Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1985

Chapter 1985: The Big Picture Matters

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The original trajectory of the turtle's shell deflected a little and slammed towards the woman.

The woman is still fainting.

"Boom!" The woman was directly hit by Master Turtle, and the whole person flew out.

The woman spurted blood in mid-air, and pieces of internal organs were also spit out, sprayed on the Yanwuchang. The dark red color was a bit shocking.


"Nineteen sisters!"

The man exclaimed and hurried up to help the woman up.

Take out a few bottles of Elixir and don't put money into the woman's mouth.

The man was very anxious. The nineteen sisters won the favor of several ancestors. If she had something wrong here today, she would not be able to protect herself enough.

When the brothers who are jealous of him add fuel and vinegar, they may die in their entire lives.

Fortunately, the woman's inner abdomen was broken, and she didn't hurt the sea of blood and the sea of knowledge. After taking the medicine, she woke up in silence.

As for Huang Tianyu, the man didn't care about it at all. It didn't matter if the prince was in the tens of millions, and ten or eight died, but he threatened himself a little less.

However, some people in Bajing Palace did give him a panacea. Although his arm disappeared completely, his knowledge of the sea and the sea of blood were only shaken, and he was not abolished.

"Hey! Master Turtle thought what kind of genius he didn't expect was just two rubbish, boring, boring!" Master Turtle glanced at the two complacently, and flicked back to Zhao Yuande's shoulder, "How about Lord Turtle being brave and invincible, don't embarrass him!"

"Good job! The performance just now was wonderful and worth the extra points!" Zhao Yuande grinned and smiled.

Xuan Ye and Xuan Yue grew aside their mouths, and looked at the two guys, they were speechless for a while.

Especially Xuan Ye, with a bitter smile in his heart, this ancestor can really come from the turtle's temperament.

But this is better. A little turtle defeated the princes and empresses of the Daewoo dynasty, and the face of the Daewoo dynasty would be lost.

"Tianya! What the **** happened? Why was Xiaoyu hurt?" An old voice came over, and several powerful breaths suppressed the audience, and several old men came out of the void.

One of the elders rushed up anxiously to pick up the woman and checked her injury. Only a relief expression appeared on her face.

But then his face sank again and looked at the young man.

"Uncle Wu, it was the guy who tricked us and used a turtle to attack us!" The young man who was called Tianya pointed at Zhao Yuande, his face ugly.

"Waste! You were injured like this by a tortoise, how did your elder brother deserve it!" The old man yelled, then turned his head to look at the old men who were driving with him at the same time. Its not too much, shouldnt the sneak attack be your style at Bajing Palace!"

At this time, a strong man had come to Xuan Ye's three of them, looked at Zhao Yuande with some doubt, and finally set his eyes on Xuan Ye. He heard his report that Zhao Yuande seemed to be a friend brought by Xuan Ye. , He is sending a voice to ask Zhao Yuande's identity.

But soon his eyes fell on Zhao Yuande, all eyes were incredible.

"Fuck your mother's ass! When did Master Tortoise attack them, it is they who will do it first!" Master Tortoise heard this, and suddenly became angry, pointing at the old man and cursing.

"Uncle Wu Huang, look..." Huang Tianya was relieved when he heard Lord Turtle.

"Death!" The old man was furious, and the detective was about to grab Zhao Yuande.

"Huang Zhonglu stopped!" The strong man who knew Zhao Yuande's identity saw the opponent Zhao Yuande shot and hurried away the other's big hand. His eyes were sharp, "This is a battle between young people, we Dont mix it with the older generation!"

"Beiguang! What do you mean, am I humiliated, and I have to swallow my tongue! You Ba Jinggong is too bully!" The old man was furious and pointed to Zhao Yuande, "Give him to me today, so that's the matter If you dont give us the Daewoo Dynasty, you will have to fight the Bajing Palace!"

"Hum! Your Daewoo dynasty is so big! Dare to fight with our Bajing Palace!" The old man known as Beiguang was furious, pointing at the other person and yelling, "If you have the ability, you will defeat me, otherwise shut up!"

Just kidding, give this ancestor-level character to you, your brain is not sick!

His identity is much more noble than that of your **** prince!

" won't be upset with our Daewoo dynasty for an outsider!" Uncle Wu's face is extremely ugly, he really can't beat this one, and now in the Bajing Palace, they are home.

"Huh! A prince in your area can represent the Daewoo dynasty?" Bei Guang mouth showed a mocking smile.

"Hey! Elder Beiguang, can't you say that, the relationship between the Daewoo Dynasty and our Bajing Palace has never been broken, and you must not destroy the relationship between the two forces because of an outsider!" An old man came out and looked at Bei Guang's blame.

"Elder Kitano..." Beiguang frowned slightly, and glanced at the person, suddenly feeling displeased in his heart.

This person is an elder of the branch, and he manages some of the daily affairs of the Bajing Palace with him. Because the camp is different, this person often deliberately troubles himself, but he did not expect to stand up again at this time.

"Alas! The big picture is important, just an outsider!" Kitano shook his head in disguise, looking at Zhao Yuande. "You take the initiative to apologize to Senior Huang, otherwise..."

"What's wrong? Is your old thing looking for shit!" What identity is Zhao Yuande, Lord Turtle naturally knows that it is not afraid of the other party at all!


Hearing Lord Turtle's words and his face squinting with each other's head, the elder Beiguang on the side almost didn't laugh directly, but the people watching all around didn't hold back and laughed.

"Bold and daring, dare to humiliate the elders of Bajing Palace in my Bajing Palace, let me die!" Kitano was furious, and he felt that his old face would be lost at this moment, if he would not take this turtle with this The kid was frustrated, and today he can't express his bad breath.

"Stop it!" But Kitano's hand was blocked by Beiguang before he could reach out.

"Do you want to fight Beiguang against me?" Bei Ye patted the other party without a polite gesture.

"Kitano! Do you want to do it with me?" Beiguang greeted him with a palm.


The two immediately fought together.