Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1983

Chapter 1983: Daewoo Dynasty

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If other powerful people know that this is a jade butterfly, I am afraid that a coveted heart has already been born.

"Okay! I'll study it carefully." Zhao Yuande nodded.

"Don't let other people see this thing, otherwise it may lead to death." Xia Yan warned.

"Okay! Got it!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

"Now there are still five years left before entering the Real Dragon City. What do you want to do in these five years, whether to retreat to practice or to go out to travel. If it is to retreat, I will send you to a place, and if I go out to travel, I will send you Back to the Eight View Palace." Xia Yandao.

"I... I want to go out for a trip!" Zhao Yuande hasn't figured out how to spend the past five years. He simply left the heavens and the stars.

"Okay! I have a place where my cultivation can be done with less effort. If you want to use it, you can contact me at any time." Xia Yan's voice is still in my ear, and Zhao Yuande has reappeared before a palace.

"Eight Scenery Palace!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but feel shocked. These large arrays of stars passed through many star fields in a flash, and directly sent themselves to the Eight Scenery Palace.

This is faster than the Black Rock Channel, but the Black Rock Channel does not cross the star field, but directly descends through the different dimension space. It is two different ways, so there is no comparability.

Of course, if these heavenly stars are in the fairy world, crossing the void sea is only a matter of moments, which shows that the power of these heavenly stars is at least comparable to a supreme fairy king.

What kind of treasure or formation is this? Zhao Yuande has a bit of burning in his heart. If he can control it, can it sweep the entire fairyland?

"Who are you? Why did you appear in my eight-view palace?" Zhao Yuande's mood was not down, and two powerful beings approached him.

These are two immortal emperors who looked like middle-aged people. They looked at Zhao Yuande's face.

"Two..." Zhao Yuande didn't know what to call them. His seniority was very high in the Bajing Palace. A poor name would make people take advantage of it, and he didn't want to say that he was a disciple of Zhang Ling. So, he thought of Xuan Ye, he said, "I am Xuan Ye's friend, I am invited!"

"Brother Xuanye's friend? Are you here to help?" One of the fairy emperors' faces showed a bit of joy, pulling Zhao Yuande to the depths of the palace, "Come and follow me quickly! I'm coming to the door. If it weren't for stopping us, we would have beaten them into pig heads!"

"Which disciple are you, and have you already known to Brother Xuanye? I think your breath is strong, and the fighting power should be in the late Xianjun! The mid-Xianjun has the strength of the late Xiandi, and this time I look at the few How arrogant the guy is!" Another fairy emperor also asked happily.

They didn't care whether Zhao Yuande answered or not, and took him just a few breaths to reach a Yanwuchang.

At this time, several people were confronting in the martial arts field. Two men and a woman were wearing golden robes on the side. The male temperament was dignified and there was a kind of kingly spirit, and the female temperament was graceful and luxurious, as if it was an arrogant group. Queen of London, their faces are full of arrogance, looking at the man and the woman opposite with some contempt.

This woman and two men, the woman is a middle-aged monarch. One of them looks a little older. The young man with a beard under his jaw is a later-age monarch. The next one looks a little younger, but more arrogant. Young people are mid-century.

The man opposite was Xuan Ye. At this time, Xuan Ye's cultivation was in the early days of Xianjun, and his breath was still strong. However, there was a slight blood stain on the corner of his mouth at this time, which was obviously injured.

The woman looked around twenty years old, and she was not very beautiful in the middle of the fairy monarch, but she had short hair and a body armor that gave a feeling of heroism and glamour, and faced the opposite three. She was also indifferent, and obviously still had some confidence in her heart.

"Brother Xuanye, the helper you are looking for is here!" The two fairy emperors sent Zhao Yuande in front of several people, and glared fiercely at the other three.

"The helper I'm looking for?" Xuan Ye turned a little puzzled. It seemed that she wanted to say that I didn't find a helper, but found a familiar face in front of him.

"Don't say more, Quandang I'm the helper you found, just call me Brother Zhao!" Zhao Yuandesheng was afraid that this guy would kneel down directly to him and rushed to the other party.

"It's Brother Zhao, and you're finally here!" Xuan Ye heard Zhao Yuande's voice, and he was a little surprised for a moment, but then his face was ecstatic.

With this ancestor, the three Daewoo dynasty guys in front of me may be unlucky!

"Okay! Xuan Ye, who are these three people, and why are they so wild in Bajing Palace!" Zhao Yuande glanced at the three people, and when he saw the three people's information, he couldn't help but slightly stunned.

It was really a coincidence that these three guys turned out to be the princes of the Donglin Xinghai Daewoo dynasty. Seeing their age as Huang Tianyuan's brothers and sisters.

"This is Brother Xuanye?" Seeing the obvious difference between Zhao Yuande and the heroic woman next to him, he felt that the cultivation behavior of the other party was similar to himself, but Xuanye was surprisingly respected!

"Oh! I'm Xuanye's friend..."

Before Zhao Yuande finished speaking, he heard a mocking voice across from him.

"Do you have the ability to do this at Bajing Palace? Since someone is here, don't be verbose here and delay our time. Our time is precious!" The woman with grace and grace on the opposite side looked at Zhao Yuande with contempt. , The corner of the mouth evoked an arc, seemingly mocking.

"You are the other side, tweeting here, leave me!" Zhao Yuande and the three had heard a lazy voice before they could exit.

Lord Turtle has been quiet for a long time, and finally saw a man who can bully himself, and can't help but speak.

He suffocated for a long time. Recently, he has always been stimulated by powerful geniuses, which makes his spirits a bit weak.

However, after practicing in the gluttonous city for such a long time, even a pig will improve its strength, not to mention that it is born with some special turtle turtles.

Now the fighting power of Lord Turtle has been greatly improved. Finally, he saw a weak man in the middle of the fairy monarch. It felt that it was time to export his lesson.

"You...bold!" The graceful woman was furious.

What is her identity, a high queen, won by the emperor of the Daewoo dynasty, except for the prince, she is literally over a million people under one person.

Countless people respected her in the dynasty, and many strong people in the outside world were very polite to her because of her identity.