Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1978

Chapter 1978: Wei Tuo

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"Shut up and wash your hands quickly! We still have at most twelve days. We missed another five years." Zhao Yuande didn't bother with him, just warned and fell into practice again.

Three days later, Zhao Yuande suddenly felt a strong breath coming from the east of the city, as if a scorching sun was rising in the east of the city, making people feel a heat wave rolling in.

"What a powerful breath, this person may be my enemy!" Zhao Yuande frowned slightly, but did not act.

He is still seizing every moment to practice.

The engulfing vortex had appeared on top of his head, and the horrible suction sucked all the huge energy around him.

Of course, he also had a little temperance, and did not fully absorb these energies, but left a small part for Lord Turtle and two avatars.


After another three days, Zhao Yuande felt the sun-scorching breath gradually approaching himself.

This breath locked himself, and it seemed that he was coming to him.

Zhao Yuande stood up with a long breath, and then appeared in the void next moment.

A golden flame was burning in the void, and a person's phantom was faintly visible in the golden flame.

"Wei Tuo, Xianjun Pinnacle, Boro Xinghai Zhiyang Buddha Sect Vajra Buddha, Zhiyang Buddha Body..."

This person... Haoqiang is somewhat outrageous. Zhao Yuande once heard a ring say that their Zen is the branch of the Buddhism, and the Buddhism is deep in the distant sky.

It seems good, the other party's information shows his identity, and it seems to have a low status among the Buddhism.

"A very powerful flame, a very powerful body, this person...the fighting strength is probably stronger than himself...!" Zhao Yuande felt the other party's breath and could not help but frown. He felt that if he did not use the power of fortune, he really would not Must be able to beat each other.

The opponent's combat power has reached a limit, and the opponent's physical body also seems to have reached a terrifying state, and has developed the physical strength to the limit.

"The donor, you are very powerful. Today I will defeat you." A thunderous voice came out of the golden flames.

"Okay! Then come!" Zhao Yuande raised his eyes slightly. Although the other party was strong, he was not weak, and it was a big deal with the other party. His undead body didn't believe that he couldn't consume the other party.


The two immediately fought a battle. As soon as Zhao Yuande came up, he felt that his flesh was slightly inferior to each other, and he still suffered a small loss.

One of his arms was already **** at this time, and he just bumped it hard, and he felt a strong heat sweep, reducing the moisture of his roasted body a lot, and the whole person was thin.

"I'm afraid I'm really going to lose in this way. This opponent is too strong!" Zhao Yuande's thoughts turned and he never went to hide. The five stars in his body exploded instantly, and a terrifying power exploded in his body. His power Skyrocketing.


He punched the opponent directly with a punch, but the flame erupted from the opponent's body was black, and if he was not wearing a Qipin Xianbao suit, he is now gloomy Too.

Even so, his hair and beauty were all burnt and clean.

"Come again!"

Zhao Yuande felt a moment of irritability, as if a mad demon lived in his heart, and he began to attack frenzy uncontrollably towards the other party.

Under the eruption of all five stars, his power barely equaled the opponent, but the horrible flame threatened him anytime and anywhere.

Even if he is the Holy Body of Chaos, he has strong resistance to the power of various elements, but this flame is not a mere fire, but a flame called the red lotus industry fire, not just burning the body, passing along It also burned the soul of Zhao Yuande.

Fortunately, the soul of Zhao Yuande has reached the middle of the fairy emperor, otherwise it will really burn this flame.

"You are strong, the strongest among the people I met. If you are promoted to the middle of the fairy monarch, I may not be your opponent, but now you can't beat me, admit defeat!" The other party's voice is not aggressive. , Just a very plain tone, as if chatting.

"Then see if you have this skill! But you may not be able to defeat me by your current means." Zhao Yuande has gradually adapted to the other party's battle and has been able to suppress the other party.

But at this time his body had become a little thin and thin, the water on his body seemed to be drained, and there were clearly blood vessels under the skin.

"Then don't blame me!" The other person's hands don't know when there is a huge zen stick, and there is a horrifying force of palpitation released from the zen stick.

Zen staff is like a resurrected spirit, rising a little bit of breath, the spirit in it continuously releases terrible coercion, and finally it is comparable to the powerful existence of an early fairy emperor.

Zen stick plus this Vajra Buddha, called Wei Tuo, is not as simple as one plus one equals two. They are like two early immortal emperors who joined forces, and there is a very strong understanding between the two. It is like a commander, and the fighting power has been increased several times in an instant!


Zhao Yuande was suppressed by the huge breath of the Zen stick, and he was directly hammered in the chest without any resistance.

His flesh was directly crushed, and turned into dozens of pieces flying out in all directions.

"Gather me!"

Zhao Yuande's soul shouted, and the flesh and blood fragments flying in all directions were pulled by a mysterious force and all returned.

In just one tenth of a blink of an eye, Zhao Yuande's body was remodeled, but his body's qi and blood dropped a bit, and this consumption was more than the sum of all the battles these days.

"You make me angry, the consequences are serious!" Zhao Yuande no longer dared to hide, turned into a giant chaotic giant, holding the Yuanci Excalibur.


Yuanci Excalibur collided with each other's Zen stick.

Zhao Yuande flew out directly, and the other party was uncomfortable, and his face was flushed.

"What a powerful weapon!" Wei Tuo felt the terror pulling power carried in the Yuanci Excalibur. He just felt a little right in the past with a stick, and a powerful pulling power came in instantly Among his zen sticks, only 10% of the original strength was seen.

"Dang Dang Dang!"

Successive popping sounds came, and Zhao Yuande flew out again and again, rushing back fiercely again and again.

The power of the immortal body was vividly exerted by him.