Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1982

Chapter 1982: Fortune Telling?

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"I know! I can't ask for this kind of magical power in vain. I have something here, which should be exchanged for your Zen singing." Wei Tu naturally is not a fool. He also knows that this level of magical powers cannot be given to nothing. Yourself.

If you change to yourself, you will definitely not do so.

He took one thing out of the storage space and put it in his palm.

"This treasure was obtained from an ancient ruin and has powerful energy fluctuations. Although I still can't judge what it is, I can prove its value only by the huge power released from it."

Wei Tuo held a piece of white jade in the palm of his hand, densely depicting some peculiar characters.

"This is..." Zhao Yuande felt the strange energy from Yudie, which turned out to be the power of creation!

His appraisal technique swept past, and even showed a series of question marks!

This Yudie definitely has a great beginning!

"Okay! I changed it!" Although Zhao Yuan Delian couldn't see through this jade, but he knew that this jade was absolutely treasure.

He did not hesitate to transfer all the information of the six-character mantra he knew to the other side through the soul.

And that Yudie naturally fell into his hands.

He has only seen one treasure with the power of fortune, that is the Phoenix mask of the Phoenix family.

This is the second piece. Even the appraisal technique cannot be identified. If you want to understand it, you may need to spend some effort.

Wei Tuo satisfactorily obtained the three-character cultivation method of the six-character mantra, and Zhao Yuande obtained this jade die.

Zhao Yuande took Yudie in his hands. He can be sure that this piece of jade butterfly is definitely a treasure of artifacts, and the power of fortune alone is enough to exchange the six-word mantra.

He gently rubbed the jade tablet, there was a faint warm breath on the jade tablet, and at the same time a very strange force drilled into his body along his fingers.

At this time, the qi of creation in his body was a little tempting, and he entered the Yudie along this strange power.

Yudie trembles slightly, and Zhao Yuande seems to feel that a powerful life is recovering.

"This..." Zhao Yuande looked at Yudie in shock, is there a powerful **** hidden in it? Or that this jade die has spirit?

"This time it seems to be a profit!" Zhao Yuande cut off the connection with Yudie and hurried back to his house with it.

Once again, he spent a lot of material and supplemented his blood, and then he took out Yudie again and played it in his hands.

"There are only two days of practice time. Let's put this thing first." But Zhao Yuande soon thought of the issue of time. He still had to go out and defeat some shadows to get one more day of practice time, but now it can't be delayed.

After practicing in the house for a day, he went out to sweep again. Until the end, he did not encounter any strong enemies. After killing a sufficient number of ghosts, his ranking was still ninth.

But he is already satisfied, he has been able to enter the real dragon city with this ranking!

After returning to practice one day, although his state has not improved, but after this period of absorption, his physical body has been consolidated, and the seventh layer of the Heavenly Eucharist has reached a satisfactory state, as long as he is willing to invest the eighth layer of capital It's just around the corner.

And his realm is also more stable than before, if there is no accident, as long as you make a gourmet meal, you can be promoted to the middle of Xianjun!

And his soul has reached a bottleneck at this time, waiting for the broken rebirth of Yuanshen Resurrection, otherwise there will be no progress in a short time.

It can be said that his current spirit and spirit have reached a peak in all states. As long as he goes out to give him time to practice, his combat power will soon be comparable to that of the middle of the fairy emperor!

Although Wei Tuo got three of the six-character mantras, it was not easy to get promoted within a period of time.

Not to mention, Zhao Yuande will definitely be able to defeat the opponent easily without applying the power of fortune a month later.

"Very good! Your fighting power has exceeded my imagination! Boy, come on, I'm optimistic about you!" Zhao Yuande delivered to the old man in red as soon as the time came, and the old man in red praised him generously.

"Predecessors are ridiculous!" Although Zhao Yuande thought the other party was right, he still had to be humble in front of such a strong man.

"Oh! Not arrogant, very good!" The old man nodded, "Take out that token, I will help you to change it!"

Zhao Yuande took out the token and handed it to the other party. When the old man flicked it, the information on the token changed.

"In view of your performance this time, I will rank you sixth. After five years, you will be eligible to enter the real dragon, white tiger, and Xuanwu three cities." The old man smiled and returned the token to Zhao Yuande.

"Isn't it Four Spirits? Why is there no Suzaku?" Zhao Yuande asked curiously.

"Suzaku is not suitable for men's cultivation. If you really want to go in, no one will stop you!" The old man smiled.

"Okay!" Zhao Yuande shook his head.

"Let's go! The person who picked you up is coming!" The old man in red pointed to the sky, where there was a bright star.

Zhao Yuande felt that a force was swept away in an instant, and appeared in the large array of stars in the next moment.

"How is it? How many rankings? Have you entered the top ten?" Although Xia Yan's voice was dull, he could hear some nervousness from it.

"Sixth!" Zhao Yuande raised the jade card in Yang's hand, and a smile appeared on his face.

"Okay! I did not misread you. The second time I entered the gluttonous city was the sixth. It seems that the next time you are in the real dragon city, you have hope to enter the top 100!" Xia Yan's voice was a little excited.

Zhao Yuande is his hope, the hope of the Huntian Immortal Kingdom. The closer Zhao Yuande is to the powerful Huntian Immortal Kingdom, the closer the time will come.

"Senior, I just fought against people in the gluttonous city..." Zhao Yuande said the piece of jade die in his hand and said how to get it. "I think there is a forging force in it, it should be a thing Very magical treasure."

"This... this... seems to be the legendary jade hero! No... but it seems to be crippled." Xia Yan's voice was pleasantly surprised and a little disappointed.

"Synthesis Yudie? What's the use of this thing?" Zhao Yuande hasn't found anything magical after playing for a long time, but has been engulfing the power of creation in his body.

"It is said that this is something that has been handed down from the chemical industry. It seems that the fist of chemical industry is derived from the artificial jade. There must be other powerful techniques recorded on it. Maybe... maybe there are cultivation methods of the power of chemical industry." Xia Yandao.

At this time, Xia Yan was just a ray of soul. Although this thing was precious, it was of no use to him at all.