Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1981

Chapter 1981: I Lost

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"Good guy! It seems that the next battle will be more difficult and fierce!" Zhao Yuande looked at the huge Buddha statue in the sky. Zhao Yuande had a strong pressure. He clenched his fists and felt that his breath was a little unstable.

"Good boy, I'm really promoted! Now I see how long you can hide!" The old man in red saw the huge Buddha statue in the sky and couldn't help but look forward to his face. "But the little guy just seemed to have strong fluctuations Out, but it is not very obvious, it seems to have improved, I really look forward to the battle after three days!"

Three days later, the fighting between the two started again. This time the battle was more intense, and the momentum of the battle was even greater.

Behind Wei Tuo appeared a Vajra Buddha statue, which also holds a Zen stick in his hand, and its breath is stronger than that of Wei Tuo.

At this time, Zhao Yuande's flesh was as crystal-like as jade, his body turned into a thousand feet, and he held the Yuanci Excalibur to fight with the other party.

"The fighting power of the two little guys can already suppress the ordinary fairy emperor strong!" The old man in red smiled broadly. "They should now be no different from the granddaughter of that old guy!"


Pieces of buildings were flattened, and a ghost image of a strong respecter was destroyed in the aftermath of the battle. Their war has already affected half of the gluttonous cities, and some of the strongmen who came to participate in the trial are watching from a distance. .

The faces of these people were full of shock, and they watched this fighting body tremble a little.

"You said, who will win?" someone asked in a low voice.

"I think it is the strong man of the Buddhism. This person has reached the peak of the fairy monarch, and he is also practicing the vajra body, and the physical body has reached a limit!"

"I think so, every blow he can knock the opponent back, has suppressed the opponent in strength!"

"I don't see it that way. The person on the opposite side has a very strong resilience. Every injury will quickly respond. I think he can win in the end."

"Restoration-related qi and blood, if he runs out of qi and blood, he will definitely lose!"

"That man is full of confidence, I don't think it's anxious at all, it shows that he is still confident!"


Several onlookers are discussing.

At this time, in the depths of the void, among the stars in the sky, Xia Yan looked at Zhao Yuande and Wei Tuo's battle, but his face was gratified.

"This child's talent is amazing, this is the second time! He is only in his twenties, and he is able to achieve this kind of combat power, which is already very valuable! We were just like that!"

"And he has mastered some of the use of chemical power, but he has never used it. Obviously he still wants to use the other party to sharpen himself!"

"This Wei Tuo ranks ninth in the gluttonous city. If he can beat him, the ninth rank is still pretty good! The expectations of the items are met, so that the next time you can enter the real dragon city to practice!"

"The purity of energy in the True Dragon City is close to the Qi of Creation. If he can practice in it for twelve days, his foundation will be stronger... If he can directly enter the top 100, he will be eligible to enter for the second time... I rely on him for the revival of the heavenly kingdom!"

Xia Yan's face was full of anticipation, looking at Zhao Yuande's eyes full of excitement.


The war continued, Zhao Yuande was attacked by Wei Tuo and that gold body, almost all felt a little overwhelmed.

He was shocked by the other party's terrifying attack. Although the undead force was running crazy, it still left a mark.

"Roar!" Wei Tuo suddenly shouted.

A big golden lion spewed out of his mouth.


Zhao Yuande only felt the buzz in his head, and he almost didn't fall to the ground directly.

"This is the Buddha's roar!"

Obviously, the opponent felt that he could not fight for a long time, and he used this move.


Zhao Yuande was deterred by the roar of the lion and was slapped on the shoulder by the other party with a scepter.

His body almost shattered.

His body retreated abruptly, and the undead power ran wildly to repair his body.

Wei Tuo succeeded in this blow, refused to let this opportunity pass, and chased towards Zhao Yuande.

When Zhao Yuande saw that the other party had arrived, he immediately moved in his heart when he talked about the Zen stick.

There was a loud buddha sound in his throat.

"Pummy coax!"

A great Buddha was suppressed from the void, and he headed towards Wei Tuo.

"How can this be!"

Wei Tuo heard this voice, and when he saw the big Buddha, he felt the endless horror of the Buddha, and he was a little dumbfounded.

He never dreamed that the other party even understood the Dharma and could sing such a horrible Buddhist chant.

He can feel that this kind of Buddha power has a strong suppression on him, as if he is just a little ant in front of this kind of Buddha power, and the other party is a tall Buddha.

"Boom!" Under the shock of the sound of the Buddha, Wei Tuo was suddenly shocked off the Zen stick.

When the sound of the Zen stick landing, Wei Tuo woke up like a dream.

But at this time, Zhao Yuande had already carried the Yuanci Excalibur, and the powerful magnetic force directly sucked the Zen stick on the ground and fell into Zhao Yuande's hands.

He wanted to regain the Zen staff, but what he was waiting for was the sharp sword of Yuanci Excalibur.


Fortunately, the King Kong was killed in time behind him, blocking the Yuanci Excalibur, otherwise Wei Tuo would be injured on the spot.

Zhao Yuande's attack came like a storm, and Wei Wei, who had lost the Zen stick, was even more unable to calm down in his mind at this time, so he was already losing ground at this time. Obviously he could no longer regain his disadvantage.

"I lost!" Finally Wei Wei sighed and confessed.

"Give it back to you!" Zhao Yuande stopped and returned the Zen stick without hesitation.

" are obviously not from my Buddha Sect. Where did you get your Zen singing from? If you can, I want to exchange it for treasure!" Wei Tuo looked at Zhao Yuande at this moment.

He is the descendant of the Buddha's Vajra lineage. Vajra is the Buddha's protection method, which is much lower than the Buddha's level. Therefore, the Buddha has a strong suppression of him. He has a kind of inability to face the Buddha summoned by Zhao Yuande just now. Feeling rebellious,

If he can get the sound of Zen singing, his combat effectiveness will be raised to a higher level, and he may even be promoted to the realm of immortal emperor through these three words.

He will be able to enter the real dragon city by then!

"This..." Zhao Yuande hesitated. The six-character mantra of Buddhism. Although he only learned these three words, he could feel the immense power contained therein.

This is absolutely super magic, I am afraid that it is more powerful than the eight-star palace's picking stars and taking photos of the moon.

Just give it to each other in vain, he really didn't want to.