Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1977

Chapter 1977: Defeat The Golden Spirit

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In fact, the strength of this green cow just now is good. It can be regarded as a single player in the fairy kingdom, but it is too weak in front of Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande's physical strength is actually the pinnacle of the fairy king, but his physical defense is strong and his soul is powerful. He also has a thorough understanding of the chemical fist. The strong man of this fairy king's combat power is basically vulnerable to him.

Zhao Yuande continued to sweep, and finally when he killed more than a hundred, he met a strong man.

This is a woman, even a real person. She was covered in frost, and she did not have a weapon in her hand. Instead, she had condensed a hard ice as a weapon.

Zhao Yuande didn't look up to this woman at first, but after fighting, he knew that the other party's flesh was stronger than him. If it weren't for the soul of Zhao Yuande, he would almost suffer a big loss!

Of course, he didnt want to use the power of chemistry at the beginning. He just wanted to see his fighting power. When he found that the other party was so powerful, he really started to go all out. As a result, the woman made the third move after the power of chemistry. Defeated.

No matter what terrible magical power this woman uses, it will fall apart under the finger of Zhao Yuande,

"What's your name?" The woman's appearance is not particularly outstanding, but it has a very unique temperament. Although she is cold and proud, she does not feel inaccessible. Standing in front of her, Zhao Yuande has a kind of mystery. I really want to understand her feelings.

"Zhao Yuande!" Zhao Yuande did not conceal.

"My name is Su Qingyue! Southern star Hai Su's family, looking forward to fighting you again next time!" The woman smiled lightly at him, and then drifted away.

"This woman is interesting, she won't be arrogant, she won't be discouraged, her future achievements are bound to be very high!" Master Zhao Turtle's shoulder turtle rare spoke.

On this way, Lord Turtle was relatively silent, because it suddenly discovered that it was originally a frog at the bottom of the well. After it came to the gluttonous city with Zhao Yuande, it saw the extremely powerful old man in red, so powerful was only a goalkeeper.

He saw Huang Tianyuan, Qingniu of the Daewoo Dynasty, and this Su Qingyue, and each one made it frightened.

"What's wrong? Was it hit?" Zhao Yuande looked at Lord Turtle.

"Well! It's a blow! I can now defeat the strong middle-aged Xianjun, but here comes a peak of the Xianjun, how can I mix it!" Lord Turtle looked distressed, "Master, quickly give I grab a large group of turtles. I want a lot of turtles. As long as there are a lot of turtles, my fighting ability will continue to increase!"

"This... wait until you get out of the gluttonous city!" Zhao Yuande had no choice.

"Okay!" Lord Turtle felt listless.

Zhao Yuande took a look at his ranking and unconsciously promoted to 92. The woman named Su Qingyue was obviously the 92nd.

"Roar! I heard that you are rampant, I will kick you out of Jin Ling!" A strong man with golden armor appeared in front of Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande felt an extremely sharp terror from the other party's body.

"Jin Ling, the pinnacle of the fairy king, the genius of the Hao Jin tribe, the body of the origin of gold..."

The guy who can enter the gluttonous city is really not an ordinary person. This is obviously not a human race. Its sharp breath is almost comparable to an object fairy sword to cut in the void.

"Then come!" Zhao Yuande was not afraid, and rushed directly up for a while.

However, Zhao Yuande soon felt that his flesh was too much to eat, and the other party's flesh was extremely strong. One of his chaotic holy bodies could not be suppressed, but there was a tendency that the shadow was suppressed.

"Hey! Your physical body is very good, but I am stronger!" Jin Ling sneered, "but I have seen your battle, you can lose!"

Jin Ling's body turned into a golden sword at this moment, and the golden brilliance on the sword flickered, and a golden sharp jet spewed out, as if a large net shrouded Zhao Yuande in an instant.

"What a powerful sword mang! This has already reached the realm of the sword domain, he is the sword domain, the sword domain is himself, and the sword is incarnate. This attack power can already threaten the strong power of the early fairy emperor!" Zhao Yuande looked To this piece of golden net, a dignified color appeared on his face.

He knew that although his own flesh could take this trick, he was bound to be fragmented.

He didn't want to be cut open, so he had to point out.

Under the power of fortune, the golden light suddenly collapsed, and the golden spirit body transformed into a golden sword suddenly changed back.

He looked at Zhao Yuande inconceivably, his body staggered back and forth. Zhao Yuande's finger even penetrated into the weakest part of Jin Ling's body, destroying his meridian operation instantly, and defeated him at once!

"You... what kind of **** are you!" Jin Ling's eyes widened. He felt that he had no strength now, and the other finger could kill him directly.

"My name is Jiantianzhi! You can intercept Heavenly Dao, and you can make your sword domain shatter instantly!" Zhao Yuande smiled slightly.

"Thank you for your mercy! Jin Ling is gone!" Jin Ling arched Zhao Yuande's hands, took a deep look at him, and then turned into a golden mountain.

He has lost the qualification to stay and practice.

"Thirty-eight! This Jin Ling turned out to be thirty-eight!" Zhao Yuande looked at his rankings, his eyes showing relief.

The fighting power of Jin Ling is close to the realm of immortal emperor, and he can be ranked 38th.

The opponent's fighting power is estimated to be a little more powerful than before he realized Zhahua. Of course, being powerful is powerful, but Zhao Yuande has an undead body. He will still win in battle, but he will pay more.

Zhao Yuande swept through several streets, and there were hundreds of people who had been beheaded by the assassin, and his accumulated time had reached eleven days.

"Cultivate for a while!" Zhao Yuande returned to his room and sat cross-legged.

At this time, Zhao XIV and Zhao Liu have completely entered the state of cultivators, their breath is constantly strong, and the battle is getting stronger and stronger.

They originally only got the experience of Zhao Yuande's cultivation. Although Xiuwei entered the realm of the fairy monarch, the combat power only stayed in the realm of the fairy monarch.

The huge energy they are absorbing now is continually consolidating their roots, so that their fighting power will also rise.

"Wow! It's so cool. If the energy here can be used for a long time, I guess it will evolve soon!" Lord Turtle didn't go out to fight just now, this guy is also desperately absorbing the huge energy here.