Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1986

Chapter 1986: Basalt

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"This..." Everyone around couldn't help but stagnate, so saying that the two elders were working.

The five emperors are also a little dumbfounded. Are the elders of Bajing Palace so disagreeable?

its not right! In the legend of the Eight Kings Palace, the most peaceful and peaceful, the disciples are polite and orderly, different from the young and the orderly, and so humble, so today... it seems that it is not the same as the legend!

"Stop it! What kind of system do you want to lose my face in Bajing Palace?" A thunderous sound rang from the sky, and a strong man shrouded in purple light appeared in the void.

"The king of the fairy emperor is strong!" The face of the five emperors changed, and he did not dare to be brazen in front of this kind of existence.

The two of them suddenly stopped fighting, and they all showed respect to the existence face.

The strong man was extremely young and handsome in appearance. He landed slowly on the field, his eyes swept to everyone.

Everyone felt a strong pressure on themselves.

But when his eyes fell on Zhao Yuande, his eyes could not help but stagnate slightly.

"You..." What the strong man wanted to say, but he could hardly hold back.

"Wuya, low-key, keep low-key!" Of course Zhao Yuande knew this person, he was Wuya immortal emperor, only met before but did not expect to meet again here.

"What the **** happened?" Wu Yaxian Emperor turned his eyes away from Zhao Yuande's body and shifted to Bei Ye and Bei Guang.

"Uncle Shi! It's like this..." Bei Guang said the cause and effect.

"It's true, that young man is really too rampant, especially the tortoise dare to speak out and humiliate me, and ask Uncle Shi to make the decision for me!" Kitano also spoke at this time.

"Is this the case?" Wu Yaxian Emperor turned his gaze to Xuan Ye.

"Yes uncle!" Xuan Ye nodded.


The crowd only heard a clear slap.

Kitano flew out, and several clear slap marks appeared on his face.

"Uncle" Kitano crawled on the ground and looked at the Wonderless Immortal Emperor unbelievably. He didn't know why he was beaten.

"Shut up! What embarrassing thing! Will my Bajing Palace be afraid of the Daewoo dynasty? If they have the ability, they will come, who will let you grow others' ambition here to destroy their prestige, and I will hear you say it next time, it's not a slap It's that simple!" Emperor Wuya was angry, you just sacrificed others, and his mother would sacrifice my uncle. If the palace master knows it, I'm afraid I will be implicated.

What's more, what kind of power is Bajing Palace? Even a Daewoo dynasty dared not talk much even if they killed their prince!

Over the past few years, Bajing Palace has been low-key, but I didn't expect to be regarded as a soft persimmon.

A little Daewoo dynasty dared to send people to provoke it. If it wasnt for Uncle Shi here today, they were really provoked by them!

It seems that it is time for Bajing Palace to show its might.

"This senior, you..." The Five Emperors looked at Wu Yaxian Emperor with fear in his eyes. Although he was afraid in his heart, he wanted to support the face of Daewoo Dynasty. "Don't go too far. My Daewoo Dynasty is not too annoying. ,you"

"Shut up if you don't want to die here!" Eyes of Wuya Immortal Emperor's eyes were cold and murderous.

"I..." Uncle Wu Huang shuddered in his heart, and suddenly felt the cold all over his body.

"Go!" Wu Yaxian Emperor's big sleeves swept away, and the four people in the Daewoo Dynasty were thrown out of the Bajing Palace as if they were garbage.

"Damn! Damn! Bajing Palace is too arrogant! This matter must be reported to the ancestors, let the ancestors find justice for us!" Uncle Wu Huang looked extremely ugly, stared at Bajing Palace fiercely, and grabbed three people. Flying into the depths of the void.

"This is the end!" Wu Yaxian Emperor stared at Kitano Elder fiercely.

"Uncle Shi, what are you going to do? Do you want me to take you to Shizu?" Emperor Wuya sent a voice to Zhao Yuande.

"I don't need it first, just help me arrange an identity. I will practice here for a while!" Zhao Yuande preached.

"That line, since you are familiar with this kid Xuanye, then arrange him to take care of you!" Wu Yaxian Emperor said.

"Do I still take care of him? Forget it, let's arrange it together!" Zhao Yuande smiled bitterly.

"Yes!" Wu Yaxian Emperor nodded, really did not need to take care.

"Come on! Xuan Ye, let's go sit down with you." Zhao Yuande looked at Xuan Ye and smiled at him.

"Okay!" Xuan Ye's eyes were delighted, and the fart led the way.

Xuan Yue looked at Xuan Ye with a puzzled expression behind her. This guy was very proud, why is this attitude in front of this person?

She was also curious and followed quickly.

When he reached the cave house of Xuanye, Xuanye suddenly became respectful, and there was a little panic and anxiety on his face.

"Master Zu! I'm sorry, Brother Dong Guo's over there is bad for me. I also ask Master Zu to punish!" Xuan Ye lowered his head.

"Okay! Let's stop mentioning this matter. Anyway, things have passed. Brother Dong Guo has also received compensation. You don't need to blame yourself!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand and sighed.

"Thank you Shizu!" Xuan Ye bowed, his face showing gratitude.

The matter of Dong Guofu was really neglected by him. He didn't expect it to develop to that level in the end. When he got the news, he was shocked by the cold sweat. If the matter is really his responsibility, the ancestor will be condemned. He killed him, and he said nothing else.


"Brother! What are you doing, Sister asks you something!" Xuan Yue's voice came from outside the cave.

The woman kept up and wanted to find out the identity of Zhao Yuande, but she didn't expect to be locked out of the door. There was no way to knock on the door.

"Master Zu..." Xuan Ye looked at Zhao Yuande.

"Okay! Open the door! When I'm a friend, don't be too restrained in front of outsiders." Zhao Yuande waved his hand.

"Yes!" Xuan Ye nodded respectfully and opened the Dongfu ban.

"Huh! What's this... Xuanwu grass!" Lord Turtle loosened his nose at this time, and suddenly his body flew towards the depths of Dongfu, his eyes showing excitement.

"What are you going to do." Zhao Yuande grabbed Master Turtle, "Don't play tricks, this is in the cave house of others."

"What people's cave house, your disciple's cave house!" Lord Turtle grumbled dissatisfiedly, "There is a basalt grass there, which is of great use to me, or you will come to help me later."

Zhao Yuande looked into the depths of Dongfu, and really saw a small medicine garden deep in Dongfu.

A sky of light fell over the head of the medicine garden, and dozens of fairy grasses grew in the medicine garden.

Among them, a small grass shaped like a turtle grows quietly in the deepest part of the medicine garden.

"Okay! I try, but even if people don't give it, you shouldn't give me what you think is wrong, otherwise I won't spare you." Zhao Yuande asked.