbed by the challenger.

I don't know how much time later, Zhao Yuande's ear heard Zhao XIV's voice.

"There is still a day to go out, and I should go out and go!"

"Okay! After practicing for such a long time, I also felt a certain bottleneck. It's time to go out and walk around!" Zhao Yuande stood up and strode out of the house. "Yes, you two are waiting here. , Take the time to absorb energy, the pure fairy world of energy here cannot be compared. I believe your realm and foundation will soon catch up!"

Zhao Yuande did not pick and choose, starting from the houses around him, sweeping one by one.

The arrangement of the houses is based on their personal rankings, and there are more than 400 people around him.

So basically every house solves the battle with one finger, no matter what powerful magical moves the opponent uses, they all fall apart under his finger.

"This kid is against the sky, how much of it will consume the chemical gas!" The old man in red looked painful for a while.

The Qi of Nature is very precious. I think they have reached the eternal state of the immortal king, and they can condense a trace of Qi in the body.

Of course, it does not mean that this trace of ethos is gone after it is used up. It is endless.

But before each use, they should carefully consider, because it takes at least a year to fully recover.

And this kid's unbridled use made him almost unbearable.

"He... he wouldn't communicate with the chemical industry!" The old man in red suddenly changed his face, and his face was incredible, but he quickly shook his head, "No, this is impossible! I want Guotong chemical industry... Hes a little bit of cultivation, its impossible! Unless...unless he found the hall of fortune! No...its impossible...the hall of fortune hasnt appeared in endless years, and it requires a few harsh conditions, this little The guy shouldn't be able to break into it. He may have got a treasure with the power of chemistry..."

In the time the old man was thinking, Zhao Yuande had swept more than thirty people!

He now has three more days to practice in the city.

He continued to move forward, and suddenly the house in front exploded, and a huge green cow roared toward Zhao Yuande. "

"Okay! Well done!"

Zhao Yuande's hands directly grasped the green cow's hands, and the body exerted a little force to directly overturn the huge green cow.


The green cow's body hit the street hard.


There was white smoke from the nose of the green cow, purple flames from the four hooves, and a black smoke from the open mouth of the green cow. The smoke suddenly rushed into the sky, and there was a burst of buzz.


A large piece of black in the sky seemed to appear a huge army, and rushed to Zhao Yuande directly.

"It's really troublesome!"

Zhao Yuande, like a big grasshopper, jumped directly into the air and rushed into the darkness in the air.


A mournful cry came from the sky. A black giant worm with the size of a calf and wings fell from the sky.

The black giant worms were potholes, and the dark green juice flowed out of them, and an unpleasant smell spread continuously in the void.

"This cow is also a strong participant in the trial? It's disgusting, even turning the bovine lice sacrifice on his body into a weapon!" Zhao Yuande slowly fell to the ground, watching the green cow turn around and fled, he didn't go either To chase, anyway, if you lose, you will be expelled from the gluttonous city, leaving only a ghost.

"Huh! My ranking has risen to 261, not bad!" Zhao Yuande's face showed satisfaction.